Is Israel on the road to “self-destruction”?

If there comes a time when it seemed to them that the Zionist state’s self-destruction was imminent, Israel’s leaders would respond in the same way as they would if their state was in danger of being defeated on the battlefield. As readers of my book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews know, that response was put into words by Golda Meir in the course of one of my BBC Panorama interviews with her when she was prime minister. In a doomsday situation, she said, Israel “would be prepared to take the region down with it.”

The question arising is something like this. Is there any power on Planet Earth that could assist Israeli Jews to save themselves from themselves – perhaps I should say save themselves from their deluded leaders?

The more I think about this question, the more I am convinced that there is only one power that could do it – the Jews of the world. But that must be the subject of another post and I will welcome thoughts from others before I write it.


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  1. ANU Is Israel on the Road to Self-Destruction?:

    [...] If there comes a time when it seemed to them that the Zionist state’s self-destruction was imminent, Israel’s leaders would respond in the same way as they would if their state was in danger of being defeated on the battlefield. As readers of my book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews know, that response was put into words by Golda Meir in the course of one of my BBC Panorama interviews with her when she was prime minister. In a doomsday situation, she said, Israel “would be prepared to take the region down with it.” The question arising is something like this. Is there any power on Planet Earth that could assist Israeli Jews to save themselves from themselves – perhaps I should say save themselves from their deluded leaders? [...]

  2. Observer:

    This was all spelled out in 1980 by Livia Rokach, in her book Israel’s Sacred Terrorism (which is available in its entirety online). Rokach’s father was Israel Rokach, Moshe Sharett’s minister of the interior in the mid-’50s. In 1984, after she was no longer in the public eye, she was found dead in a hotel room in Rome. In the book, she quotes from Sharett’s diary (which has never, as a whole, been translated into English). According to the diary, Sharett’s colleague Moshe Dayan said in 1955 that only by a strategy of endless “provocation and revenge” could Israel maintain “the discipline of a combative people,” and that “without that discipline we are lost.” Dayan thought any peace treaties or diplomatic obligations would sap Israel’s “vital lymph.”

    Then as now, Rokach says, the leaders spoke to the Israeli population in terms of never-ending mortal threats from outside. Endless propaganda focused on the “monstrosity of the enemy.” She says, though, that they never spoke that way among themselves, or thought that Israel was in genuine danger at the hands of any other coutry, or any alliance.

    Wilbur Crane Eveland, once one of the top CIA operatives in the Middle East, reports in his book Ropes of Sand (1983) that Israel also resists peace because it would dry up the massive subsidies from the U.S. that Israel attracts by being forever under siege. Those subsidies come in part through the U.S. government, and in part from private donors, Jewish and Christian Zionist.

  3. Charles H. Veilleux, Sr.:

    The sooner Israel self-destroys the better! Israel is the USA’s worse enemy!

  4. David:

    To quote the prophetic 1944 statement of Lessing J. Rosenwald, president of the American Council for Judaism: “The concept of a racial state – the Hitlerian concept- is repugnant to the civilized world, as witness the fearful global war in which we are involved. . . , I urge that we do nothing to set us back on the road to the past. To project at this time the creation of a Jewish state or commonwealth is to launch a singular innovation in world affairs which might well have incalculable consequences.”

  5. Parvin:

    I hope sooner than later/

  6. Bud Kesler:

    Self-destruction? Yes, but not of Isreal as country populated by real people. I wish the deluded Zionist leaders would come up with a way self-destructing which would not take down either the real people of Israel or the region. Certainly not people like Uri Avnery or Merav Michaeli or the millions of Jews who do want to live in peace.

    God bless the real people of the whole region.


  7. David:

    It is obscene to send high schoolers to death camps. It is a means of transmitting to them the neurosis of another generation. Any state that does this to children is doomed. I’m sick of Israel’s constant lies and gripes and distortions, the persecution of another people, the whole thing. Good riddance. All 5.8 million Jews can simply move to Florida. Not such a big deal.

  8. David King:

    Yes, Apartheid israel is on a downward slope. I won’t be shy in saying; good riddance. What a detestable group of people.

    In my observation, ever since 2006 and the Lebanon war, ersatz israel has been in decline. Since those days, so many crimes committed out in the open. Their bald face lies transparent to the world population. Sure governments may still support them but certainly not the people.

    The Internet has spread the truth about zion; and there has been nothing they could do to stop it. Not their lies and not their army of hasbara agents has been able to stifle the truth; or limit its spread.

    In regards to them blowing up the ME; their little minds won’t be able to conceive of the method of their downfall. Their end won’t be forced upon them by a war machine. It will be a grass roots movement that will echo off the walls of their dwellings. Their nights will be sleepless; their days spent in fear. Their gilt ridden minds will shriek because they won’t be able to aim their guns and their bombs at a target. Their enemy will be north of them; east of them, south of them and west of them. Cries of justice will be heard from below, and from above their heads.

    On the day of their demise, you will find me cooking at the BBQ, and enjoying the flavour of a fine beer.

  9. Abu Samuel:

    Alan sais: “The more I think about this question, the more I am convinced that there is only one power that could do it – the Jews of the world…” I totally agree with Alan. The question: how to convince rich jewish donors from the USA to realize their actions bring themselves, the jews of the world and, last but not least Israel as a whole into big trouble? If rich american jews begin to understand this, Israel will be obliged to become a civilized part of the middle east, in the land of Canaan, which is the heartland of Palestine. Then what is Israel today will even become a constructive
    partner in the whole region. There, a futur US President could find the core interest of America and “the West”.

  10. maryam:

    I am still not quite understanding how fear of another holocaust can legitimately be directed towards the Palestinians, who had nothing to do with what the Jews endured but who are taking the brunt of Israel’s paranoia and aggression. This unanswered question is being sidelined by the attention being given to Israel’s fervent desire to engage in war with Iran. I’m less inclined to believe that existential fear motivates this bellicosity but that it is more likely Israel’s vision of a bigger picture – with the US they will be one step closer to world economic and military domination.

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  12. Larry Carney:

    I liked it and agree 100%. I also like the work and ideas being put forth by J Street in Washington, a Jewish group that sees present policies in Israel as self destructive.

  13. Lokis:

    Seems to me – the best interest of Israel and the US and the ROW for that is for these endless wars for the profit of few be replaced by a new value system where peace is not just a dividend but a sustainable goal. NO ONE will win if the present course continues led by Jersualem in concert with the puppet President of the US and the lickspittle comrades in the UK, Canada, Australia – the bagel cabal. We need a person like Jesus – Gandhi or MLK to be heard – think peace – think Ron Paul as a political paradigm to emulate.

  14. maryam:

    The US media has begun the propaganda war; the Washington Post is first in line to claim that US intelligence has received information saying Iran may attack US soil. The warmongers are working overtime to make sure the American public is convinced that Iran is a threat to somebody, anybody. Suddenly Iran has turned into a loose cannon, or a mad dog foaming at the mouth which must be dealt with for the safety not only of Israel, but of the US as well.

    Israel will therefore be given carte blanche to bomb holy hell out of Iran, and no one will bat an eye. Those poor Jews in Israel – ever the victims, never the antagonists.

  15. Mhara Costello:

    David King) ” Their end won’t be forced upon them by a war machine. It will be a grass roots movement”.

    How true your words. Much to the shame of so called western ‘democracies’ who have looked the other way for sixty three years, people of good conscience everywhere are rising up,standing together,to bring down this utterly repugnant TERRORIST state. What else do you call a people bereft of anythng remotely human?

  16. rosemary spiota:

    I will never forget the film “Defamation”, available online, showing the Israeli teenage pupils being taken to Polish former prison camps and told how everyone hates Jews. Every child was traumatised and it is true none of them could think of others except as enemies. Teaching hate against Arabs is standard procedure, even though as others confirm, none of the Holocaust actions had anything to do with non-Europeans.
    The present pretence that Iran is a “threat to the world” and goading USA et al to destroy Iran is becoming more obscene as the consequences would be disastrous if the escalation is allowed to continue. Israel itself, of course, will not benefit, but so manyothers will lose too.

  17. mary:

    I recently met with a young American Jewish blogger; he spends every summer, and as often as he can get away from his graduate studies in the US, in Gaza and other places in the middle east. In our conversation, he told me something I suspected was true all along – that despite zionist protestations to the contrary, anti-Arab sentiment in Israel is much stronger than anti-Jew sentiment is among Arabs. Yes, the indoctrination to hate is NOT the exclusive domain of Hamas against Israel, but the Israeli culture is full of it. Hate, fear, victimhood, racism are all taught to young Israelis. I’m appalled that any child would be subjected to a visit to a concentration camp; that is psychological abuse.

    The collective psychology of the Israelis is what is fueling the lunacy there. Everything is taken as an existential threat, including children throwing stones.

  18. mary:

    J Street is nothing more than a lobby moving the zionist agenda through the backchannels. The goal is the same only it’s dressed up to be more palatable to Jewish liberals.

  19. Vera Gottlieb:

    It wasn’t the Muslims who killed 6 million Jews, so why are Palestinians being persecuted? I think race also enters this picture: anything not Caucasian is second class. At this rate, israel is turning itself into a ghetto.

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  21. abu-ahmad:

    I couldnt agree more,but to zionizim not judaisim.

  22. Edward:

    I know a number of Israelis and all of them have that holocaust syndrome. They also admit that they are taught from early childhood, when their mothers take them to the hills and point to the lands outside of Israel, that all those living outside of Israel are “our enemies”. Furthermore, this continues to be instilled in them throughout their entire schooling, and there are daily classes in school that teach nothing else but the enemy syndrome.

    I once asked an Israeli the following question: Your family is starving and you have a rifle with only one bullet… in front of you is a deer that you can shoot for meat for your family and a poor, almost starving to death Arab man who has a wife and children and is just trying to survive and provide for his family from one day to the next. Which do you shoot, the deer of the Arab?

    Without even giving it one second of thought he cried out, “The Arab, I shoot the Arab, if I want meat I go to the butcher I buy it”. That’s the last time I ever spoke to him.

  23. Guy:

    As posted by Observer “According to the diary, Sharett’s colleague Moshe Dayan said in 1955 that only by a strategy of endless “provocation and revenge” could Israel maintain “the discipline of a combative people,” and that “without that discipline we are lost.” Dayan thought any peace treaties or diplomatic obligations would sap Israel’s “vital lymph.”
    This is the same mentality that has been instituted in the West since 9/11 through the war on terror.To make people believe that we are being persecuted every minute,hour of the day,forever and ever.
    I read your book Norman,very informative.

  24. maryam:

    Tonight I had an argument with a zionist on Facebook. He asked me to go to a Facebook page called “F*ck Israel” and report it. I refused. He became apoplectic, saying I should be ashamed of myself. I said, “why? If this page were entitled “F*ck Iceland” or “F*ck China” would you insist I report it? Why is it so horrible to hate a country?” Guess what? I was pronounced an anti-Semite, told my thinking was “twisted,” but of course no one observed the point I was trying to make. Because the country was Israel, it was anti-Semitic hate speech to say “F*ck Israel.” Israel is special. Disliking Israel is anti-Semitism. If you hate Israel, you hate Jews. What a dangerous game this can be.

  25. David King:


    the more time you spend with zionists, the more aware you become, that they are not feigning ignorance.

    I remember one time, a group of zionists called me every name under the sun; from a nazi, to a KKK, and even a Jew lover. After a while, you don’t even notice.

    There is another point you should be aware of. It is very possible this person you were talking to was a child killer, a torturer, or a supporter of someone who is. You don’t know who’s blood they have on their hands but you can be sure that a zionist is someone who supports war and human rights crimes. Having no respect for zionists at all, mean that their abuse fails to affect me in any way.

  26. maryam:

    You’re totally right. In the times I’ve engaged in discourse with zionists, I always have a feeling of visceral horror, as though I’m watching a murder or other gruesome event and I’m powerless to stop it. I’ve been in a “coexistence” group for a few days and already I’m feeling utterly sick and that talking with zionists is futile. They have dehumanized the Palestinian people utterly – there is no empathy, no remorse for the killing of civilians, no recognition of zionist theft and abuse. The disconnect is beyond breathtaking.

    I’ve been called terrible, vile names that I won’t repeat, simply because I don’t “love” israel and do not recognize its right to exist. Every zionist takes the latter personally. And because I speak up for Palestinian rights, I am perceived as violent, and desiring the destruction of israel, and of course I am an anti-Semite.

    Yes, this person was indeed a killer, at least by proxy. Supporting a murderous ideology and political regime, condoning crimes against humanity, believing Palestinians are “cockroaches” – along with the rest of the world’s Muslims, too, by the way – you see these people are liars. They don’t want peace. They don’t even understand the concept. They want total conquest and subjugation.

  27. David King:



    A zionist’s two greatest enemies are it’s mother and it’s father.

  28. maryam:

    And the other two are its sons and daughters.

    They’re destroying themselves and don’t even know it. Zionism is the root of most anti-semitism. It is the driving force of the acrimony directed towards Israel by Arabs. Zionist insistence on including all the world’s Jews under its umbrella, as Netanyahu habitually does whenever he gives a speech before the UN or elsewhere, paints all Jews with the same brush – inhuman, bigoted, self-pitying occupiers obsessed with their idea of themselves as “chosen people,” destroying the Palestinian people and bent on regional domination.

  29. David King:

    My hope is that when it is all said and done; zionism holds the blame alone; and that Hollywood movies; TV documentaries and global / regional histories outline and follow it’s crimes. Additionally, those zionists who survive, bear the same shame as the nazis survivors did; and that a financial settlement should be completed; sufficient to pay for the removal of any edifice deemed unsuitable by the Palestinian people; the building of whatever structures that required; the implementation of world best practice at every level of society. In short, compensation for all damage and payment to fully function Palestinian society until such time as they are able to function on their own two feet with such a period not less than they period of time zionists appeared in Palestinian lands. Those involved in the occupation to forfeit all their goods and provide labour as required and for what period required. Compensation not limited to israeli zionists but zionists world wide. The annual shortfall in finance to be picked up by the the US. If the US can afford to pay trillions to destroy a country, they should have no trouble in paying trillions to restore it.

  30. jeffery:

    i find it curious how recorded history is left out of the topic. the spread of christianity throughout europe & russia since the 325 – 380 ad sinods or councils resulted in near continuous religious persecution. the falsely called christ killers were not allowed civil rights or to assimilate – sure, there were brief periods of enlightenment – yet usually every 3 generations a new ruler or pope & then a new persecution would arise – this is a continuous pattern throughout history which culminated in the holocaust. there is a question of cause & effect – europe & russia are responsible for the creation of zionism through their actions or lack thereof depending on the circumstance. so how about christianity, russia & europe save the world from zionism – it’s the fruit of their labors and therefore their responsibility, not the jews of the world. we just want to be left in peace.

  31. maryam:

    The responsibility of ending the occupation of Palestine rests on the shoulders of all the world’s Jews. You can take victimhood only so far – Europe is NOT occupying Palestine, but zionism is. Europe is not killing Palestinians, but zionism is. If you want this to end, do your part as an activist. Otherwise, are we to think you don’t really mean what you say? If you “just want to be left in peace,” sure, fine, but don’t you think the Palestinians want that, too? To be left in peace?

  32. Mhara Costello:

    jeffery) YOU (jews)’want to be left in peace’!?

  33. Abu Samuel:

    Jews just want to be let in peace? What a nonsense in a time when Jews are killing a people, destroing what’s left from the ancient
    Land of Palestine? If your commitment is just saving yourself, Jeffrey, let’s just forget about you. But if you act because of true empathy to mankind, which includes, of course, the palestinan people, you are
    part of the global movement for justice – not just peace/shalom. Only then! World brotherhood doesn’t go with tribalism.

  34. David King:

    @ Maryam Well said.

    @ Jeffery. Your post was historically inaccurate. Are you really Jewish? Reading between the lines, I would say not.

    Just a few comments. On persecution; many races and many belief systems faced persecution. Judaism was just one. Somehow the Holocaust has been twisted to be solely against the Jewish people. This is highly disrespectful to those other groups who suffered.

    Jews were assimilated into Palestinian society. See occupation 101 for video footage.

    The pattern of persecution you point to is valid. It is occurring at this very minute. Alan’s book Zionism The Real Enemy of the Jews highlights the cause of this persecution. If you are Jewish, and you do seek peace, then your path is clear. You must stand in public against zionism and against the continued existence of israel. You must be a voice to rally all Jews to a call, not of peace but of war against zionism. This is the only way you and the Jewish community will find peace and stop this cyclic persecution for yourselves and future generations. If you don’t; you will surely die out.

  35. maryam:

    Zionism is hijacking Judaism to sell its agenda, and this is why you hear Netanyahu blabbering on in his speeches, presumptuously speaking “for the world’s Jews,” as though he were elected to do so, and is not in fact some politician pushing an agenda completely divorced from the Jewish faith. The uninformed see this and believe all Jews are united in the odious ideology of zionism. The anger felt when seeing or hearing about the continued torment of the Palestinian people is transferred into hatred for Jews.

  36. David:

    Certainly — antisemitism throughout Europe and Russia were major causes for the rise of Zionism, but people are responsible for the choices they make, and continue to make, in the name of Zionism. Today, Zionism is as horrible an idea as Nazism and people supporting it and its consequences are liable for their decisions.

    It is interesting that Jews spent a lot of time and energy encouraging racial equality in the “West” and, having been largely successful in that mission, many Zionist Jews find themselves arguing for racism ala Israel.

    The only salvation for Israel is restitution and reparations, paid for by the same Zionist Jews and sympathizers who paid for the racist state in the first place. Sheldon Adelson should be held liable for a good $100 million or more in restitution, for example. I hope this kind of thing happens, I work for it every day, with every breath, but it is a very outside chance.

  37. maryam:

    They received reparations after World War II but the idea of the Palestinian right of return is anathema.

    I work for it too, David. I just can’t let go of the dream.

  38. Reg Han:

    Israel will be destroyed one day but before that it is expanding at an alarming rate and in the same vein inflicting a genocidal holocaust on the Palestinians. I am simply disturbed to read about such atrocities and to think it has been going on since before 1948 and has no relationship whatsoever to the Nazi holocaust is what horrifies me. How many innocent lives have been claimed in the process. If ever world jews are hated they have to blame the state of Israel; which in today’s world simply has no legitimate right to exist

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  40. otto:

    perhaps there is something in Judaism incompatible with having a state. It is too bad that since the beginning Jews seem unable to both hold on to their own land or be truly accepted in other lands.

    It is obvious Jews are often unfairly victims of antisemitism but you would think that by now they would have figured out a way to live among others without atracting such hatred, such negative attention.

    I have reached the conclusion Jews are capable of producing very bright individuals, at the same time they are extremely dumb as a people. Surely it has merit to survive for so long among aliens. Jews seem to have decided the suffering is worth the accomplishment.

    Neverthelees all Jews musk know there is always persecution and murder in their future, that many of their children will die for being Jews.

    If Jews believe the Holocaust protects them they are dumb. In fact the Holocaust and all the actions to no not forget it may be the kernel from wich massive antiemitism will rise again.

    The hard fact is that Jews, for obvious historical reasons, do not care much for non Jews and most non Jews are indiferent and even hostile to Jews.

    As it has happened over and over, the next wave of antisemitism which reason indicates is more likely to happen where Jews have more influence, will start in the US. Of course, that will also bring Israel to a tragic end. It may just be that the Holocaust will not be the worst that happened to Jews…

  41. Agoda:

    I decided to look you up after reading volume 1 of your book: Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. You are a friend to Jews and Palestinians and your on-scene perspective on events made for a eye opening read. thank you.

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