Netanyahu’s farcical fear mongering

My Chambers dictionary defines farce (a noun) as “comedy of extravagant humour, buffoonery and improbability”; and farcical (the adjective) as “comical, risible, ludicrous. ridiculous.” Those are my terms of reference for this very short article on Netanyahu’s address to the political whorehouse known as the Congress of the United States of America.

His portrayal of an Iran on course to possess nuclear weapons for the purpose of annihilating Israel, plus the standing ovations and the applause his performance received, might well have pleased enough brainwashed Israeli Jews to vote in ways that guarantee he will emerge from Israel’s upcoming elections in a position to cobble together the next coalition government and serve a fourth term as prime minister.

In my view that was his prime purpose in soliciting the backdoor invitation to address Congress.

His other purpose was to inspire enough members of a Congress – a two-thirds majority is required – to override a presidential veto on new legislation for more sanctions on Iran. His sales pitch to Congress included this. “If Iran threatens to walk away (if Congress brings in legislation for more sanctions), call their bluff. They’ll be back. They need a deal more than you do. You have the power (with additional sanctions) to make them want it more.” Contrary to what he said, Netanyahu knows that more sanctions would cause Iran to walk away and stay away, thus killing any prospect of a deal and a new beginning with Iran that President Obama and the other P5+1 leaders really want.

What Netanyahu really wants, as do more than a few of his deluded allies in the Republican party and all the neo-cons, is war, an American war, on Iran.

To understand why Netanyahu’s fear mongering is farcical it’s not necessary to get bogged down with the question of whether or not Iran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons. (It isn’t and all Western intelligence agencies know that. Israel’s own intelligence agencies also know that and some former Israeli intelligence chiefs have said so publicly).

The answer to just one question is enough, more than enough, to expose Netanyahu’s assertion about the threat Iran poses to Israel’s existence for the propaganda nonsense it is.

The question? Even if Iran did possess a few nuclear bombs, would its leaders be mad enough to launch a first strike on Israel?

Answer? Of course not because to do so would invite the complete destruction of their country.


In a refreshingly honest editorial today Ha’aretz says the following about Netanyahu and all of Israel’s politicians.

“All of them are ignoring the real existential threat to Israel and its ability to survive as a ‘Jewish and democratic state’: the unending occupation of the territories. Israel’s insistence on ruling over millions of Palestinians in the West Bank who lack civil rights, expanding the settlements and keeping residents of the Gaza Strip under siege is the danger that threatens its future.”

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  1. Rehmat:

    In 1996, Israeli professor Neve Gordon called Netanyahu, “Spook, Terrorist or Criminal?”

    On March 2, 2015, Canadian Jewish professor Tony Burman (Ryerson University, Toronto) wrote: “On Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s alarmist-in-chief, will make a mockery of American democracy by going to Washington to speak to a formal session of the US Congress. Ostensibly, he has been invited by Congressional Republicans to repeat his government’s wild-eyed warnings about the “existential” threat of Iran.
    But more to the point, this is about a spineless politician coming to the end of an Israeli election campaign, willing to do anything to wreck a potential deal with Iran and, in the process, eager to give the finger to his archenemy, President Barack Obama.”

  2. David:

    Americans will not go for war with Iran. So it will have to be some kind of long distance bombing or support for Israel or some such misleading story.

    If Israel wants to war with Iran, I recommend they go ahead and bomb Iran. Why should Americans get involved at all? The US has nothing to fear from Iran. So let the Israelis fight for their “existence.” Why does this guy come to the US looking for the US to do his dirty work? He’s so tough — let Israel fight it out.

    The mere idea of a couple of rockets smashing parts of Tel Aviv will bring tears of joy and real cheer to millions across the globe. Millions will instantly recover their faith in justice. The day Israel gets its comeuppance will be declared an International Holiday. No state has earned the universal opprobrium of the entire world quite as, well, assiduously as that arrogant piece of shit. That day will be “Israel Addio” in the name of humanity.

    Just once, before I am gone: Dump on Israel big time! I beg you!

  3. Sami:

    More farcical than Satanyahu’s fear mongering is, of course, the invitation he received to address Congress. Well, all I can think of is an apt colloquial Palestinian saying: “such a congregation deserves such a preacher”.

    I noticed comment #2 where it says “Americans will not go to war…” and I have to ask: since when did the views of people in the west mattered to lackeys in position of authority???

    What is crucially needed is decontamination of all media outlets that have been feeding war mongering propaganda to the unenlightened masses.

  4. confoundmeonce:

    Sammi ! The expression ( Palestinian ) could not have been more apt ..appropo. The American Citizens who have been paying attention …knows it is true “” b.netty WAS preaching to a bunch of idiots who are simply waiting for their Next Pay Off >>Bribe.. And we do know Who They All are now, don`t we ? There will be no war against Iran ..For the Simple reason..There is NO reason to war Against Iran. Since isitreal ( b.Netty ) is so gung-ho to Have a war….Then He can Do it All by himself ! No more American Blood and Resources will Ever be Sent that direction..To Pump him up. The News media in this Country is Fueled by This Bunch of Buzzards..And NOW..The American People Are Well aware of it. Thank God For Gore ( Heh..Heh.. He created the Internet FOR Us !! We Don`t need tooperate in the dark, anymore. b.Netty Was Only showing his cowardly Hand..again. ( Just like every bully that Stalks Every Play-ground…They only pick on those Who Won`t..or can

  5. confoundmeonce:

    and NO ! I wasn`t thru with My Summation ! We All know About Bullies. They are all cowards ..and Do rely on Someone Else..Bigger or Stronger…to Back them up..When their Big mouth and bad Actions gets them backed up into the ‘proverbial corner.’ NO More Will this US of A Expend it`s Resources in THAT direction. This is NOT the True Israel > This is one put together by a bunch of WAR-mongers who Want to Rule the World ( Or Annihilate it ( Whichever Happens first, ) This is one Time They Will lose the Battle before there IS one ! No Back up waiting. No more ‘spitting in our Faces’ will be tolerated.

  6. Ronald Douglas Kennedy:

    Well said. Can you give our Country four years from 2016 ?

    As if Netanyahu leader of to days Zioland. Did not help build a modern day nuclear weapons and delivery system. And still not declared. And as such by law should not receive any American aid: Dollars or Weapons. And as the House new de facto leader, will he return for more, preaching to the majority clowns, with his Zioland six point star’s on each of there House seats. While at home at squatter vile, in there trophy cabinet they display. A bloody shot up life boat from our American ship U.S. Liberty.

    What disgusting display in W. D. C. of surrender. On a special American Day March 3. “Star-Spangled Banner” Made U.S. National Anthem (1931)

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