Hart of the Matter #1: Alan Hart (Introduction)

Press.TV is airing a 13 part series called “Hart of the Matter” – a programme committed to telling viewers the truth – the truth about who must do what and why if the Palestine problem, the cancer at the heart of international affairs, is to be cured before it consumes us all.

The programme’s mission is to set a new agenda for informed and honest debate by addressing questions which the mainstream media and almost all politicians are too frightened to ask. My guests for the first series’ conversations are men and women of all faiths and none, most of them voices which powerful vested interests would prefer citizens not to hear.

In the first part of this 13 part series, I invite you to get to know me because I believe you have a right and a need to know what a presenter’s experience is and how it has shaped his thinking.

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  1. imran:

    i truly admire the work of Alan hart-he’s a legend, i recommend his book to everyone (especially muslims and jews here in the uk) and i hope and pray that the creation of a Palestinian state is imminent.

  2. admin:

    Dear Imran,

    Very many thanks for your kind comment. It is much appreciated. Because my book and I do not exist so far as Zionism and all supporters of Israel right or wrong are concerned, and because it and them have used, and are using, all their awesome influence to limit distribution of the book and suppress the informed and honest debate it was written to assist, I need all the help I can get to draw attention to my efforts to tell the truth of history.

    It would be appreciated if you would let your network of contacts know about my blog, my twitter account (http://www.twitter.com/alanauthor) and be sure to subscribe yourself.

    Very best wishes,


  3. Pine:

    hi, alan,

    i’m a maori living in aotearoa (new zealand) and our struggle is more about rebuilding what little crumbs we have left of our culture from the destructive forces of colonization (and to many extents, we’re still fighting the same forces for the litttle we have left)- so seeing and reading your work about what is truely happening now in middle east and palestine is heart-rendering, because it’s what my great-great & great grandparents fought hard against, and lost to much more brutal forces.

    no people should suffer that.

  4. Pieter Modjowarno:

    I was inpressed by your honest way of thinking. I my self am a retired dutch psychoanalyst and as this I will always look for the truth in reality. What I wonder about is that psychoananlysts don’t take a stand in the problem of Palestine/Israel: they avoid this subject, and the do not give credit to Freuds letter to Dr. Chaim Koffler, Vienna, 26. Febr. 1930, in which he says:”I can raise no sympathy at all for the misdirected piety which transforms a piece of an Herodian wall into a national relic, thereby offending the feelings of the natives…Now judge for yourself whether I, with such a critical point of view, am the right person to come forward as the solace of a people deluded by unjustified hope. Your obedient servant Freud.”
    I hope to have the time to follow your future conclusions about the Middle East, and about the world around this centre of our world-culture. I wish you succes. Pieter M

  5. Chris McCarthy:

    Alan, I have been following you on twitter for several days now and as you are aware replied to some of your many tweets .

    I have this morning looked on your website in detail and so far listened to your first video being interviewed by your son Chris. This interview was especially interesting for me, because for the first time you have given me a greater understanding between Zionism + Judaism + what I also found extremely interesting was the 3 mythes.
    It was also of interest to hear it said that the Israeli’s are a victim of there own propaganda, overall extremely informative.
    I now know with hindsight I wished I had followed your journalism like I followed likes of Sandy Gaul reporting fromAfganistan, + Kate Aidy.
    I will continue to view all your videos on your website + look forward to same.
    Many, many thanks
    Chris McCarthy
    ( Irish, + very bad at spelling )

  6. Jay:

    Incredible book. It’s about time a respected journalist tells the truth about Zionism.

    You are a true hero to society.

  7. Neil:

    Hi Alan

    Heard you on the Alex Jones Show. I do agree with much of what you have to say about the Zionist movement. The trouble is that it has indeed been infiltrated by the wrong kind of people and in my opinion is more prevalent and widespread than most people realize.

    I wondered, what was your opinion on Bible prophesy concerning the future of Israel? I see a lot of trouble ahead and much of it will be centred around Israel and the Arab countries.


  8. Reham mohamed:

    you are a good man , really god bless you for your efforts and really i respect you , but i want to know if this book is be selling in egypt , where and how much , i need it

  9. Robert Norton Cable:

    Like Volume One of “Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews,” your introductory video interview at this superb website is a tour de force of objective and conscientious reporting and reasoning based on solid experience. Like the prophets of ancient Israel, your message is harsh but just–and largely ignored or rejected. But it IS here for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. And IF people will face the truth, “the truth will make [them] free.” Thank you, champion of truth and justice!

    Bob Cable

  10. Artemesia Linden:

    Mr. Hart opens a very important conversation by drawing a crucial distinction: Judaism is not zionism.

    I have not read his book, and have heard only this introductory video, so I don’t know if Hart explores the extent to which Jews of all stripes are wittingly or unwittingly drawn into the powerful vortex of zionism. Many Jews — friends of mine — are totally uninformed of the biblical and historical background of Judaism, and still less of the nature of zionism. Nevertheless, they become deeply offended if Israel is criticized, and are easy prey for zionist organizers in the community who invite them to a seminar, teach them a set of talking points, then bus them to Washington to lobby Congress, or hand them paper and pen and ‘help’ them write letters to the editor.

    Let me explain with an example: in response to the Gaza flotilla, our local paper editorialized, criticizing Israel. A local rabbi responded to the editorial, labelling it antisemitic and defending Israel. A few subsequent letters to ed. supported the editorial, which unleashed a torrent of letters sharply critical of the editorial and supportive of the rabbi.
    As is the case everywhere in the US, the Jewish community is a small fraction of the overall community, but their presence in media far outweighs their numbers, because zionism’s organization and wealth far outstrips that of us mere Americans.

    As well, Americans are sensitized to refrain from making any comments that might be construed as anti-Jewish; Karin Friedemann’s essay is required reading for advocates of an America-friendly foreign policy.

    Thank you for your courage in telling truth, Mr. Hart. I’ve stuck my neck one or two times in the past and will do so in the future (choosing windmills carefully), buoyed by your example.

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  13. Carlos Alvarado:

    Thank you Alan for your good work. Zionism is the enemy oh humanity and the Palestinians are paying the price for the colonial terror of Zionists.

    The Truth must be told and the Media controlled by the Zionist must be exposed for the dirty work the do everyday repeating the Zionists lies.

  14. Miguel Fonseca:

    The problem with the issue of Palestine and Israel is exactly the indefinition of the problem, which could only be expected to be somekescreened somehow, given the improbability of such a long war being constantly not quite well understood. And that is the problem that most westerners face. They disagree but cannot reason a standpoint through the little knowledge and concise history offered anywhere in the media. I am not a student of the matter, and in my dealings with Jewish people I could not but consider their approachability whilst not forgetting their extreme regime of exclusivity. This bothered me while living in London. To the point that I wanted to know more about their culture.

    What I have seen on this website so far goes a long way to dispell myths and assumptions onnected to the jewish community and its departure from the thesis that zionism differs from judaism is as a starting point a liberating concept as it permits the unauthorization of what Israel is doing. The problem, unfortunately championed by zionists, of a catatonic response towards the Jewish peoples´actions in Palestine goes a long way to explain why they can keep on doing to Palestine as Israel has done. Most westerners cannot affirm disagreement to the Jewish people as they can easily confuse themselves as meta nazis. The problem however seems to be in the more mundane realm of ruling classes, which is much closer to the general societal malaise of the world today. To this one can relate and can seek to understand the true genesis of the problem. Alas, it may, and probably will come too late, as a whole country has been effectively silently wiped out while everyone has denied to believe and see, thanks mostly to the manipulation of the truth. Truly this site is an inspiration for its simple and unabiding search of the truth. A project of almost anachronic dignity, but a type of project of which the world lacks, both as receptor and producer.

    Thank you very much!

    Miguel Fonseca

  15. Lesley-Anne:

    Very interesting viewing. I’ve always been pro-Israel, without really thinking about it. I’ve always (until recently) believed what the mainstream media told us about…..well about everything really, and I remember a lot of the anti-Arafat news when I was quite young and I believe it shaped a lot of my views growing into adulthood.

    As a Christian I’ve been torn between a somewhat blind loyalty to a Judeo connection to God and a brain that actually works and can sniff the whiff of injustice wherever it treads. I find it quite shocking, and embarrassing, that I haven’t questioned this view, that I’ve allowed myself to be dumbed down by the giant profit-making media corporations in this area where I wouldn’t have allowed myself to be so deceived in others. After all, I was vehemently anti-apartheid! Until heroes like Donald Woods went public about what was happening there, we in the dumbed down world believed that Nelson Mandela was a terrorist!

    So I suppose what I’m saying, Alan, is thank you for your courage. I’ve ordered volume one of Zionism. I started looking into this because a very dear friend of mine, also a Christian, is heading off to Palestine with the Church of Scotland to record atrocities on the West Bank. I realised in talking with her that I didn’t know enough about the situation there and came across your web site in my search for answers. Bless you.

  16. Andrew L:

    Hi everyone!

    I’m a 47 year-old American male who had come to the understanding long ago that Palestine, the US, & Britain are under a zionist occupation through academia, the various media, central banks & many corporations.

    My question is this: What is the zionists’ ultimate aim, beyond Israel as an “insurance policy” or artificially bolstering their own tribal self-worth through power & wealth?

    Zionism is often described as a “political movement” or in similar ways that suggest that it’s basically a secular phenomenon. But that idea has never satisfied me because it seems to ultimately have a religious aim beyond perpetuating Judaism. What that aim might be, I have no idea.

    Some say it’s to create a New World Order. That would be secular motivation. Creating a NWO in order to hasten the end of the world to fulfill prophecy would be a religious aim.

    Also, I’m very confused about this. The diaspora is supposed to be a myth. The Jews were never scattered but ventured off and converted a lot of people. If that’s the case–and 90% of Jews are not ethnically semitic–why are they harming the Palestinians who were the original Jews that converted to Islam?

  17. Naima:

    The world needs men like you brave and a wise man to speak up and to lighten the truth
    Thank you a lot and God bless you

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