Hart of the Matter #4: Abd al-Bari Atwan

My guest for this week’s programme is Abdel Bari Atwan.

He is the Palestinian editor-in-chief of Al Quds Al Arabi, which is published here in London and is the only Arab newspaper free to criticise the regimes of the existing Arab Order.

Abdel Bari is respected and admired by many in the mainstream Western media, but its broadcasting institutions, including the BBC, allow Israeli leaders to veto his participation in their programmes.

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  1. Mark Ekdahl:

    I love this man! I think I have quite possibly found in Mr. Atwan the most noble man presently alive in this world. He is the embodiment of the two qualities I believe most indicative of G-d: justice and mercy. He is up against so much…it almost makes me cry. There is so much darkness and tyranny in this world, so much blaming and demonization of the “other.” I have witnessed in my community what I now believe must be the most shameful transgressions of the American people ever. My own grandmother, who majored in Political Science and once traveled to Iran when the US was widely respected, is completely embittered over the Iraq war, which she claims will haunt America for a century. There is indeed mismanagement and failure in Muslim regimes, but can that even compare with that which has befallen the US? And too often the failures of Muslim regimes, including the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the falling behind in the game of business imperialism and industrialism, the ideological infighting, the general bad luck, etc. is shamefully and sinfully attributed to cultural or religious or worse, racial inferiority. The hopes of millions upon millions of people, young, middle-aged, and elderly, lie upon you. You are the peace-makers, the hope-bringers! (If there were any real-life peace-makers as described in the Bible, it is you!). And the Internet, built by selfless philanthropists, is like magnificent armor for you. Always think high, not hate, and ask all those “Yes, but…” questions that bring out the haters and the fearers. Maybe you will finally draw all their hate and fear out forever. God bless you!

  2. diwani med hedi:

    you are nice ms abdel beri

  3. Kareem:

    the arab leaders actually ASK ask for something in return ,

    which is the USA government dont blackmail them or do to them like saddam .

  4. Cllr David Durant:

    An interesting interview, but I think the charge that Britain established Israel to divide the Arabs is mistaken.

    Britain was opposed to the creation of a Jewish state,but did ‘help’ create one because of European priorities.

    For example the Balfour declaration did not promise a Jewish state. It was an ambiguous declaration that said jews could enjoy rights which did not undermine the rights of the native Arabs!

    This declaration was reluctantly made in 1917 as the price needed to get American jews to lobby (against the national mood)to get America into WWI, on Britain’s side.

    After WWI Britain recognised that continued jewish immigration into Palestine was causing problems, but it remained difficult to stop.

    After WWII, Britain still tried to hold the ring and stop the increased flow of jewish immigrants from Europe getting into Palestine, but no longer retained the power to determine events and when Israel declared its independence, the first country to recognise Israel was? Soviet Union, quickly followed by USA.

    Following this Britain withdrew from Palestine and soon from the rest of empire too.

  5. Tim Clark:

    looking at the protests around the middle east today, this man was spot on.

  6. abu-ahmad:

    A TRUE voice in a deff arabic world,who recently starts to rise up from its loong and deep sleep.

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