How About an Israel-Hamas Holocaust/Nakba Deal?

As I noted in my last post, Israel’s education minister, Gideon Sa’ar, has announced that Nakba is to be removed from classrooms, effectively requiring a new generation of Israeli Arabs to wipe from their minds the truth of history. Hamas then provoked the outrage and condemnation of many Jews everywhere by declaring that it was asking for holocaust education to be suppressed in UNWRA schools in the Gaza Strip.

So how about a deal?

Hamas will welcome teaching about the obscenity of the Nazi holocaust and its consequences IF Israel will allow all of its children, Jews as well as Arabs, to be honestly educated about the Nakba – the dispossession and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians -and its consequences.

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  1. Mary Dearing:

    What shall we include in ‘history’, and shall we allow “History is written by the victor” to prevail? This year I was asked to support a movement to make 9/11 a national holiday in the USA. I witheld that support because I do not think it does the USA or the larger world any good to institutionalize pain and anger, self-righteousness or to advocate for something that might serve a make a desire for revenge. The world must step back from the brink of destruction that hate pushes it into. Many times I, who love history, have wondered if we should encourage it’s study at all, given the uses to which it can be put. I decide, usually, that history must be taught within a framework of forgiveness, within a framework of resolve to ‘never again’ allow injustice born from intolerance. So, saying that, I suppose your suggestion to be a good one. To teach the history of Nakba and of Holocaust to both sides, along with the moral lesson that each individual has a responsibilty to be vigilent, to never allow such pain to be visited on any other person again. I pray that I am not some idle dreamer.

  2. admin:

    Dear Mary,

    You’re not “an idle dreamer”. I venture to suggest that you are, like me, “guilty” of being an idealist. But you shouldn’t let that worry you. Why not? Because to be an idealist in today’s world is actually to be a pragmatist, even a realist. Meaning? Unless we can give substance to the notion of human rights and justice for all, unless our small, fragile planet is managed for the public good of the many instead of the private greed of the few, there won’t be, can’t be, a future worth having.

    I don’t think it’s “hate” that’s driving the world to destruction. I think it’s the ignorance of public opinion, in America especially. Until it is much better informed than it is about the issues that really matter, there is no way of making use of what passes for democracy to call and hold our leaders and governments to account.

    That’s why I devoted more than five years of my life to researching and writing ZIONISM: THE REAL ENEMY OF THE JEWS – to empower citizens, Americans especially, to make what passes for democracy work for justice for the Palestinians and peace for all. (I hope you’re reading my book).

    Very best wishes,


    PS I used to say to my children that when politicians moved their lips, they were lying. At the time that was an exaggeration to make a point. Today I think it’s pretty much the case.

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