War Criminals By Default

It’s worth noting that after the G20 Summit in Mexico in October 2012, British Prime Minister David Cameron claimed that during the meeting President Putin had shifted his position and wanted Bashar al-Assad out of power. Cameron said: “There remain differences over sequencing and the shape of how the transition takes place, but it is welcome that President Putin has been explicit that he does not want Assad remaining in charge in Syria. What we need next is agreement on a transitional leadership which can move Syria to a democratic future that protects the rights of all its communities.” Probably Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was partly right when he said that Cameron’s statement about Putin’s position was “not corresponding to reality.” But Putin did say, “It is important after regime change, if it happens, and it must happen only by constitutional means, that peace comes to the country and bloodshed stops.” The reality as it seemed to me at the time, and which Cameron put his own spin on, was that Putin had indicated that he could live with regime change in Syria if it happened by constitutional means. And that’s why I think it was much more likely than not that Obama would have got a positive response from Putin at a very early point in the conflict if he had had the wisdom to make his case along the lines I suggested above.

A question arising is why didn’t Obama take such an initiative to protect the best interests of all concerned? My guess is that it was more than a lack of wisdom and global leadership on his part. For far too long he was listening to those (Zionism’s verbal hit men in particular) who were telling him that regime change in Syria, assisted as required by American military force and therefore on American-and-Israeli terms, was a necessary step on the road to regime change in Iran.

Today I think it can be said without fear of contradiction that Putin is as alarmed as his Western counterparts by the prospect of Jihadists of various kinds establishing a safe haven and engine room in Syria. I also think Lavrov was correct when he recently indicated, by obvious implication, that behind closed doors American and Western European leaders are beginning to understand that they may now need Assad and his ruthless war machine if the forces of violent Islamic fundamentalism are to be prevented from having a permanent base in Syria from which to create regional and even global havoc.

The next test of what if anything is left of Obama’s credibility as a leader who can bring positive influence to bear on events in Syria is fast approaching. With a Geneva meeting to chart the way to ending the conflict scheduled for 22 January, he has to decide whether or not Iran should be a party to the talks. Russia and Lakhdar Brahimi, the very experienced UN Special Envoy to Syria and chief mediator, insist that Iran must be represented to improve the prospects of the Geneva talks being something less than a complete failure. I agree.

The Zionist lobby and its stooges in Congress, plus Israel’s Arab state allies of convenience in the Gulf led by Saudi Arabia, are opposed to Iran’s participation in the Geneva talks. Will Obama have the will and the courage to defy them?

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  1. Rehmat:

    The bloodshed in Syria is an “Israeli Project” in making for decades, according to Hersh Seymour. The US-Israeli agenda is to isolate Iran and destroy it as a regional power which is going to embolden the regional Islamic resistance groups fighting Israel.

    The anti-Assad western propaganda is mainly to serve Israeli interests. For example, the NYT just back-off from its earlier claim that Syrian army used chemical weapons against civilians in August 2013. British MP, George Galloway claimed that the weapons were provided by Israel to the Syrian rebels via Saudi Arabia.

    Yes, Bashar al-Assad is a dictator, so are most of pro-American rulers in the region. However, most of the bloodshed during the last three years, has been carried out by the US-Israel-Turkey-Saudi Arabia-Qatar supported rebels.

    Both US and Russia are united to keep the dominance of the Zionist entity in the Muslim world. Both have succeeded in neutralizing Syria’s chemical deterrant, while ignoring Israeli and Egyptian stockpiles of chemical weapons. Now, Israel has one less worry to attack Syria and Lebanon.


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  3. David Evans:

    “…For far too long he was listening to those (Zionism’s verbal hit men in particular) who were telling him that regime change in Syria, assisted as required by American military force and therefore on American-and-Israeli terms, was a necessary step on the road to regime change in Iran….”

    Bingo! Syria is another victim of this destructive Israeli plan that is being implemented by Zionist-neocons who have nearly total control of Washington:




    It has become Painfully Obvious that there can be no ‘meeting of the minds ‘ of those who portend to control..Unless there be the inclusion and envolvement of all parties ( Not just the Large , but The Smallest countries in and around any conflict..) For All are effected. How could Anyone with any sort of Thinking mind believe that any feasible step forward could ever come from exclusion of any country concerned ? Not one can or should be ignored.
    Perhaps This sort of Action explains Why the UN has failed so miserably in Its` Duties…and should be Rebooted…or Shut Down for Ever. It has become quite clear that Obama Must Grow Some..will and courage , and put isitreal [AND its` Allies ? of the Gulf..specifically, Saudi Arabia] on notice that it will no longer be ‘business as usual. If he does not Smell his demise..Due to his temerity and reticence on this Confrontation NOW…he can rack up his Tenure as a totally failed one. The American Citizens have spoken and their voice Does Matter, and it is Past-due when this Prez Has to’wake up and Smell the ‘woods Burning..or else, he will be feeling the HEAT.

  5. Jean-David Beyer:

    I am afraid that even if President Obama were wise enough to have made that hypothetical call with Putin, that Putin could not rely on the word of honour of either Obama or The United States for much of anything. We have lost that long since.

  6. PETE:

    The United Nations and theICC are a joke. Israel does what it want and supported by the U.S.and to hell what the rest of the world think,s We have talked about this for years and I don,t think it will change. Israel has our politicians in their pockets. We have the best democracy money can buy.

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