The only surprise is that not more Israeli Jews are being attacked and killed

But it is likely that as more and more Palestinians are driven to total despair, more Israeli Jews will be attacked and killed. (In addition to an extensive network of Palestinian informers Israel has very sophisticated surveillance technology, but that won’t prevent individual Palestinians taking a decision to attack and kill on the spur of a despairing moment with whatever weapon – a car, a knife or gun – is available).

If and as that happens the chants of “Death to the Arabs” from mobs of illegal and truly deluded Jewish settlers will grow louder and louder throughout occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank. And the government of Israel will bow to their wishes.



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  1. Rehmat:

    The Zionist Jewish dream of a ‘Palestine without Palestinians’ has failed thanks to the Islamic resistance groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad – and their backers, Iran and Lebanese Hizbullah. Currently, the Zionist regime is more isolated than the Palestinian Resistance.

    Why more Israeli Jews are not killed? Because even most the Jews killed in past, were not killed by Palestinians but Israelis themselves. Hamas could have killed more Jews in the real sense, if it has tanks and F16s.

    As far Israeli whining – Dan Sanchez described it brilliantly on October 4, 2015.

    “Israel’s self-righteously sociopathic behavior toward Syria and Golan Heights beggars belief. It’s like some wealthy homeowner taking over his poor neighbor’s backyard and then sending a gang of crazed ruffians to invade his home. The in the ensuing brawl, when something crashes through the neighbor’s window onto the seized backyard, the land thief yells from a balcony, “When you can get your house in order!” and fires at him with a shotgun. Then the thief walks back to his room muttering to himself, “What a hopeless basket case! How I’m definitely not giving him back his backyard,” wrote Sanchez.

  2. Sami:

    I said it many times before and am saying it again now. If I were a Jew, the very last place I want to be on planet Earth, is in historic Palestine. There will always be a day of reckoning and no other people people have shown more steadfastness than the Palestinians because they know time is on their side.
    We are today witnessing the start of breaking the mould in the pattern of Israel’s designs. The Russian intervention on the side of Syria is a game changer. Previously, whatever Israel wanted, the West always delivered. If Syria susrvives the vicious attempts to destroy it, it will signal the start of Arab awakening and the end of Israel’s delusions of supremacy.

  3. Fennie Stavast:

    Thanks. Maybe i miss details of the English language (i,m dutch) but i think “the failure of the major powers” should be : The unwillingness”.

  4. Tim:

    The struggle does not have to be huge events with anyone getting killed to be effective. What would happen if tens of thousands of short non-magnetic screws were strewn on roads around Israel? Thousands of flat tires and traffic jams everywhere.

    If it took the average Israeli 4 hours to get to work or to get home from work they would “feel the love”.

    Non-violent effective resistance is possible. Be creative.

  5. Arthur Lloyd:

    The only thing that comes to mind considering current events is your personal interview with Golda Meir. You wrote she had confessed to you that had it been necessary she would have used their atomic weaponry rather than face defeat during that short war. It is argued they have over 200 atomic war heads. The real question is will she make a pre-eminent strike? WW111?

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