Hart of the Matter

Between October 2008 and January 2009, Press.TV aired a 13 part series called “Hart of the Matter” – a programme committed to telling viewers the truth – the truth about who must do what and why if the Palestine problem, the cancer at the heart of international affairs, is to be cured before it consumes us all.

Now that my new blog has gone live, each episode has been published and back-dated to the date at which it went on-air. However, as the series is very important for people to see, this post and a dedicated sidebar widget have been created to ensure the videos don’t disappear into the history of the blog’s archives.

Be sure to watch these videos, but if you’re too stretched for time (approx 20 minutes for each video), then at least download the conversations in MP3 format and listen to them on your way to work etc. Each video has an audio link below it or you can download them all zipped up: 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 & 10-13

  1. #1 Introduction to the series #
  2. #2 Professor Ilan Pappe #
  3. #3 Professor Ilan Pappe cont… #
  4. #4 Abd al-bari Atwan #
  5. #5 Reverend Dr. Stephen Sizer #
  6. #6 John Pilger #
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