I have no doubt that publishers, editors and politicians who are complicit in the suppression of the truth of history honestly believe that they are serving the best interests of the Jews (as well as their own short-term vested interests). But to them all I say: You are wrong. Dangerously wrong. By refusing to come to grips with the truth of history and, in particular, the difference between Zionism and Judaism and why it is perfectly possible to be passionately anti-Zionist without being anti-Semitic, you are helping to set up all Jews to be blamed for the crimes of the relative few.

It would also be helpful if more than a few of the Jews who live in the nations of the mainly Gentile Judeo-Christian world could find the will and the courage to end their silence on the matter of Israel’s “misconduct” (Harkabi’s terminology), and come to grips with the fact that Zionism is, as the title of this book asserts and its substance demonstrates, their real enemy. Silence is not the way to refute and demolish a charge of complicity in Zionism’s crimes.

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  1. DeWayne:

    Congratulation on your book and article concerning a most important issue regarding this core danger to both Jewish and Gentile, being a secular and political Zionism.

    Being a 76 year old male and calling myself a mature Christian, we in our research and study have arrived at the same conclusion, that Zionism beginning as the Zionist Congress in 1897 stands today as perhaps the most dangerous secular groups on earth.

    I would continue encouraging you to follow up concerning you book, today as your internet article is example, I would suggest also versions or introductions via YouTube. Stil because of my Christian belief, it appears the prophetic will apparently involve Zionism and Zionist involved bring end of last days.

  2. Hermes Fake:

    Your article THE DANGER OF MEDIA COMPLICITY IN ZIONISM’S SUPPRESSION OF THE TRUTH OF HISTORY – Alan Hart write very well, thank you share!

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