Still no sign of a coherent and effective strategy for containing and defeating ISIS and its affiliates and why

What I find deeply troubling is that President Obama knows that the corruption, authoritarianism and repression of Arab and other Muslim regimes is a prime cause of the rise and growth of ISIS and its affiliates. An opinion piece he wrote for the Los Angeles Times included the following.


Groups like al Qaeda and ISIL exploit the anger that festers when people feel that injustice and corruption leave them with no chance of improving their lives. The world has to offer today’s youth something better.

Governments that deny human rights play into the hands of extremists who claim that violence is the only way to achieve change. Efforts to counter violent extremism will only succeed if citizens can address legitimate grievances through the democratic process and express themselves through strong civil societies. Those efforts must be matched by economic, educational and entrepreneurial development so people have hope for a life of dignity.


I quoted those fine words in my July article and commented that there was no sign of a policy to give them substance.

Given that Obama and presumably other Western leaders are aware of the bottom line truth as I have summarized it above, the question in need of an answer is this.

Why, really, are Western governments unwilling to do what is necessary to put ISIS and its affiliates out of business?

I can think of two answers.

One is that governments are not free agents. They are prisoners of powerful vested interests including and especially the Military Industrial Complex and the Zionist lobby in all of its manifestations. (In America this lobby has the assistance of those organizations which represent and promote deluded, mad, Christian fundamentalism),

The other answer is short-termism – the art of politics in which decision-making is determined by what has to be said and done for short-term gain and winning the next election.

In my view this short-termism is the cancer at the heart of politics throughout the Western world because it provides no space and time for consideration of what has to be done over 10, 15, 20 and more years if a whole range of problems which threaten the wellbeing of all of humankind (the threat posed by ISIS and its affiliates is only one of many) are to be solved.

So it’s not only the Arab and other Muslim nations which desperately need new politics. We all do.

A very interesting poll, the 2015 American Values Survey which was conducted by the non-profit, non-partisan Public Religion Research Institute, has just been published on the Huffington Post web site. Its findings support the conclusion that“Americans don’t have much faith in the government, businesses, the economy, the power of their vote and the future of the United States.”

I take that to mean that even Americans are waking up to the idea that they need new politics. If so that’s really good news.

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  1. confoundmeonce:

    Military Industrial Complex…Simply spells Out What this Country has Become…A Nation That Is Led, Dictated To..And Owned by a nest of well fed Z-Cons who Can never Get Enough. That There are Many of US..But Fewer of Them does Not Help This Delimma At all…For They are Out of Sight..Out of Range And Know How to Disappear into The Woodwork. This is how it will continue to Be…until Enough Of us wakes up and Sees What is So wrong..And Is Willing to FIX matter What it Takes Alan, For sure, YOU have been trying to Wake this Country up To What is The Main Problem..And What has to Happen before Any of this Maymem and Turmoil Can Come to an end. Sad thing is that We(Sucked in.. American Taxpayers ) must Stop Supporting That Place. Isitreal HAS TO GO..( One way or Another..IT Has to Be Stopped. So many Innocent Human beings DEAD because OF That ” stolen Sliver of Land that is now Occupied by Psychotic Creatures Who have Not one Ounce of Humanity IN All of THEM Put Together. It is TIME. We Are Awake Now.

  2. Nelson Wight:

    Alan, I read you every word and concur whole-heartedly.

    The problem, as you know, is that there are many of us americans who also
    agree with you thoroughly, but we are burdened with a large population of
    ignorant, well-beered and -footballed citizenry, and a government which has
    no interest in doing what the country-wide is demanding, unheard.

    I believe our president has a good thought, once in a while, but is over-
    powered by the Zionist-AIPAC’d-MIC, fundamentalist-supported Deep State.

  3. confoundmeonce:

    N.Wight, This Obvious Standoff That The Citizens of this country are Facing with This Guvment is one that was Planned to Occur…By this present regime that is Operating in a more Blatant manner now..than ever before. ( Or maybe it just Seems More Obvious to us ( Citizens ) now . because WE are Finally running out of Patience AND Resources and Have no Choice but to “Stand Our ground’ against What Is going on. ARE we a Bunch of sheep content to ‘wait until the Next Shoe falls ‘ before we Really get serious and finally mean it when we say ‘Enough Is Enough ?’ It is a Fact that This Guvmt. is NOT a Peace- loving, law abiding ‘Love Thy Neighbor’ Sort of Leadership, not anymore [ or was it ever ? ] Or has it become so unbearable that We have finally snatched off these blinders from our eyes.. and can now See what is really happening to our country ? And ..About time, I would Think ! YES !If we ARE finally Awake, We Can Save it. Dear Lord, Just Show us the Way, And Lead us On !!

  4. Glenn Evans:

    Well said until the west starts to believe that the Zionists are a Satanist cult, their power will increase…therefore world instability will continue.

  5. Nick Adler:

    I’m convinced we want to have World War 3 (it was the Pope who said it had perhaps already started!).

    Worth noting – WW1 got Zionism started, cannot imagine the Balfour Declaration or the British Mandate without it.

    WW2 got Israel populated – cannot imagine 100s of 1000s of people going there without it. The whole project had been failing until 1933, when Stephen Wise and the AJC and the JWV declared that Hitler was bashing the Jews (for which no evidence has ever been presented).

    And WW3 looks like the only thing that can save the apartheid regime now.

    Is it Zionists pushing us in that direction? Well, yes, Cameron is openly a Zionist. Why’s he travelling to the Middle East and bombing Syria? The actual heartland of the ISIS threat against us is only just across the Channel in Brussels!

  6. Tim:

    On this issue I would beg to differ on several fronts. The extremist version of Islam is similar to the KKK version of Christianity for those of you in the west.

    If in 1960 Texas had been an independent country and made a deal with the KKK to fund schools and churches for them to teach and preach in and in return the KKK would not challenge the rulers of Texas right to rule, what would Christianity look like today?

    The house of Saud has a 250+ year alliance with Wahhab and then his followers that was expanded massively in the 1960′s onward. Several generations have been brainwashed into believing that this is the one true Islam.

    The leaders of the Salafist sect (as the followers of Wahhab prefer to be called) have sold their soul for 30 pieces of silver. By allowing the un-Islamic house of Saud to rule unchallenged while engaging in drunkenness and much worse they have lost all legitimacy. They are bought and paid for, pure and simple.

    This plays very well into the Anglo-Zionist agenda as they will always have a group of hardcore jihadists to wreak havoc where they need it. Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya and now Syria.

    So what is the solution? Let the other Muslims and their Russian allies take care of the problem. In Chechnya and now in Syria we see just how unpopular the Salafists are amongst other Muslims. In Chechnya it was the sane Sunnis and Sufis who with help from Russia cleaned house. We see the same scenario now playing out in Syria. Next it will be done in Iraq.

    That creates a huge problem for the Anglo-Zionists and their Muslim lackeys like Saudia Arabia and Turkey. Without shock troops to expend like pawns they might have to do the fighting themselves. That would escalate in a heartbeat to a full blown Shia/Russia vs Sunni/USA conflict that could go nuclear.

    The solution is to demand the house of Saud stop funding these extremists or remove them. The house of Saud can’t afford to do that and the west is wed to them. That brings us to the “leave it to Russia and the other Muslims fed up with the Salafists” strategy. The USA will not go along with that.

    This is a game of chicken that has stakes higher than anything since the Cuban missle crisis.

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