Speaking to the Palestinians in the language of death, but still there is hope

We reject the argument that the United States cannot want peace more than the parties themselves,” Ben-Ami wrote. He added: “We call on the president to step forward in his second term with a bold new effort to resolve this conflict. Without a serious effort promoted by the president to achieve two states now, we may well witness the end of our dream for Israel to exist as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people.” My regular readers know that I still have a small (very, very small) investment in the hope that in his second term, perhaps not until the last year of it, Obama will use the leverage he has to oblige Israel to be serious about peace on terms the Palestinians could accept, if only to best protect America’s own interests. The reason why I believe this might be more than wishful thinking on my part is that there’s a case for saying Israel’s psychopathic leaders may actually assist Obama to do what is right and best for all. What do I mean?

Two things are predictable.

One is that Israel will go on living by the sword, defying international law and ramping up its efforts to force the Palestinians to surrender to Zionism’s will.

The other is that the Zionist state’s criminal behaviour, together with its sickening self-righteousness, will add waves to the already rising, global tide of anti-Israelism.

It could be that the time is coming when Israel’s policies and actions will cause it to be loathed, even hated, by most people on earth.

If this happened there could be something very close to a universal demand from the peoples of nations for governments to confront the Zionist monster, a demand that governments, including the one in Washington D.C., would be unable to resist.

As for Israel’s Jews themselves, it’s worth noting that in his call for greater leadership from the White House, J. Street’s Ben-Ami also said this:

Sadly, too few in Israeli politics today are willing to say that the strategic threat to the survival of Israel is not the rockets from Gaza, but the failure to achieve two states before it is too late. Even more sadly, there is apparently little audience in Israel for such a message. We are told the Israeli people have given up on peace, that we shouldn’t talk of peace, that it’s a dirty word today.”

The truth is that the rockets from the Gaza Strip have only strengthened support for Netanyahu and his policy of talking to the Palestinians in the language of death, and that might well be why he provoked the escalation by ordering the assassination of Hamas’s military chief.


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  1. ontogram:

    I am certain that that time when Israel is loathed by everyone is already here. Only Zionists really defend Israel. I am sure Obama would love to discipline Israel, but can’t. So I loathe him as well.

    Sharon’s apple didn’t fall far enough from the tree. He’s a real chip off that awful man. His comeuppance is coming I am sure.

  2. dolores:

    Israel’s “language” is the language of the bully. Or the rapist who complains, vociferously and histerically, that his intended victim dares fight back, even if her only weapons are her fingernails.
    As for that time when Israel will be universally hated…this time is now, almost. And what does Israel care? Zilch. You can’t win with that lot. If you hate them because of their appalling behaviour they only say “See, they hate us because we’re Jewish, horrid antisemites!” Etc.
    And the rest of the world? Indivuduals (many of them Jewish) are up in arms, yes, but their governments? Ha!Craven, self-serving psychopaths one and all.
    I wrote this two years ago. Today is as valid as then. More, perhaps, as horror is cummulative.(I DO beg forgiveness for the bad poetry, though…)
    Said a Hamas leader, one Khaled Meshal:
    “I know our methods are not too halal.
    But they could be much improved
    if Netanyahu were removed
    along with the Psychotic Cabal”
    Stil…hope spring eternal, they say.
    Thanks for all your excellent, thankless work, Alan.

  3. David King:

    I agree with the other commenters here. The time when all other nations see through the zionist propaganda and hold them responsible for crimes against humanity is here. I was sharply made aware of this a few years during the anniversary of 9/11. I am proud to say, that in the past myself and maybe 3-4 other humanitarians where in conversation with double that number of zionists. On the anniversary of 9/11 two years ago we had 200 humanitarians to 1-2 zionists.

    The one point that keeps me positive and balanced, is the understanding of while zionists are fighting battles, they have lost the war.

  4. Rehmat:

    Saudi and Qatari financial aid pursuaded Hamas leader Khaled Mishaal to distance the resistance from the ‘Axis of Resistance’ (Iran-Hizballah-Syria). Some of Hamas leaders took the Shia-Sunni sectarian bait from the Sunni rulers in Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Arab League.

    On October 23, Qatari Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani paid ‘historic visit’ to Gaza Strip where he was showered with honors by Hamas leaders. The Fars News Agency has reported that Qatari Emir went to Gaza on a USraeli mission to locate the whereabouts of senior Hamas military officials. He distributed a number of gold watches and ball-point pens among Hamas leaders which could transmit low-frequency signal to Israeli satellites. It was with the help of these transmitters that Israeli airstrikes were able to kill two senior commanders, Ahmed al-Ja’abari and Ahmed Abu Jalal.


  5. Herman King:

    We can do nothing since jews own America. Russia and China together could face down the Duopoly of Evil: Israel and it’s puppet USA. But they apparently don’t think it’s in their interests.

  6. Herman King:

    If all jews are not zionists, why do they continue to re-elect Netanyahu?

  7. Ronald D. Kennedy:

    Greetings hear are two unfulfilled approaches. Thanks, Ronald Kennedy

    Click here: Law Suit Filed with ICC Against the State of Israel By Ronald Douglas Kennedy


    Click here: An Open Letter to President Bush and US State Department: You Demand Hamas to Recognize Israel, But at What Land B

    Ronald Douglas Kennedy

  8. Jens pilegaard:

    It’s time for the world to call a spade a spade…namely that Israel is an apartheid state, a sham democracy and should be dealt with on a global scale like South Africa during apartheid….isolation…and boycott of trade of any kind….recognize officially the pariah it has become.

  9. Ed:

    This Israeli leadership (and if Gilad Sharon is any example, their pathological offspring) do not believe in peace and justice- they believe in real estate (i.e. the land of Palestine which they call Eretz Yisrael, all of it, including the offshore territorial and EEZ rights), money, power, influence, intimidation and murder to maintain and expand their holdings (including those areas of influence as far flung as Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, the Kurdish province of Iraq, the Southern Sudan, Turkey, Great Britain, France, Australia, or Canada and America). They not only seek to punish the Palestinians, or – as the Wikileaks release of the Israel-US cables confirmed in writing what the world already knew- to force down and keep the Palestinians at a standard of living of one of poverty and destitution, they want it to make it so uncomfortable for the Palestinians, that they will feel compelled to leave, in a final ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

    As for Gilad Sharon, why has no one called him or his family on the fact that the Sharon family farm where he was raised in relative comfort was stolen from the Abaish family in 1948, leaving that family destitute in a refugee camp? or that one of the survivors became a prominent gynecologist who eventually lived in Gaza but practiced in Israel while having to endure the daily humiliation of passing through checkpoints to go to work? or that three of the doctor’s daughters and his niece, all of which were committed to advocating for peace among their youth groups and neighbors, were killed in an Israeli bombing raid during Operation Cast Lead only a day and a half before the ceasefire? or that the Israeli IDF ringed the building with tanks and prevented ambulances from picking up the children when there might still have been time? or that the Israeli government has never accepted unqualified responsibility for the raid.

    It also may be reasonable to conclude that, since Dr. Abeish was one of the few persons reporting the events and destruction of Cast Lead to his journalist friends in Israel (since Israeli and foreign journalists had generally been barred from the Gaza) he himself may have been the intended target of the bombing raid. I raise this as a possibility since, during this most recent wave of attacks, the Israeli spokesman Mark Regev excused the deaths of Palestinian journalists by clearly suggesting that they, as distinguished from foreign journalists, were subject to a different standard, with the implication that the Palestinian journalists, by reporting the raids, could reasonably have been viewed as aiding the Hamas enemy, and thus considered terrorists themselves.

    So, Gilad Sharon has not only ignored his family’s crime of theft and plunder, or his father’s history of terrorism, he now advocates the collective destruction of the Palestinians in a solution of the type Hitler perpetrated on the Jews. And it is shameful beyond belief, when President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice, and other various spokespersons point the finger at the Palestinians for responding to the assassination of Jabari, their chief peace negotiator and rising up against their collective punishment.

    Jabari, was not only the number two person in the Hamas leadership, he was also the negotiator and enforcer of the peace on the Palestinian side (indeed Haaretz referred to him as “Israel’s enforcer”). So, it almost seems certain that Israel has been trying not only to punish and control the population, but also to target and kill the peacemakers themselves, in order to prevent the possibility of any peaceful coexistence or just treaty, or any opportunity for the Palestinian people to live in a free society.

    And that is a reality that Americans have been subsidizing and Americans must face.

  10. george beres:

    Jews understandably are sensitive to being described as Nazis. But their behavior toward Palestinians verifies that tragic identity. The only ones who can escape it, I fear, are those who publicly speak out against Zionism. – George Beres

  11. pete:

    Never again { unless we are doing it] should be Israels slogan Uncle Sam you sit down to pee. You have lost all your so called morals and much vaunted american values.

  12. Hisa:

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