Brainwashed for final ethnic cleansing

Good examples of the extent to which many (most?) Israeli Jews have been brainwashed by Zionist propaganda and are as a consequence beyond reason and only capable of seeing themselves as the victims instead of what they actually are, the oppressors, were on display in all their naked glory in BBC Radio’s documentary of the week first broadcast last Saturday with the title The State of Israel (meaning, as the programme made clear, the state of things in Israel).

Some 18 months after the end of his posting as the BBC’s Middle East correspondent, Tim Franks returned to Israel to discover how much things had changed there. As he noted on the flight in, “There was the same right-leaning government, the same absence of peace talks with the Palestinians. But all around, the region had transformed, as the winds of the Arab Spring had blown.” On the subject of this summer’s social protests in Israel, he said this (my emphasis added): “They appeared to share, with many western countries, the rage at capitalism’s inequalities. And yet Israel’s economy is growing apace – 5% a year – thanks to its world-beating hi-tech sector. And the protestors took a vow of silence on the most contentious issue of all – the conflict with the Palestinians.”

One of the major figures Franks interviewed was Naftali Bennett, the CEO of the Yesha Council. It is the umbrella organization of the municipal councils of the illegal settlements on the occupied West Bank. It was founded in the 1970′s as the successor to Gush Emunin and its mandate is “to assist Jewish settlement (for which read colonization) in every possible way.” Presumably every possible way includes making sure that Prime Minister Netanyahu tells President Obama to go to hell from time to time.

As Franks revealed, Mr. Bennett himself no longer lives with the settlers on the West Bank. This young, hi-tech millionaire recently moved into a large house on Israel’s expensive central plain. Apparently he sees great symbolic significance in this. It signals that the settlers are “moving into the mainstream in Israel.” In fact that’s an understatement. As some Israeli commentators have noted over recent months, the settlers are now calling the political shots in Israel and the Netanyahu government is implementing their agenda.

One of Mr. Bennett’s first comments to Franks was, “There ain’t going to be peace any time soon with the Arabs, so let’s fix Israel.” And he predicted that the next Israeli election will be the first in which domestic matters and internal issues rather than “the conflict” will be what the parties scrap over.

At a point Franks said to him, “Are you not on the wrong side of history?”

Bennett replied, “What do you do when the overwhelming majority of countries in the world want you to commit suicide?” He went on to say that if a Palestinian state came into being “the missiles will fall on Israel.”

So here it is again. The assertion that a Palestinian mini would pose a serious and unmanageable threat to Israel’s security and even its existence.

I was disappointed but not surprised that the BBC’s man didn’t challenge Bennett’s assertion (what he said and what he implied).

As I have explained in previous posts and my book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews (it bears repeating again and again), the notion that a Palestinian mini state would pose a threat to Israel’s security and existence is too silly for words. It was Arafat who gave me the best and most honest explanation of why.

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