Obama takes hypocrisy to new high levels

If the Palestinians of the world could take a leaf out of Zionism’s book and put their act together, they would commit themselves to bringing the Palestine National Council (PNC) back to life, re-invigorated by elections to it in every country of the world where Palestinians live. Once upon a time this Palestinian parliament-in-exile was the highest decision-making body on the Palestinian side. Even Arafat was answerable to it, so much so that it took him 10 long years to persuade it to endorse his policy of politics and unthinkable compromise with Israel. His achievement on that front was a demonstration of Palestinian democracy (with some arm twisting) in action.

A re-invigorated PNC would enable the Palestinians of the world to speak to power with one credible voice.

There are some and perhaps many supporters of the Palestinian claim for justice who will say that what I am advocating is at best premature because only the PA (not the PLO or a re-invigorated PNC) has the possibility of referring Israel to the International Criminal Court in the Hague. My response is the following.

Even if the PA did succeed (after the upcoming American mid-term elections) in getting the ICC to consider whether or not Israel had committed war crimes, and even if the ICC subsequently reported that it had, nothing would change. Israel’s leaders would do their usual and assert that the ICC was biased against Israel and that they would therefore ignore its findings.

That could cause Obama or Kerry or both (after the upcoming mid-term American elections) to utter some guarded words of condemnation of Israel’s attitude but they would be only that – words, empty words.

I am now firmly of the opinion that unless the PA is dissolved Palestine will remain a lost cause. (And I am sick and tired of hearing our so-called leaders talking about a two-state solution. Though not yet formally buried it has long been dead, killed by Israel’s on-going colonization of the West Bank which amounts to ethnic cleansing slowly and by stealth).


Since I wrote the above it has become clear that under pressure from the Obama administration Palestinian “President” Abbas has no intention of referring Israel to the ICC. For some years past I have described him as an American-and-Israeli puppet. A quisling. If I was a Palestinian I would now regard him as a traitor to my cause.

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  1. Rehmat:

    One has to excuse Barack Ben Obama for lying from both sides of his mouth. Most of American presidents are known for such behavior. I’m sure Obama knows very well that ISIS is Zionist creation to demonize Islam and Muslims for the benefit of Israel – but no American politician can say that in public fearing for his/her political career – or even for his/her life.


  2. Sami:

    This essay echoes the views of most Palestinians, helpless as in reality they are. Palestine has seen many conquerors in the past. They have all come and gone and, for the time being, a waiting game by the Palestinians is perhaps not a bad choice. As for Obama, the poor chap is merely following orders of the real, but invisible, power that effectively controls the upper strata of governance in the US for the benefit of Israel’s patrons. What is really needed, not only for the sake of Palestinians, but for the sake of mankind too if endless wars are to be avoided, is a process of decontamination of Washington DC. Perhaps the impending economic and financial collapse of the US will accelerate the process.

  3. vlad:

    ..From Europe to Asia, from the far reaches of Africa to war-torn capitals of the Middle East, we stand for freedom, for justice, for dignity. These are values that have guided our nation since its founding.”
    oh, yeh, those same values are being raped anywhere the NATO troops put their feet

  4. David Marchesi:

    As well as colourful four-letter words, English also has a variety of sayings, of which “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is a well-known old (archae-) liberal saw.Since the beginnings of Manifest Destiny getting on now for two hundred years ago, a substantial part of the US establishment/power structures has very sincerely believed in the right- nay, the duty- of Yanks to go where they want, take what they want and bask in the glow of self-righteousness.Obama, like Abbas, is a front-man or puppet for the plutocrats, benighted “Zionist Christians” and other assorted ratbags who have many or most ordinary folk in their thrall. We know from the jingos in the UK (at least since the Boer War) how twisted , malevolent but powerful forces can manipulate the poor old general public, urging it to support war , even extermination.In the particulars of the Palestine situation,Alan hart has , again, given an insightful and positive proposal.However,with the natural tendency of a proportion of expatriates (in this case, say, Palestinians settled in Chile, for example)to wish to have no more involvement in their home country, I doubt if sufficient diaspora Palestinian opinion will organise itself to back a re-invigorated PNC.I really feel that time is running out, for the sensible “one-state” solution, the “two-state” solution has always been a confidence trick, of course. we can note that the condemnation of US intervention in Nicaragua by the world court was ignored, and has gone down the memory hole.Might is Right…

  5. confoundmeonce:

    Sammi, You Are So right on..in your assessments. Alan, AS Per usual, You Hit the “Proverbial Nail Squarely on The Head !. I Can See More turmoil In All the M.E. Close at hand… For there is No way Prez. Abbas is going TO do much more than what he IS Doing >>About the Stealing of Palestinian Land Right out from Under Them. He < Just Like b.Obama ..Wants TO Go on Breathing. And The only WAy to Do that ..Is to 'Rock No Boat'. The Midterm Elections ARE going to Purge The WH Of Some Rotten Eggs..But It will take a While Longer to Get rid Of Enough Of The BAD Fodder Roosting there..to make a reasonable dent in the works ! YES! The Process of Elimination Will require A BIG "De-contamination'' There..It has Been Allowed to ferment Too long to Sweep It clean of Vermin…That have Infiltrated Into the Crevices of every Chamber Of ''GUVMT. there. But It Will happen. People ARE Waking UP..And Losing their Sense of Complacency . Alan, We need More Men Like YOU Speaking UP And OUT..AND Plainly Put..SO WE All can Get IT ! You are No# One !!

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    […] but ignored to mention that the nine million Native Palestinian Muslims and Christians should have the rights to live in an independent state of their own, even if it is established over 22% of the historic […]

  7. Adam Keller:

    Six hundred thousand settlers on the West Bank are a very big obstacle – for sure. Do they make a two state solution impossible? Not at all.
    In 1962 there were a million and half French settlers in Algeria. Did that make the independence of Algeria impossible? Not at all.
    How did De Gaulle evacuate a million and half settlers? He did not. He evacuated the French Army and granted Algeria independence, and a million and half settlers hastened to evacuate themselves. An Israeli government which would be really interested in peace could do the same in the West Bank, with the same result.

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