Palestine WILL become a lost cause unless…..

Initially the PLO Executive Committee would provide it but much, much more than that is required if the Palestinians are to be enabled to speak to power with one credible voice.

The need is for the Palestinian diaspora to become politically engaged and put its act together for the purpose of bringing the Palestine National Council (PNC) back to life.

Once upon a time this now side-lined parliament-in-exile represented Palestinians almost everywhere in the world and was the supreme decision-making body on the Palestinian side. It was not without flaws but it was more democratic than not and that’s why the authoritarian Arab regimes feared it. Even Arafat at the height of his power was accountable to the PNC. (It did, in fact, take him six long years to persuade a majority of PNC delegates to endorse his policy of politics and compromise with Israel. That happened towards the end of 1979. The PNC vote in favour of Arafat’s policy – the two-state solution – was 296 for it and only four against. From then on the Palestinian door was open to peace on terms which any rational government and people in Israel would have accepted with relief).

For the PNC to be brought back to life there would have to be elections to it in communities throughout the Palestinian diaspora as well as the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The composition of the Palestinian diaspora by countries and numbers of Palestinians resident in them is roughly the following. Jordan – 2,900,000; Israel – 1,600,000; Syria – 800,000 Chile – 500,000; Lebanon – 490,000; Saudi Arabia – 280,245; Egypt – 270,245; United States – 270,000; Honduras -250,000; Venezuela – 245,120; United Arab Emirates – 170,000; Germany -159,000; Mexico – 158,000; Qatar – 100,000; Kuwait – 70,000; El Salvador – 70,000 Brazil – 59,000; Iraq – 57,000; Yemen – 55,000; Canada – 50,975; Australia – 45,000; Libya – 44,000; Denmark – 32,152; United Kingdom – 30,000; Sweden – 25,500; Peru – 20,000; Columbia – 20,000; Spain – 12,000; Pakistan – 10,500; Netherlands – 9,000; Greece – 7,500; Norway – 7,000; France – 5,000; Guatemala – 3,500; Austria – 3,000; Switzerland – 2,000; Turkey – 1,000; and India – 300.

The prime task of a re-structured and re-invigorated PNC would be to debate and determine Palestinian policy and then represent it by speaking to power with one credible voice.

If the Palestinian diaspora does not become politically engaged to bring the PNC back to life I think it is more than possible that future honest historians will say that by default it betrayed the occupied and oppressed every bit as much as the Arab regimes have done.

Without a new strategy along the lines I have suggested above to change the dynamics of the conflict and how it is perceived in America and Europe I really do believe that Palestine will become a lost cause.

There will be some who will say (as a few Israeli Jews have said) that the Zionist state is in the process of committing suicide and that justice for the Palestinians is one day inevitable.

Perhaps, but just as likely, in my view more than likely, is that the coming years will see an exodus of Jews from Israel leaving behind a neo-fascist hardcore which will be prepared to threaten the region and beyond with nuclear destruction.

And on the basis of what Prime Minister Golda Meir said to me in an interview I did with her for the BBC’s Panorama programme, it would not be an empty threat. I asked her to clarify a point she had made. I said: “Prime Minister, I want to be sure I am understanding what you have just said. You did mean that in a doomsday situation Israel would be prepared to take the region and the world down with it…?”

Without a pause for thought she replied in her gravel voice, “Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying!”







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  1. Sami:

    There is no such thing as ‘real democracy’ in the West. The super rich dictate the agenda and control everything including the legislature, executive, judiciary and the economy; all through overwhelming control of the media, whether public or privately owned. So long as this situation exists, all that the Palestinians can do is continue exploring all avenues, including membership of the ICC.
    Having said this, there are signs that the ‘super rich’ are in the verge of biting more than they can chew by taking on Russia and China. It took the Zionists two world wars to achieve their goals – the third will seal their fate and free the people of the West. Little do people in the West know that their own salvation hinges on liberation of Palestine.

  2. Rehmat:

    Mr. Hart, you’re not the only one who think on those lines. Like late Dr. Edward Said, I too believe that “Palestinians will get their freedom only when Americans get their freedom from the powerful Jewish Lobby”.

    Hamas never agreed with pro-USrael Jordan’s recent bid at the UNSC, which was a ploy to further humiliate nine million Palestinians. The Veto power America blackmailed non-veto members and Abbas lost the case.

    Now, even if Abbas succeeds in his next bid to become a member of ICC, not only PA would lose funds from the US, EU and UN, but Palestinians would never drag the US or Israel to ICC as both those states are not members of ICC.

    Since it creation, ICC has proved that it’s a political tool in the hands of western imperialism.

    As if to prove that like the US and EU – ICC is also a ZOG entity – ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo’s comment on Palestinian Human Right organizations’ submission to ICC to investigate the Zionist state’s genocide of Gaza residents during its 22-day invasion (Dec-Jan 2009): ”In Gaza at present, the ICC lacks such jurisdiction. The ICC can investigate Israel’s war crimes only if Tel Aviv voluntarily accepted the court’s jurisdiction, or if it is referred to the court by the United Nations Security Council.”

  3. Ronald Douglas Kennedy:

    As new and old Democracy are based on Laws, The International Criminal Court ICC. Is the proper Court to carry world democracy’s forward, under freedom’s of just law’s.

  4. Egbert Talens, Zutphen:

    Imho Alan Hart precisely and exactly hits the nail on the head, by explaining that ‘governments are nót going to use their leverage — re Israel’s leaders to end their defiance of international law and become serious about peace on terms the Palestinians can accept — unless they are pushed to do so by public opinion’. And since U.S.-public opinion is shifting, in the direction of one state with equal (Israeli and Palestinian) citizenship, this shift is completely in line with developments elsewhere, e.g. here in The Netherlands, and other European countries.
    In short it seemes we are moving towards manifestations of real democracy: we, the people; nous sommes le peuple; wir sind das Volk; etcetera… In other words: following Macchiavelli…

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