Obama HAS washed his hands of Palestine and IS walking away from it

In his major speech at Cairo University on 4 June 2009 which he labelled as marking “a new beginning” in the relationship between the Islamic world and the West, President Obama described the. Palestinian situation as “intolerable”. And he put flesh on that bone by saying, “They endure the daily humiliations, large and small, that come with occupation.”

He also said the only resolution of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel “is for the aspirations of both sides to be met through two states, where Israelis and Palestinians each live in peace and security.”

He then gave this commitment:


That (the two-state solution) is in Israel’s interest, Palestine’s interest, America’s interest, and the world’s interest. That is why I intend to personally pursue this outcome with all the patience that the task requires.


More than six years on all that is left of that commitment is its rhetoric.

On Obama’s watch the pace of Israel’s colonization of the occupied West Bank, on-going ethnic cleansing slowly and by stealth, has been speeded up and confirmed what has long been the case – that the two-state solution is dead and cannot be resurrected.

It’s true that quite early in his presidency Obama called for a halt to illegal Israeli settlement activity but Prime Minister Netanyahu effectively told him to go to hell.

The evidence that supports my headline for this article was in one of Obama’s responses to the current upsurge of violence and killing in Israel/Palestine. To his repeated assertion that two states was “the only solution” he added that it (a peaceful resolution of the conflict) “is up to the parties.”

Given that one of the two parties, the Zionist (not Jewish) state, has no intention of making peace on terms the other could accept, Obama’s words can mean only one thing. He was effectively saying, “In what is left of my presidency I have no intention of using the leverage I have to try to cause Israel to end its defiance of international law and denial of justice for the Palestinians.”

That would have been the sweetest music to the ears of Israel’s Justice Minister, Ayelet Shaked. Speaking at a conference in Washington D.C. she said: “We are against a Palestinian state. There is not and never will be a Palestinian state.”

There is still some speculation that because he loathes Netanyahu and all he represents Obama may decide that America should not veto any future Security Council resolutions that are critical of Israel and demand that it be serious about peace on terms the Palestinians could accept. But even if Obama did refuse to appease Zionism by saying “No” to another America veto, that would change nothing on the ground in Israel-Palestine.

It is interesting to recall that way back in February 2011 when he was running against Obama for the White House, Republican Mitt Romney said Obama “has thrown Israel under a bus”.

That was Romney’s response to an Obama statement that not only called for a two-state solution but said that Israel’s pre-1967 war borders should roughly guide the formation of a Palestinian state though some land could be swapped.

Given the way things are today and look like going my speculation is that future honest historians will conclude that Netanyahu and the Zionist lobby in America threw Obama under the bus.

I myself would go one stage further and say that Obama threw the Palestinians under the bus.


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  1. Zarina Bhatia:

    It’s high time he did, but Netanyahu asks for increase to $3bn, the fool!

  2. george beres:

    Politics are controlled by big money, and Obama Middle East politics are clearly controlled by Jewish money. Money from Jewish supporters has its focus on Israel. But all money– money per se– is the most negative element in politics, and we need to remove it by disallowing ANY private gifts to those running for office. – George Beres

  3. Ngoni Chivizhe:

    Apparently, like all well-wishing past presidents of USA, Obama’s idea of two states had no support from other arms of government. A question the world is curious to get an answer is: are Palestinians not a people? What crime did Palestinians commit that has earned them such suffering even for their progeny? Well, the hard-hearted Jews like Netanyahu must live or die with a single reality – that they are busy building an astronically dangerous time bomb for their children – worse than the holocaust. I know that as of now this reality cannot permeate their skulls, given the current Jewish false sense of security veiling their thinking – that the rhetorical invincibility of USA is a formidable concrete that will always surround the Jews despite their reckless human-blood thirsty behaviour. Even the Greek great thinker Socrates would not have known during his time that today people would use a cell phone. In the same manner Palestinians would inevitably discover a way to liberate themselves. Somehow Jews and some Americans think America’s nuclear weapons are invincible – what an unintelligible self- deception. Palestinians will for sure be able to make or have weapons nastier than a nuclear bomb. And those Jews that saw a young girl attacking a soldier with a knife must advise their folk what is in store for their progeny. And if I were a Jew in Palestine, I would not bear children that I know am rearing to be slaughtered like broiler chickens in future. But for all intent and purpose, why being cruel to Palestinians? If Jews are said to have suffered under Hitler, why victimising the Arabs, surely they are not Germans. Netanyahu if you care to be sober-minded one day, listen, and you will hear the grass singing the Palestinian national anthem in those areas you colonised

  4. Fatimetou:

    The personnal interests of the politicians (career, polls…) are more relevant than the national interests of the countries, needless to say any thing about human rights which are just for feeling better about ourselves.

  5. Emanuel:

    Obama is anything but a supporter of justice for the Palestinians. You quote his speech in Cairo, but made no mention that he also used to dine and wine with the late Edward Said (the great Palestinian literary giant who was a professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, and a public intellectual as well as a founding figure of Post-colonialism). To get the high office, Obama quickly learned there is mileage only in befriending the patron saints of the Zionism and serving their interests. Therefore, I don’t think the Palestinians ever expected anything from an American president where most members of his cabinet are staunch supporters of Israel.

  6. David Marchesi:

    I recall sitting in a bus in the “Eternal and Undivided Capital of Israel” and being gently accosted by a middle-aged Palestinian with the remark that the British were responsible for the predicament of his people. I felt embarrassed and guilty on behalf of my countrymen both at the time of the creation of the Zionist State and today, as this country still connives in the oppression of a helpless people. The issue has been perpetuated by the utter cowardice of British politicians, who have kow-towed shamelessly to the US and ,despite any rhetoric (didn’t our dear PM once refer to Gaza as a giant prison camp ?) also kow -tow to the Israeli establishment. Yes, money is at the base of this two-faced cretinism, and,incidentally,the result of such betrayal has been the probably definitive death of the hopes so many in the world really held for the UN. Zionism may not be the only element in the rot , but it has been a major one.

  7. confoundmeonce:

    It is Not Only a Sad situation this United States of America has been dealing with (Buying and Selling Our GUVMT to the Contestants’bid for a SEAT.. But It is Worse that WE Don`t get the BEST Candidates To Do our Choosing From. WE Get THE ONES WHO RAISE the MOST Money On their way There > THIS Guvmt. is a ‘bought and sold one ‘ To the Highest bidder ( The ones with the Most money WINS. !! THIS IS Not a Democratic Society.. It isn`t even a Good Capitalistic Society ( Because ONLY the MoneY People Have Any SAY-So In What Is Going ON. Is this The Kind OF Govmt. WE Want to Contend with ANY LONGER ?? Isn`t it Due TIME WE Got A Man / Woman in the White House that WAS Not Bought and Put there >>( to be used For Special favors..OR some Expected Return for their Money,…Down the LINE ?] IS It too much to expect…to Be Able to Vote FOR A Candidate that WE Chose..Not One that was Picked For US ? Is This WHY Trump is So Popular With Us ? Because HE Can`t be Bought.. He Needs Nothing…But OUR Votes. He Is no Fence-Rider..Nor is he One Who Will Run the Other Direction When Trouble Comes ( As it Surely Will. ) It Is Time WE The Citizens of this Country..Had a Change..One we Can Believe in…and thrive in. Time to Look Forward..Not Backkward. We are gravely in need of Leadership that Puts Its` allegiance Here..In This Country..NOT In The Place We are Forced to Support..isreal. >>Done While Our Country Steadily deterioates in Too many Ways. Time our resources were put to good use right here at home, and not shipped out to That sliver of stolen territory they call isreal. Time those Usurpers Got OUT of The Palestinian Homeland, And Let Them Live in peace.

  8. | truthaholics:

    Payback’s a b*tch as the deluded psychopaths still refuse to learn. Like apartheid S. Africa the status quo will change and the degenerate settlers will end up being evicted kicking and screaming from their criminal enterprise, at least back to the ’67 borders. What’s most worrying though is that NuttyYahoo’s trigger-happy finger is on the button to 400+ barely-concealed nukes while his deluded brain is jammed with a Masada complex.

  9. Rehmat:

    United States has never been an honest broker in Palestine occupation – because the US itself is an Israeli colony.


  10. Benares:

    I agree with Rehmat. The United States has become a colony of Israel. I recommend Alison Weir’s important book “Against Our Better Judgment — How the U.S. was used to create Israel” (2014). Ms Weir explains how the Zionist movement, in the beginning of the 20th Century, duped many important American politicians (hough not all), and after 1948 anyone has been able to see how Zionists have tightened their grip on the States.

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