The Enduring Power of Zionism’s Propaganda Lies

Munich Olympic

Evidence that the mainstream media is not prepared to balance Zionism’s propaganda lies with the truth of history as it relates to the making and sustaining of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel was on display in the BBC’s obituary tribute to David Coleman who died at the age of 87 on 21 December. The face and voice of BBC Television’s sports coverage for the best part of half a century, he was in Munich for the 1972 Olympics where, according to the commentary of the BBC’s tribute to him, “Arab gunmen held hostages and then killed the Israeli athletes.”

The truth about the killing of the nine Israeli athletes who were taken hostage by Fatah’s Black September terrorists after they had killed one is as summarised in Chapter 8 of Volume Three of the American edition of my book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, which is subtitled Conflict Without End? Here now is that summary which contains some context and runs to two and a half book pages.

Prevented from directing Palestinian anger and bitterness away from violence and into positive political action in partnership with Jordan, Arafat and Khalad Hassan and their mainstream PLO leadership colleagues lost control of events to those in the rank and file of their liberation movement who favoured the terror option, including a growing number of Fatah’s own supportersthe Black Septemberists for whom use of the terror weapon was a new experience.

One of Fatah’s junior officers who helped to bring the BSO into being from the grassroots up was a young man whose nomme de guerre was Ben Bella. (At the time I talked with him, he was Abu Iyad’s most trusted aide). Ben Bella told me their anger and despair was inflamed by the knowledge that after the PLO’s expulsion from Jordan, many Arab regimes were celebrating the end of the organisation. He said, “We came to the conclusion that it was only by playing the terror card that we could make our voice heard in the world.” (Such a conclusion was entirely logical from a Palestinian perspective given the mainstream media’s approach to reporting the conflict in those days. It was not interested in the Palestinian claim for justice, but it fed, vulture-like, off Palestinian terrorism. In my opinion the Western media’s indifference to the legitimacy of the Palestinian struggle helped greatly to make terrorism inevitable.)

I asked Ben Bella about Arafat’s attitude to the Black Septemberists. He said:

“At the time Arafat could not afford to speak against us in public because he knew what we were doing had the support of the majority in the rank and file of our movement. Our way was the popular way. But in our private meetings he took every opportunity to tell us we were wrong. I remember one occasion when he said to some of us, ‘You are crazy to take our fight to Europe.’ I was very angry and I said: ‘Abu Amar, maybe you are right, maybe we are crazy, but tell me this… Is it also not crazy for us to sit here in Lebanon, just waiting to be hit every day by Israeli fighter planes, and knowing that we will lose some ten or more of our fighters every day without advancing our cause… Is that not crazy, too?’ And, of course, he had no answer to that.”

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