Obama speaks at the UN… Goodbye to peace

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On marks out of ten for his speech to the UN on the subject of ending the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel, I’d give President Obama minus five.

Earlier this month (on 4 September) I wrote a piece with the headline Obama has signalled his coming complete surrender to Zionism and its lobby. That surrender, it seems to me, is now effectively a fait accompli.

“After 60 years in the community of nations, Israel’s existence must not be a subject for debate,” Obama proclaimed. “It should be clear to all that efforts to chip away at Israel’s legitimacy will only be met by the unshakeable opposition of the United States.”

Leaving aside the matter of whether Zionism’s monster child is legitimate or not (I say it’s not), only a complete idiot would deny that Israel exists. The question is – WHICH Israel must not have its existence debated? Israel inside its borders as they were on the eve of the 1967 war or the greater Israel of today? That’s not a question Obama is prepared to ask let alone answer.

In my view the most appropriate response to Obama from the Arab and wider Muslim would be something this: All American presidents who refuse to demand (with the promise of sanctions if necessary) that Israel end its occupation of all Arab land grabbed in 1967 will only be met by the unshakeable opposition of all Arabs and other Muslims everywhere.

We now know what Obama himself expects of those Arabs who “count themselves as friends of the Palestinians”. They “must seize the opportunity for a peace agreement that will lead to a Palestinian state.” They can do that, Obama added, “by supporting the Palestinian Authority financially and politically and by coming to terms with Israel’s existence.”

Again the question – the existence of WHICH Israel must the Arabs come to terms with? To Obama I say, “Mr. President, until you are prepared to answer this question, you will have no credibility whatsoever in the Arab and wider Muslim world, at least far as ‘the street’ (the masses) is concerned.”

Obama’s notion that there is an opportunity for a peace agreement to be seized can only be the product of desperate and deluded wishful thinking on his part unless he believes that he can bribe and bully the discredited Palestinian Authority into accepting crumbs from Zionism’s table. It’s not totally impossible that he might be able to do so, but that would only provoke a Palestinian civil war. Could that be what Zionism really wants, in order to have a pretext for completing the ethnic cleansing of Palestine?

Perhaps most depressing of all was Obama’s statement about the need for an independent Palestinian state. It is required, he said, to provide Israel with “true security”. No mention of it being needed to go some way to righting the terrible wrong done to the Palestinians in Zionism’s name.

Yes, President Obama did call on Israel to continue its moratorium on new settlement activity. The question is – What is he going to do when, in a few days or three months from now, Israel defies him?

We know the answer. Nothing.

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  1. rosemary spiota:

    thanks Alan. I have just read part of a 2007 speech from Obama, where he said the ME problems cannot be solved by blaming our staunch ally Israel, when it was really extremist Islamists ( I am paraphrasing). How we could have hoped for a change, I do not know, but it is sad.

  2. Vera Gottlieb:

    What on Earth moved the Nobel committee in Norway to give Obama the Nobel prize??? Hitler should receive one too…after all, he did get Germans back to work after that terrible inflation. So now war is something honourable again. All those soldiers who perished during WWII…for nothing?

  3. Laurent:

    After 60 bloody(ask the Palestinians) years in the community of nations, Israel’s existence must be a subject for debate. The world does not need this pariah state this rogue state this state that tramples all human rights beyond anything any other nation, well maybe except the USA, has done in this very very sad world. Not only Israel is not a legitimate state but let us admit it was or it is Israel délegitimate itself with all the dirty deeds it has been doing for 62 years. 62 years of Israel is enough. Palestine will overcome will prevail. The zionists will have to pack up soon or late and leave. Only a multicultural, multicultual multiethnic democratic Palestine will work and establish Peace and Prosperity.

  4. Paul de Burgh-Day:

    ZIONISM: The Real Enemy of The Jews is without doubt the most profoundly important trilogy in these dark times. Very few can claim to know the truth behind Israel and it’s extreme Zionist government until the have read these books of yours Alan.
    We who know of your great work must strive to spread the word, in the face of Zionist efforts to silence you.

    How can anyone today be so blind as to believe a word of what Israel’s try and tell the word?
    Such blatant, savage lies are today the modus operandi of most political leaders around the planet. Israel’s leaders have lead the pack long before Israel became a tragic reality.

    I have no doubt now, that it is the Jews who will suffer for the unconscionable behavior of Israel’s leaders, from David Ben Gurion, to this day of Netanyahu. The human species is cursed until these evil beings are brought down.

  5. Tom Mysiewicz:

    Israel was established on a population fraud perpetrated on the UN. It can only become legitimate based on Palestinian recognition of it AS A JEWISH STATE. Hence, Israel’s insistence on this. We have Abbas–potentially not even a legitimate leader of the Palestinians based on the last elections–in an untenable position of weakness. Don’t contilue illegal building of settlements or we will walk out of the talks! The Israelis continue building. Abbas says he will make no hasty decisions! Pathetic. And Obama is the fiddler or minstrel for the whole affair.

  6. gerald spezio:

    Sir, I am completely in your political camp, & I respect your lifetime of work … BUT

    Don’t you think that all of the visible lawyering shuck & jive has been carefully orchestrated as per the lawyering legal adversarial charade?

    We should do micro-analysis of Joe Biden’s legal training & lawyer Joe’s commitment to the rule of law???

    Joe says; “I am a Zionist because the Zionist machine gives me the most money & they are sure to win hands down.”

    Ditto for Judge George Mitchell, Obama, & Hilarious – all trained legal geniuses.

  7. Zouzou:

    To my mind the best way of bringing peace between Israel and its Arab neighbours is: 1) Israeli retreat to the green line of the hudna (ceasefire) of 1948. 2) Making the general assembly of the UNO the highest authority of the organization in stead of the five permanent members who control the UN, and do nothing but feather their nests. 3) stop the US as broker of PEACE,as they want a bigger PIECE of Palestine to their masters, the Isralis.

  8. Joyce Carmichael:

    Yasser Arafat,Palestinian leader accepted the right of Israel to exist in 1973. He was of course accepting Israel within the 1948 borders. That this question is being asked again now is ominous and outrageous. Obviously Israel is asking the Palestinians to agree that Israel’s totally illegal , UN condemned, military occupation of all Palestinian territories be accepted by the Palestinians. Hillary Clinton said at the beginning of the recent peace initiative (I use this term very loosely) That both Israelis and Palestinians would have to make concessions. What possible concession is there left for the Palestinians to concede? I cannot think of one. The mendacity and cruelty of America, Israel, the UK and Euorope on this issue is repulsive.

  9. Mike Burch:

    I agree with Joyce Carmichael when she says, “The mendacity and cruelty of America, Israel, the UK and Euorope on this issue is repulsive.” But I think there is something we can do, that does not require the “help” of American, Israeli or European politicians. We need to realize that we need to forward a solution that does not require them to risk their jobs and careers. Being an elected official in religion-mad “democracies” is not the easiest thing in the world. Here is an idea that would allow politicians to do the right thing, in a roundabout way:


    Mike Burch
    Holocaust poetry editor and publisher


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