The Gaza Flotilla – Your Move, Mr. President

President-elect Obama stayed silent when, back in December of 2008 and January of 2009, Israel declared war on the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip prison camp. (In my view that was a demonstration of naked Israeli state terrorism). As I write from America, with the drama and implications of Israel’s murderous attack on the Gaza Flotilla still being played out, I find myself wondering if President Obama will have the balls to say to Israel, “Enough is enough”.

He would not dare to say that in those words, but he could break with precedence by refusing to veto a Security Council resolution condemning Israel.

Will he do so?

We shall see.

If he does authorize a veto, it will be time for even those of us who invested some good faith in him to conclude that he is the prisoner of the Zionist lobby and its stooges in Congress and, more to the point, a prisoner with no hope of escape.

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  1. mary:

    I don’t have any hope for Obama, Alan. He has had plenty of time to speak up for justice for Palestine and hasn’t. Now that he is being called upon by the human race to join in its condemnation of Israel for its massacre of unarmed civilian human rights activists, he has issued only one lame statement and has since closed his mouth and closed the subject. I honestly don’t know what it would take to change this; I’m utterly convinced that he has been bought and paid for by the lobby, and there is no hope for Palestine so long as Obama sits in office. If Obama were to rise to the occasion, and condemn the Israelis for this unspeakable crime, he would have done it by now.

  2. Taufik:

    I am very disappointed.

  3. Nicole:

    So many questions ! Obama is not alone, and at this time,faces the whole world. Have you seen this terrific video of Israelis showing there pleasure in front of Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv ?

    I looked at muslims forums yesterday and I was surprised to see (in my opinion) much more subjects…on the same subject than occured in december 2008-january 2009.

    The question I woke up with (I am french and live in Paris) is “what shall occur if Law is not told, Israël not punished this time ?”

  4. Nasser A. Rahman:

    The world has shocked when hear the news of the flotilla attack. I too as I have a heart like many. But for the matter of Israelis they do not have any mercy in such kind..! Their merciless policy continues as they have the full support (just like the 52nd state of USA) of US! If US is not ready to change this policy we cannot expect the Israelis will stop their brutality. When Obama or any administration can be converted the policy as the big brother of the world instead of the police men then not only the ME but the whole world will be in peace. This is the real fact. Only God knows the future of the ME and the world.

  5. rosemary spiota:

    I agree with Mary, Alan. The US has already watered down the UN resolution to blandness, and it seems all the US main media swallowed the ludicrous Israeli line, the only one so far allowed. I remember the IDF breaking the truce with Hamas the day of Obama’s election, and he has never condemned their actions since. The whole world is in danger, with Netanyahu untramelled.

  6. Ahmed from Bahrain:

    Obama campaigned on the platform of change. So far, he has tried to walk a tight rope between his seat ans the politburo that rules the roost but he forgets that the people have elected him hoping for a change.

    May be Obama was talking about the change in his pocket?

  7. Fakhri:

    Dear Alan,
    Rosemary is dead on spot. In the face of rage all over the
    world about the cowardly act of the Israeli navy piracy on
    the high seas, watering down the content of the recommendation
    of the lame security council was less disgraceful to Obama.
    In short, he is yellow.Being a lawyer before becoming president
    it should have been preliminary to him that attacking a civilian
    ship in international waters is a war-crime in contravention
    of the Geneva Convention.Besides, attacking a ship carrying
    wheelchairs and water-purification kits to people whose drinking
    water is contaminated because of a mediaeval blockade by two
    governments is a crime against humanity, condoned by many UN
    member states.On both counts,as well as on the basis of
    aggression, Israel should have faced the Internaional Criminal
    Court had the Security Council not have been hijacked for
    a long time now by the biggest thug of all,the US.

  8. jill:

    I support the previous comments. There is no way Obama could get any power without being vetted, bribed and brainwashed by the Israeli lobby. They have him by his dangly bits. I also think they have Europe by the same part of the anatomy. Where there is lawlessness and injustice there is frustration and rage. Revolution ensues, thats where the drones come in…

  9. Luigi:

    Dear Alan,

    How are you? I’m terribly appalled at what Israel has done (not surprised, though, since it’s business as usual for them).

    I sent my repudiation to the Israeli embassy here in Buenos Aires, and all I received was a flagrant, albeit continuous, response on their part, defending such onslaught, linking the flotilla to Hamas and terrorism and washing their hands off the issue.

    Here is a link to a (fabricated) video depicting ‘warnings’ sent to the flotilla, and their reluctance, in defiance, to stop their course despite such warnings:

    A bunch of bollocks. Product of the lies and deception of the bloodthirsty Zionist illegal state.

    As for Obama, he is a dupe (I’m sorry for the American people, though, having to pay the price too). Worse still, a puppet of the Zionist lobby.

    How come NOBODY does ANYTHING about it? I would not like to believe the ‘international community’ (if there exists such thing) is afraid of a horde of lunatics. All that is needed is a blockade, a devastating economic blockade to have the rotten child on its needs.

    Honestly, this whole situation makes me sick. It goes beyond crediblity.

    I hope you’re doing ok, and if you wish, please tell me more about that book promotion tour you embarked on.



  10. Vera Gottlieb:

    This double-talk from the politicos is more than annoying. Call a spade a spade and lets get on with it. I realize there is such a thing called ‘diplomacy’, but many people have trouble understanding the meaning of a hint.

  11. Muhammad from Saudi Arabia:

    Obama is just the black bush and an israeli slave. Don’t waste your time thinking why obama wont stand up against Israel , he just wont …slaves are obedient to their masters.

  12. walter sarkis:

    Why play this sick game? We are already israeli occupied territory, we are ordered to do what aipac says, we have no voice in anything, not even domestic, if aipac decides to intervene. So just stop this cherade, admit that the government is not for americans notr america, that our president is worthless or worse and just admit we are a colony of israel.

  13. Johnny:

    Apartheid is wrong, using brutality to enforce Apartheid is evil, and has never been successful in the long term.
    Supporting Apartheid is wrong, ignoring the brutality being used to enforce it is also evil.
    The US and Israel are two of the finest examples of government corruption and hypocrisy available for viewing.

  14. j r:

    You don’t say “enough is enough’ to your master.

  15. obama is a zionist:

    article says ” If he does authorize a veto, it will be time for even those of us who invested some good faith in him to conclude that he is the prisoner of the Zionist lobby and its stooges in Congress and, more to the point, a prisoner with no hope of escape ”

    obama is a zionist, and not a prisoner of Zionism,

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  17. satya:

    Alan, knowing what you know about the machinations of the world’s hidden ‘leaders’, for instance in your recent interview with Kevin Barrett about 9/11, is it not mere rhetoric on your part to expect Obama to do anything that his masters would not wish him to do?

    Perhaps you could shine your light on the actions and words of Obama’s handler, one Z. Brzezinski, and his Rottenchild pals at the CFR, TriLateral Commission and Bilderberg?

    This way more floundering people, beset on all sides by mainstream media disinformation, battered daily with all the mechanisms that produce cognitive dissonance, would come to understand just who the planet’s worst criminals really are?

    You have, albeit very belatedly, shone the light on that dark day in September 2001 – now it’s time for you and your kind to really grasp the nettle and expose those who are destroying the world for their own selfish, psychopathic aims? Bear in mind how very ably they are aided and abetted by mainstream media journalists – all beavering away to keep decent, ordinary people in ignorance, apathy and fear.

  18. jfc Miami:

    Looks like the guessing is over and we have our answer (no surprise here):

    State Dept: US No Longer Backing International Probe of Aid Ship Attack
    US Privately Agrees to Back Israeli Probe Exclusively

    I heard your interview on WRH Radio show with Michael Rivero, all I can say is Thank You! for a wonderful interview. You are doing wonderful work and it is deeply appreciated.

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