Hate Mail and the need for a Blogging Protocol

I am posting this after clicking on to publish the hate mail I received over the last few days after I dared to speculate about who might have been, repeat might have been, responsible for Alan Johnston’s “disappearance” and, if he is dead, who killed him.

Many (which means not all) of the comments were abusive and vile, indicating (this is not news) that some defenders of the Zionist state of Israel right or wronghave very sick minds.

When she was Israel’s prime minister, my friend Golda Meir once said to me with a chuckle that “miracles take five minutes, the impossible a little longer.” I am coming to the conclusion that curing the sickness is impossible period. There isa cure for it ? knowledge of the truth of history with regard to the creation and sustaining of what is most often called “the Palestineproblem” but which, actually, is a “Jewish problem.” The trouble is that defenders of Israel right or wrong simply don’t want to know the truth of history, (they want Zionism’s propaganda version of it to stand unchallenged). How many of them have read, for example, arguably the four most important books of recent times by Jewishauthors. The four books are:

* Israel‘s Fateful Hourby Yehoshafat Harkabi.

* The Iron Wallby Avi Shlaim.

* A Threat From Within, A CENTURY OF JEWISH OPPOSITION TO ZIONISM, by Yakov M. Rabkin.

* The Ethic Cleansing of Palestineby Ilan Pappe.

Those of us (the very few) who seek to tell the truth of history are greatly in Avi Shlaim’s debt. Assisted by de-classified Israeli state papers, he was the first of the “New” or “Revisionist” (honest) Jewish historians to demonstrate that Zionism’s version of history is a pack of propaganda lies. With Avi’s permission I drew of his great work during the research for, and writing of, my two-volume book, Zionism, The Real Enemy of the Jews.

I frankly don’t give a damn about being vilified by abusive and deluded supporters of Israel right or wrong (and I imagine, perhaps wrongly, that former President Carter doesn’t either); but I do take strong exception to those who have accused me of, charged me with, anti-Semitism. Anybody of sound mind who is aware of my work, which in some aspects is quite well represented on this blog site, knows that is afalseand ludicrouscharge to hurl at me.

So I have a challenge for those who have accused me of, or charged me with, anti-Semitism. Come out of internet hiding, identify yourselves properly and completely, and then, if you dare, repeat your accusation or charge of anti-Semitism. If you do, I’ll demand a retraction and an apology, and if I don’t get both I will sue for defamation?.. Of course it won’t happen. You won’t come out of hiding.

That being so I am going to make representations to appropriate authorities about the need for a Blogging Protocol. It would require all who make blog comments to identify themselves properly and completely so that they could be called and held to account for defamation, and quite possibly inciting hatred?.. That almost certainly won’t happen either, but it’s worth a try.

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  1. Dangerouslysubversivedad:

    Dear Alan,

    You are an anti-semite. Publish your solicitor’s contact details on your Blog, and I’ll be in touch with them as soon as possible. Bring it on.

  2. admin:

    I’ll be delighted, really, truly, to give you my solicitor’s contact details so that we can go straight to court if you will provide me with your verifiable identity and address.

    If you expect me to expose my solicitors to the possibility of an organised barrage of hate mail before I know who you are and can verify where you are, you must think I am stupid. I assure you I am not. Possibly you are?

    Put up or shut up!

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