Chief Rabbi: “I think it has got to do with Iran, actually.

The bigger question waiting for an answer is whether or not Greater Israel will be more or less secure when the current war (in all but name) is over. If it ends up being less secure than it was before the assassination of Hamas’s military chief, there might be some reason to hope that enough Israelis will want to say goodbye to Netanyahu and deny him another term in office.

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  1. pabelmont:

    I’m not interested in WHY Israel is once again crushing the already crushed. they like to do it before elections. they “get off” on it.

    I’m saddened and angry that the (any) (Chief) Rabbi, a Lord yet, after speaking on behalf of children, and being asked about Gaza, could only “sigh”, say nothing about the children, and mumble on about politics.

  2. Rehmat:

    Chief Rabbi is not the only one who knows the truth.

    “Israel cannot do to Iran what Bibi wants done to Iran. Only Obama can. If there is no US attack on Iran by November, and Obama wins, there may never be a US attack on Iran. No wonder Bibi is frustrated,” Patrick J. Buchanan, Anti-War, April 17, 2012.

    “Israel does not want to do it. For as long as I can remember, the Israelis have been trying to get US to do it, because they have long believed that Iran was so big that only a big country could successfully take on the mullahs in a direct confrontation. So Israel’s Iran policy has been to convince us to do whatever the Israelis think is best. And while they’re willing to do their part, they are very reluctant to take on the entire burden,” Michael Leeden, Zionist historian and co-founder of JINSA.

  3. ontogram:

    “Cast Lead” did not stop the rockets. Why would Israelis believe that the current onslaught could do it. It can’t be that this is to quiet the rear for an attack on Iran. Israel cannot take on Iran. Israel cannot risk any retaliation at all and that’s why they pick on Hamas and other relatively defenseless groups. It doesn’t matter how big and powerful the IDF is if they cannot and will not risk wholesale losses and this they will not risk. The political blowback would be horrendous whether they win or lose. So, I agree it is not about Iran at al and the Rabbi is not in the inner circle. Like everybody else, he is told lies. The truth is probably just Bibi looking to enhance his re-election. It doesn’t matter to him how many Palestinian children will never grow up thanks to Israel’s asymmetric and cowardly assault.

  4. Richard Steven Hack:

    It’s likely more the third reason, but they’re not all mutually exclusive.

    As for the third reason, this has more to do with Syria and Hizballah in Lebanon, who have far more and more powerful missiles that could cause the Israeli population to have to stay in bomb shelters for most of every day which would damage the economy and tick them off so they might vote out the politicians in the next election.

    This is why Israel and the US and NATO are so determined to degrade Syria’s military so that it will be an ineffective actor in an Iran war. During that process – which WILL entail foreign airstrikes at some point – Israel will attack Hizballah in Lebanon to try to force them further north so most of their missiles can not hit southern Israel and also to try to capture as much of the missile arsenal as possible.

    Gaza can be hit as well, but it really won’t make as much of a difference as Syria and Lebanon.

  5. Vera Gottlieb:

    And where is the outrage when israel attacked Sudan??? All those looking the other way and remaining silent are JUST AS GUILTY!

  6. Sineva:

    Sadly it seems that he is a zionist first and a rabbi second,but then again according to the zionists thats just what all “good” jews should be,frankly I`m surprised he didn`t mumble your traditional western platitudes about israels “right” to defend itself or similar garbage

  7. Rolf Wiegand:

    I find it difficult to accept the perspective that Gaza holds anything for Israel to fear militarily.

  8. Massimo Mandolini-Pesaresi:

    Sadly, these are Lord Sacks’ views on the current situation in Gaza
    Same old drumbeat that Israel has to defend itself….


    In response to the development in the past few days in Israel, the Chief Rabbi issued the following statement: “In the past week alone over 275 rockets have been fired into southern Israel from Gaza. No nation on earth can be expected to live under this constant threat to innocent life. The people of Israel are entitled, as is any other nation, to live in peace and safety. We mourn with all the bereaved families, and pray for an end to the hostilities from which both sides suffer.”

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    [...] Last year, Lord Sacks admitted on BBC that Israel’s 8-day attack over Gaza was meant for Iran. [...]

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