A deaf world for deaf children

A friend of mine has just received the following short report from the Atfulna School for Deaf Children in Gaza.

In this “Enemy Entity” where we live under restrictions of a ridiculous embargo, I would not be surprised that the coming months will find us fighting over a pen or a sheet of paper. Other than food, medicine and fuel, anything that sells out in the shops is not replaced. Use your imagination: Only five months into the embargo, no more cement, no wood, no ink, no printing paper, no glue, no needles, no nylon sheeting, no nails, and the list goes on.

You might be interested to know that the 300 children in the Atfaluna School for Deaf Children are doing without their hearing aids because we are unable to bring hearing aids or hearing aid batteries across the border into the Gaza Strip.The last two shipments of hearing aids and hearing aid batteries from our German supplier have been confiscated by the Israeli Postal Services for security reasons because the batteries contain zinc.Pleeeeeeze!

Almost 50% of the population of the Gaza Strip is under the age of 14.This means that 700,000 children are victims of cruel collective punishment. Hey, … but who cares anyway?

One answer is notthe governments of the international community. They are all complicit in the Zionist state’s collective punishment of the people of Gaza, which is a war crime. (As I write in Volume One ofZionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, there are two sets of rules for the behaviour of nations – one for all the nations of the world with the exception of Israel, and one for Israel).

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