Norway’s monster and THE question

How much was the mind of Anders Behring Breivik conditioned and warped by Zionist propaganda as peddled with the assistance of Christian fundamentalism by much of the Western mainstream media and many web sites?

In his summary of what the monster had stated behind closed doors in court, Judge Heger said he had argued that he wanted to create “the greatest loss possible to Norway’s governing Labour Party”, which he accused of failing the country on immigration and opening the door to the “Muslim colonization” of Norway and all of Europe.

There could not have been a more effective way of inflicting at a single stroke a great loss than gunning down many members of the Norwegian Labour Party’s youth wing, the Workers Youth League (AUF), which was assembled on Utoya Island.

Two days before the massacre there, and as Gilad Atzmon has researched and noted, the AUF’s leader, Eskil Pedersen, gave an interview to Dagbladet, Norway’s second largest tabloid newspaper. In it he said: “The AUF has long been a supporter of an international boycott of Israel but the decision of the last Congress demands that Norway impose a unilateral economic embargo on the country… I acknowledge this is a drastic measure but I think it gives a clear indication that, quite simply, we are tired of Israel’s behaviour.” (My own view is that behind closed doors all Western governments, including the one in Washington D.C. in the person of President Obama, are tired of Israel’s behaviour).

There are two things we know for sure.

One is that Breivik is fanatically anti Islam and pro Zionism.

The other is that Zionism’s propaganda machine has been set to work at full speed, day and night, eight days and nights a week, to demonize, discredit and destroy all who are calling and campaigning for Israel to be boycotted.

From the obscenity of the Nazi holocaust to the present, Zionism’s success in selling its propaganda lies as truth is the reason why the search for peace based on an acceptable amount of justice for the Palestinians has been, and remains, a mission impossible.

I describe the Israel-Palestine conflict as the cancer at the heart of international affairs which threatens to consume us all. It’s bad enough that Zionist propaganda has prevented a cure for it, but if now that same propaganda is inspiring Europeans in Europe to slaughter their own, the future is very, very frightening.

I don’t know the answer to my headline question but I think investigators in Norway, prosecutors and psychiatrists, must dig deep enough to find it.

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  1. rosemary spiota:

    Certainly there seems to be a link, and reading the comments on the vicious anti-Islam site quoted in Gilad Atzmon’s article really frightened me. How can anyone be so wilfully ignorant and prejudiced, and seem like an ordinary person ?(I am just referring to the comments, not to Breivik). Some of the white supremicists are coming out of the woodwork and agreeing with the very right-wing views as expressed by Breivik.

  2. Jao:

    When a person is so riddled with hate and brainwashed by propaganda he looses his humanity.
    In the old days when ever somthing went wrong in the world or in their own person life people would blame it on the Jews, whether it was unemployment or war. But today, well they still blame all their problems on the Jews they just call them Zionists and not Jews.
    Some people need to take a long hard look at themselves, ask yourself when you first heard about the attack did you start looking for any sign or excuse no matter how weak it is to blame what happend on the Israel?
    Than you too have lost part of your humanity and are engulfed in hate.

  3. Moheye Abdelghani:

    Thank you Alan, you have pointed your finger to the real problem. I mean Europeans problem who helping Zionism over 60 years. You don’t know the solution for this problem, but I know.
    As I lived in the West for more than 33 years, 31 of them in Norway, I see the solution is very clear:
    1- Stop the West of getting their media from Zionist media, and
    2- The west should re evaluate their ideas about Islam
    I think The West have many professional to do so. Thank you again, for saying the truth

  4. mary:

    Wow, Vera, how can you ignore the forest for the trees? This guy’s manifesto has no less than 57 references culled from Robert Spencer’s “Jihadwatch” website, and it’s also peppered with anti-Palestine, pro-Zionist rhetoric. I suggest you go directly to the sources before your complain about Alan or anyone else “sensationalizing” this tragedy. You’ll see how this monster was spoon-fed pro-Israel, anti-Muslim hatred from the people who are the pros.

  5. Roberto Rodriguez:

    Certainly THE question is a good question, not only for “investigators in Norway, prosecutors and psychiatrists”, but for citizens around the world.

  6. Wikispooks:

    “I don’t know the answer to my headline question but I think investigators in Norway, prosecutors and psychiatrists, must dig deep enough to find it”.

    If past deep events are anything to go by, they will dig deep enough to ensure that it is NOT found – or at least remains well hidden. OTOH – it is a tragedy on such scale and targeted so precisely, that the past may not be such a reliable guide and we may enter new and hitherto unexplored territory.

  7. Carlos:

    Well done Alan. The media is trying to caLL this guy, crazy,extremist, etc. They should be ashamed of themselves. THE GAME IS OVER. THEY CANNOT CONTROL THE NEWS ANY MORE BUY THEY REFUSE TO ACCEPT IT.

    Right wing Christians terrorists are all over the place. Neo nazis are getting stronger and they are not chasing Jews anymore but Palestinians and Arabs in general. The new born Christian in the USA are supporting Zionists as they prepare the rapture to go to heavenm with all their guns and bombers.

    This is crazy. Lunatics ZIOniust=Christians-Terrorist are putting the world in danger. Palestine and the illegal Zionist occupation is still the issue.

  8. mary:

    The collusion of the US and Israel is clearly a factor in the increase in Islamophobia across Europe and the US. Both countries harp and whine about “Islamic terrorism” and promote racial and ethnic profiling, stereotyping, and also actively encourage the belief in a Muslim “boogeyman” taking the forms of Muslim “extremists” and the dreaded Sharia law taking over the world. No wonder nutcases turn homicidal.

    It has been said again and again, by many credible sources, that the occupation of Palestine is the root of the problem in the middle east. End the occupation and restore the Palestinian people their land and resources, and one festering sore in the world will be healed.

  9. TL:

    Reply to Vera Gottlieb.
    In Breivik’s, the Oslo terrorist, manifesto, he wrote :
    “Jews that support multiculturalism today are as much of athreat to Israel and Zionism (Israeli nationalism) as they are to us.So let us fight together with Israel, with our Zionist brothers against all anti-Zionists, against all culturalMarxists/multiculturalists. “\

    It has nothing to do about what the media has to say, he said it himself. He is a pro-zionist and proud of it.

  10. robert wright:

    The Zionist media has also been set to work to demonize, discredit and destroy any form of opposition to mass immigration and enforced integration into every country on the planet except Israel.
    Breivik is surely a patsie. Among other outcomes,(which Alan Hart identifies), his actions also demonize Nationalists and Nationalism which offers opposition to the One World Government the Ashkenazi Banking Power is bent on achieving.
    Lets be honest, this looks like engineered terrorism originating from the World Order Rothschild Bankers. The same people who gave the orders for 9/11 and 7/7. The same people who fund conflicts from Libya to Pakistan.
    Patsie Breivik was not working alone, and how much he had to do with the plot it uncertain. We will certainly NOT be getting the truth from the Main Stream Media witch is entirely owned and controlled by Jews who are fully involved with The World Order agenda.
    This operation benefits the World Order, and this is surely who was behind it. It is my sincere hope that the Norwegians uncover the depth of this conspiracy, and I would suggest that Breivik’s links with Freemasonry be fully investigated.

  11. robert wright:

    Mary, I would have to stress that the root of the problem is not Israel or Zionism. The root of the problem is the Talmudic Banking Cartel,(World Order), who are the rulers of the world.
    Rothschild’s Cartel created both Israel and Zionism, that that has always been the centre of the power. Ending the occupation of Palestine will not remotely dent the Rothschild’s World Order at all. In fact, if the time comes, they will probably claim credit for it.

  12. viggoviking:

    Was mr.Breivik a Machurian Candidate,programmed by himself or others to bomb and kill? He was drugged on anabolic steroids,listening to music from the movie “The Lord of the Rings” through his headset while focusing on killing, creating for himself a virtual reality,a war-game on the island of mostly teenagers,22/7 2011. These are facts. (Read his Manifesto). Norway has a history of neo-nazi and extreme-right violence: Bombings of radical bookstores,bombings of 1. of May rallies,murder of a Norwegian-African teenager etc. and last but not least the Lillehammer affair: The assasination by Mossad- agents of a Marroccan, 21/7 (mark the date) l973.(See Wikipedia.) With this historic referrences in mind and the odd nature of the two terror attacks,(more like a political attentate by the way), I soon thought of the Oklahoma-bombing as a parallel. Was he a Manchurian Candidate by proxy or by himself? He regarded himself as a New Templar Knight to free the Holy Lands of Europe and of Israel from the Infidels. A monster? A twisted mind? An “instrumentum vocale”? By whome? Dig deep to find the truths, dig deeper to hide them.

  13. mary:

    Maybe ending Zionism won’t end your “new world order,” but it will certainly liberate Palestine, which is what I want to see. There will always be rich men running the world; that’s nothing new. But oppression is something that cancome to an end, and must.

  14. mary:

    I haven’t seen anything to convince me there is any kind of conspiracy involved. I think the lesson here is that there is a powerful influence afoot across Europe and the US that promotes Zionist interests and demonizes Islam.

  15. pauline reed:

    The purchase of fertiliser by Breivik was a smoke screen. My husband has experience of these things and that explosion was C4. Mossad are the most efficient spy network on the planet and I’d bet my last shekel that they are involved.

  16. Elandalussi:

    The least thing linked with Islam is demonied by the Zionist & Western main stream media. The question, asked from a rationnal point of view, is why ? What are the rationnal reasons that bring such a huge hate for the Message of Allah ?

  17. Tom Mysiewicz:

    Pauline & Elandalussi:

    The fertilizer gambit was used successfully by Bill Clinton and Janet Reno in the Oklahoma City false flag. What nonsense. A low-yield fertilizer knocks down the regional fallout shelter (that could take a 5-kiloton blast at close range) and causes only superficial damage to surrounding buildings.

    As to the hatred of the Message of Allah–it might have something to do with Islamic banking. No interest sticks in the craw of those currently imposing universal debt slavery on mankind. Compound interest causes a never ending spiral of bankruptcies and austerity–while making certain forces incredibly rich.

  18. Elandalussi:

    “As to the hatred of the Message of Allah–it might have something to do with Islamic banking. No interest sticks in the craw of those currently imposing universal debt slavery on mankind. Compound interest causes a never ending spiral of bankruptcies and austerity–while making certain forces incredibly rich.”

    Amazing! Beautiful!
    Yes! Honestly, I didn’t expect such an answer from a non muslim. I avoided to give my own opinion on the reasons why zionists and banksters are so hateful to Qur’aan in my former comment. I left it to somebody else & wished not muslim. And you answered!
    Thank you: now i believe there is hope in western people.

    Yes. Indeed, Qur’aan forbid making money from any kind of business without hard working or is harmefull for mankind as usury interest, weaponery, alcohol, drug or sex industries, etc.

    For zionists, the only way to gain a huge power on the states and people is usury and these above forbiden industries. Present capitalism & financial speculations are the mechanical consequences of zionism.
    IMHO, without Zionism mankind can find its way to Peace.

  19. Tom Mysiewicz:

    See my chapter in Dr. Leo Rebello’s compendium “World Without Wars” available free on the internet.

  20. Elandalussi:

    @Tom Mysiewicz: Thank you.

  21. E.T.Lozano:

    Really excellent articles, as usual.

    But I would rather see notes’ date.
    It is an important piece of information.
    Best Regards

  22. My real name:

    AH: I describe the Israel-Palestine conflict as the cancer at the heart of international affairs which threatens to consume us all.

    Why? I don’t understand why the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is any more important than SriLanka and the Tamils, to take just one example.

    What is the difference? Why is I/P a cancer, but Sri Lanka/Tamil conflict is not?

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