Israel and the “de-legitimization” oxymoron

The truth of history as summarised briefly above is the explanation of why, really, Zionism has always insisted that its absolute pre-condition for negotiations with more than a snowball’s chance in hell of a successful outcome (an acceptable measure of justice for the Palestinians and peace for all) is recognition of Israel’s right to exist. A right, it knows, it does not have and will never have unless the Palestinians grant it.

It can be said without fear of contradiction (except by Zionists) that what de-legitimizes Israel is the truth of history. And that is why Zionism has worked so hard, today with less success than in the past and therefore with increasing desperation, to have the truth suppressed.

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  3. Chris Crookes:

    Dear Alan,
    You write the Balfour declaration was “an expression of both the willingness of a British government to use Jews for imperial purposes”. Can you explain what “imperial purposes” you mean. I don’t really understand this.

    Plus a reader at ICH has suggested that the Declaration was more to do with the price demanded by Zionists in return for bringing the US into WW1. Any thing to comment on that assertion?

    Also you wrote that “…the General Assembly resolution …would not become binding, until and unless it was approved by the Security Council.”
    Would a vote by the Security Council really have been more binding? Does the United Nations have a mandate to recognize states? The formation of either an Arab State and/or a Jewish State only came about as a result of the termination of the British Mandate.

  4. Anthony Rimell:


    Sounds fair. On that basis, when will England be given back to the Ancient Britons, the United States to the Indigenous ‘Indians’, Tasmania (a state of Australia) to the Aboriginies. While we are at it, perhaps the African states north of the Sahara could be returned to the Bedouins.

    All these are examples that fit with your preconditions for not being legitimate. At what point will you raise up arguments on behalf of these people (who have been at least as dispossessed as the Palestinians).

    The problem with the international law argument is that there is in fact no such thing. Your argument is itself a fictional assumption, since the notion of laws pertaining to all countries has itself never been fully ratified in any setting.

    Or does this ‘State X has no legal right to exist’ only apply to Israel?

    But of course, you can always retreat to rhetoric, and claim that since I do dispute your ‘truths of history’ I must be a Zionist and thus (you seem to imply) should not be listened to.

  5. admin:


    I wonder if you realise what you’re saying by obvious implication if not explicitly? Because, for example, Americans ethnically cleansed the land they made their own, it was okay for Zionism to do the same.

    If you had said that Zionism was by no means the only colonial enterprise to resort to ethnic cleansing, I would, of course, have agreed with you; and actually have frequently said and written so in the past.

    There was nothing “fictional” or “rhetorical” about Zionism’s first round of ethnic cleansing in 1947/48. It happened. The most detailed and documented account of it is The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Professor Ilan Pappe, Israel’s leading “revisionist” (which means honest) historian.

    For today the point is this. The consequences of Zionism’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine are not only still with us, but pose a most serious threat to the peace of the region and the world, and the well-being of all including the Jews of Israel and the world.

  6. Anton:

    I have discovered your website and have found someone who has evidence to back their claim of israeli illegitimacy. Thank you for providing a resource that one with any sense of decency can refer to on a daily basis. I have had it with murders of any political, ethnic, cultural, or religious belief or persuasion.

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