War on Iran – Now Inevitable?

Given that it played the leading role in assisting Israel to acquire an atom bomb, I suppose it’s not surprising that France should now be singing from the same hymn sheet as America’s neo-cons and their Zionist allies on the matter of war with Iran.

In his radio and tv statement yesterday, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner was explicit. “We must prepare for the worst. The worst is war.”

This was completely in tune with the statement made by French President Nicolas Sarkozy in his first major foreign policy speech last month. He said that a diplomatic push by the world’s major powers was the only alternative to “an Iranian bomb or the bombing of Iran.”

It’s reasonable to assume that French policy makers are not nearly as ignorant and as stupid as their counterparts in and around the Bush administration in Washington and that they, French leaders, don’t actually want war with Iran. So why, really, are they talking up the possibility of war?

My guess is that they are doing their bit to frighten other governments into going along with tough sanctions against Iran in the hope that the real prospect of tough sanctions will cause the leadership in Iran to back down and agree to suspend uranium enrichment work.

The question arising is something like this. What happens when Iran’s leaders, under threat of tough sanctions or not, don’t back down?

War on Iran will then be inevitable because Western policy-makers, led by Americans with their French (and British?) cheer leaders, will have left themselves no room for manoeuvre.

My guess is that war on Iran ? a three-day bombardment of 1,200 targets according to some informed leaks ? will be launched next February or March or possibly April. Between now and then the demonisation of Iran will be escalated, and the timing of the actual attack will have everything to do with the serious start of the American election season. The Cheney-Bush strategy will be to wrongfoot the Democratic Party. “You can’t be against this war because the Iranians are killing our guys.”

Is there nothing that can be done to stop the madness? I fear not.

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  1. Dr Chris Edwards:

    Interesting how everyone in the media is ignoring the recent report on Iran of the UN International Atomic Energy Authority, don’t you think? Why? Because it stated explicitly that Iran’s nuclear research was for peaceful purposes and that it was not developing nuclear weapons. Even human face of the corporate media, Jon Snow, ignored the report during his recent interview with Ahmadinejad. It contradicts the Pentagon’s war agenda therefore it doesn’t exist!

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