Has President Obama become a joke?

I’ll conclude by saying that it gives me no pleasure to write about Obama in the way I am now doing. I was among the many who were initially inspired by his rhetoric and dared to invest some hope in the view that he would change America and the world for the better. I now think he was never going to be a president who could give substance to his soaring rhetoric because he was too inexperienced and too naive for the job.

So with regret my own answer to the headline question is “Yes”, he has become a joke.


As I write one of the questions I am asking myself is this. Is it possible that supporters of Hillary Clinton will seek to prevail upon Obama not to run for a second term, to clear the way for them draft her, to give the Democrats what they will believe to be a better chance of preventing the Republican Mitt Romney being the next occupant of the White House? Much might depend on how much of a boost Obama gets in the polls for bringing the servicemen and women home from Iraq. But obviously all bets will be off if the American and perhaps even the whole global economy crashes between now and the end of the year.


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  1. syed mehdi hasan ashraf:

    I think he was done because of his skin by inner circle neverthless the result is as you summed up about him.My hope from him was that he will show world,a new look of Ammerica.Yes he did…….with sadness….a weak,intruder & targeted killer America.Surely ammerican people deserved mutch better perception than this.Surely a second term for him would be desaster for ammerican people as well as for ammerican image to the world.
    Changes we expected from him to see,in my opinion can best be delivered by a republican president with image building priority in his/her mind.

  2. David Deutsch:

    Mitt Romney is unthinkable and that is where Obama has us over a barrel (of oil?). He knows we, his constituency (including you, Alan) will not abandon him if he does a lot of things we disaprove of. So he does these things, says these things and figures we have no choice because the Republicans are unthinkable. I believe it is a careful calculation to bring the center right into his camp at no cost to himself.

    Then again, I could be very wrong.

  3. Mhara Costello:

    I too was hugely optimistic when Obama got elected. (Who wouldn’t be after Bush)? The doubts crept in when his bizarre choice of ‘advisers’ began to emerge.’If America is Israels puppet, no prizes for guessing who is Clinton’s.

  4. Sheila Coombes:

    I’ve read your latest post and totally agree with the sentiments you’ve expressed. I too was enthusiastic about the ‘change’ promised by Obama only to become more and more disappointed as his administration progressed. I’m now very cynical and believe he is either a compulsive lier, or has just been frustrated at every turn by those who have more power than himself.

    As you mentioned in your book – second term presidents can sometimes revolt as they have less to lose, except of course their life if they really step out of line. We could perhaps hope for some real ‘change’ if he were to achieve a second term.

    If there is a God, then please make the American people wise enough not to elect Hilary (Miss Piggy) Clinton to a presidential position. The woman is a total war-mongering hawk, ruthless in her aims whilst maintaining a sanctimonious, self righteous air. It was she who praised the work of Aljazeera when it took on the role of propagandist for the CIA backed ‘Rebels’ in Libya,destroying a perfectly functioning independant nation. It was also she who so callously laughed and said ‘We came, we saw, he died’, followed by cackling, on hearing about Gadaffi’s murder. If I remember rightly, Queen Elizabeth I was greatly concerned about ordering the death of Mary Queen of Scots as it would set a precedent for one head of state sanctioning the death of another – those qualms seem not to worry the Vice President, and I doubt they would if she were to become president, but if there were an equally powerful force on the earth who could find such satisfaction, and revel in their role in the death of another leader she might think twice about her glibness.

  5. Vera Gottlieb:

    This guy just HAS TO BE MADE to return the very ill-deserved Nobel prize. But it isn’t just Obama: the US has been at war in one way or another since the end of WW2. So much for a “peace loving” nation. Or perhaps the US means “a piece” of this country or a “piece” of that one.

  6. Maya Libretti:

    I think the soldiers coming home for Christmas will be nice at the holidays, but with so many more people competing for the same few jobs next year, unemployment is sure to rise apart from the dangerous roads the Fed is leading us down. By spring I expect the tension will begin to increase. When the young people finish their school year and are *also* out looking for jobs over the summer it will only get worse. The weather will be nicer too for the Occupiers to be back in force (realistically their numbers *will* dwindle over the winter). We are going to have a VERY interesting 2012, and that’s not even considering the possibility of a polar flip!

  7. Peter Mall:

    “How that contributes to renewing America’s leadership in the world is beyond my comprehension”.
    Well Allan, I think that Presidente Obama is speaking to the Israeli public when he is talking about renewing America’s leadership in the world, and that is why he said what he said.

  8. David Deutsch:

    Yes. But, I’m not laughing.

  9. tony roma:

    oblimey obama.
    change only comes in the new boss mans face.
    same suit new cooler shuffle.
    the triumph of money over hope.
    war over peace.
    death over life.
    corporations over the people.
    obama,sarkozy,cameron,haig,clinton,blair and the really scary puppet masters of these pathetic stooges.
    none of them are the jokers we are.

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