Israel’s right or not to exist – The facts and truth

The truth of the time was that the Zionist state, which came into being mainly as a consequence of pre-planned ethnic cleansing, had no right to exist and, more to the point, could have no right to exist UNLESS … Unless it was recognised and legitimized by those who were dispossessed of their land and their rights during the creation of the Zionist state. In international law only the Palestinians could give Israel the legitimacy it craved.

And that legitimacy was the only thing the Zionists could not and cannot take from the Palestinians by force.

No wonder Prime Minister Netanyahu is more than a little concerned on this account.

Israel’s leaders have always known the truth summarised above. It’s time for the rest of the world to know it.

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  1. Sandra Tyee:

    I want to thank you for your Book. Volumn one is all I have read, but I am sharing it with others. I live in the USA so no others are availible at this time.
    I believe in learning and insight and the way to get it is by reading.
    Thank you for making me more knowledgable, and educated. True un-biased history is precious.
    I heard you on Jeff Rense, that is why I bought your book. If the others are ever availible in AMERICA, I will buy them too.
    I think in my heart, that Israel needs to back off. they are a rouge nation, IMO. At the same time the Palistine’s, need to again put out the olive branch of peace, just so the world will be in less turmoil. I watch the news though and all I see is the Zionist bringing us closer to the end.

  2. Amir Fahmi:

    I found that your blog is very informative. It sickens me when genocide happens before our own eyes and the world powers do nothing.

    May the zionists and their puppets in high places burn in Hell for what they did to the Palestinian.

    Thanks Mr Hart

  3. admin:


    Thanks for your appreciation of my book.

    I know America coast-to-coast quite well and, as I indicated in my Dear America introduction to Volume One, I really do believe that if Americans were aware of the truth of history as it relates to the making an sustaining of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel, they would want to make their democracy work to assist the President, any President, to break the Zionist lobby’s stranglehold on Congress.

    Re the olive branch you mentioned… The whole Arab world (including Hamas’s leaders) is ready to make peace with Israel inside it’s pre-1967 borders. But the two-state solution is dead, killed by Israel’s on-going colonisation. The truth is that Zionism is not interested in peace on terms almost all Palestinians and most other Arabs and Muslims everywhere could accept. I fear we really are on the final countdown to catastrophe for all (not just the Jews and Arabs of the region) unless the people of America can be informed and mobilised to cause Congress to act in America’s own best interests.

    Jfyi: With the sub-title David Becomes Goliath, Volume Two of the Amercan edition of my book is about to be published by Clarity Press; and Volume Three, with the sub-title Conflict Without End? and updated to the end of this year, will be published in the Spring. That means it will reflect on President Obama’s surrender to the Zionist lobby and its many stooges in Congress. (Perhaps you can tell me… Was Obama unaware of the Zionist lobby’s stranglehold on Congress when he pledged to get a peace process going – that’s hard to believe; or, did he know that that his rhetoric was empty?)

    Very best wishes


  4. admin:


    It sickens me, too.

    Re Hell… In my perception both it and Heaven are earthly states of mind. I imagine that all supporters of Israel right-or-wrong deny Zionism’s crimes for one of two reasons. One is that they are truly ignorant and beyond reason because they’ve been brainwashed by Zionist propaganda. The other is that denial will, they hope, keep them from Hell.

    Best wishes


  5. Amir Fahmi:

    Mr Hart,

    Thanks for replying. I think President Obama knows the real situation but his hands are tied. Moreover being an African American, he wouldn’t want to be labelled as Anti Semite by the Zionist.


  6. Koppers:

    Dear Mr Hart

    Israel is a reality that neither needs nor seeks your approval. The armistice lines of 1948 (otherwise known as the 1967 borders) never have been and never will be the borders between Israel and Palestine. There will never be a single bi-national state because the Palestinians don’t want one and the neither do the Israelis.

    Your view of the Palestine/Israel issue is completely devoid of reality.


  7. admin:


    You’re right about one thing. Israel neither needs nor seeks my approval. What it does need, and seeks with increasing desperation, is the legitimacy that only the dispossessed and ethnically cleansed Palestinians can give it. That’s according to international law, but I imagine, correct if I’m wrong, that you share Zionism’s contempt for it.

    You say that my view of the “Palestine/Israel issue” is “completely devoid of reality”. I’ll reply in kind. I think you are so brainwashed by Zionism’s propaganda that you wouldn’t recognise reality if it knocked you down in the street.

    Best wishes,


  8. Nile:

    Excellent and an articulate analysis. Political will from the voting masses can put pressure on our Western Governments. This extreme kind of “Bullying” and “harassment” from the Israeli Government has to be countered just as strongly if not more so.

  9. Koppers:

    Dear Mr Hart
    I find it rather curious, nay comical, that you accuse me of being brainwashed. Did or did you not make the risible assertion that Alan Johnston was kidnapped by Israel and not by Palestinian extremists?

    As for the Palestinian refugees, they will not be returning to Israel and I very much doubt that when a Palestinian state is established they will be absorbed into it. A suggestion; how about they take up residence in the homes of Jews ethnically cleansed from Arab countries. Those Jewish refugees were more numerous than the Palestinian ones and lost land equivalent to 100,000 sq km – 4 times the size of Israel.

  10. admin:


    I did NOT assert that Israel had kidnapped Alan Johnston. My relevant posts on the matter were:

    If Alan Johnston is dead, who, really, was responsible?

    Reflections on Alan Johnston’s Kidnapping and Release

    As to your other comment… I prefer the documented truth of history to Zionism’s propaganda version.

  11. Brian Cady:

    >A suggestion; how about they take up residence in the homes of >Jews ethnically cleansed from Arab countries. Those Jewish >refugees were more numerous than the Palestinian ones and lost >land equivalent to 100,000 sq km – 4 times the size of Israel.

    Alan Hart, Is there an independent assessment of the extent of the ethnic cleansing of Jewish people from various Middle Eastern countries around the founding of Isreal?

    Jon Stewart, at The Daily Show, mentioned this in his recent interview of Anna Baltzer and Dr. Barghouti. I have heard it mentioned before, but never with specific references/citations. I guess this would be complex to assemble, given language barriers and the multinational nature of the events.

    Brian Cady

  12. Stewart Mills:

    Hi Alan,

    Thank you for your perspective.

    Could I just add some further information for your consideration.

    The Security Council did consider the UN General Assembly Partition Plan in March 1948 and by a majority (led by the US) rejected (or at the least suspended) the General Assembly partition plan as it endangered international peace and security. The Security Council instead recalled a Special Session of the General Assembly to meet in April and May 1948. The US proposed placing Palestine under UN trusteeship. The Jewish Agency was outraged and decided that they would create a Jewish state whether or not they had the United Nations support. They did this on 14 May 1948.


    Mr Austin (United States):

    In addition, my Government believes that a temporary trusteeship for Palestine should be established under the Trusteeship Council of the United Nations to maintain the peace and to afford the Jews and Arabs of Palestine, who must live together, further opportunity to reach an agreement regarding the future government of that country…In our opinion, the Security Council should recommend the establishment of such a trusteeship to the General Assembly and to the Mandatory Power. This would require an immediate special session of the General Assembly, which the Security Council should instruct the Palestine Commission to suspend its efforts to implement the proposed partition plan. (p. 167)

    [Rabbi Silver replaced Mr Shertok at the Council table as representative of the Jewish Agency for Palestine.]

    Rabbi Silver (Jewish Agency for Palestine): (p. 168)

    The proposal of the United States Government to suspend all efforts to implement the partition plan approved by the United Nations General Assembly last November, under the leadership of the United States, and to establish a temporary trusteeship for Palestine, is a shocking reversal of its position…We are at an utter loss to understand the reason for this amazing reversal…We can only assume from the statement of the United States delegation that the reason for scrapping a decision of the United Nations General Assembly, overwhelmingly approved by its members, was the threat on the part of some Member States to alter that decision by violence…It should be clear to everyone that the establishment of a trusteeship by the United Nations in Palestine will not automatically ensure peace in that country, and that force will have to be used to maintain that arrangement, just as it would have been necessary to carry out the partition decision of the United Nations (p. 169).

  13. flo:

    Israel has a right to exist for one it is a God given right..and the Palestinians never had a state to begin with. They never existed until Arafat…they are mostly Jordanians in the first place…the are treated more fairly then any Jew in a Muslim country…and I for one am totally in agreement with Israel and her right to exist
    . In 1948 Palestinians offered land also but refused, they went mainly to Jordan at the time… today they’re encroaching into Israel (as the good guys) – Gaza Strip, West Bank, East Jerusalem & Golan Heights – only democracy… surrounded by hostile neighbors everywhere outnumbered 50 to 1, 650 to 1 in land mass and vowing Israel’s extermination (Pres. Obama May 20th speech pressuring Israel to give up land gained in 1967 borders, is actually undermining peace and relationships with our strongest ally in the region… He was roundly rejected by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu – NOT GOOD for America)

  14. admin:

    My definition of chutzpah… Inventing God to promise some people another peoples’ land

  15. koppers:

    Dear Alan

    Where is your sanctimony with regards to the ethnically cleansed Jews from Arab countries? Do you deny there were nearly a million Jews dispossessed of their homes, livelihoods and stripped of their citizenship based purely on their religion.


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