Wars, refugees and the complete lack of leadership everywhere

But like all occupants of the White House Obama is not free. He is the prisoner of a corrupt political system with what passes for democracy for sale to the highest lobby bidders.

Even the Editorial Board of The New York Times seems to be a little concerned about this corruption. On 13 September its editorial with the headline Candidates Afloat On A Sluice of Money opened with the following thought (my emphasis added).

“When the Republican presidential candidates debate this week, it would help if voters could hear them offer detailed proposals for dealing with the 800-pound fat cat in the room – superrich donors who are making enormous, often untraceable contributions that undoubtedly tie candidates to special-interest agendas


Russia is now reinforcing Syria’s war machine because Putin seems to believe that Assad has to remain in power if the forces of perverted, violent Islamic fundamentalism are to be contained and eventually defeated. And Putin is not alone in this way of thinking. There are voices in the West which are saying that their governments must do the unthinkable and accept that Assad has to be part of a political solution.

My own speculation is that even if Obama did a 180 degree u-turn and agreed to this, crushing the forces of perverted and violent Islamic fundamentalism and putting them out of business completely may now be a mission impossible. Because of the initial failure of leadership by Obama and others.


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  1. David Jeremiah:

    First — privatization means there is no public interest, period. Hardly surprising then that there are no leaders! Leaders of what? Arms Merchants? Bib Corporations? What?

    Second — We have civil war in nine Islamic countries. Civil war, refugees, American and Zionist interests ….hm……I think maybe this is just the Zionisation of the entire region, reflecting the battle for complete regional hegemony between Tehran and Jerusalem.

  2. David Jeremiah:

    Let’s just call this dynamic, The Big Nakba.

  3. confoundmeonce:

    Help US, DEAR God ! For we Know not WHAT TO DO !! This Is Surely The Prayer of Multitudes This Day.. If ever this Country needed a Leader with Some Leadership Qualities ..IT is Now. How Are we to Blunder our way thru this Maze of Smokescreens and absolute insanity…when Chaos is All Around ? Who Will Lead us thru when it IS so Clear The Cause of this madness and mayhem ? Are we Grasping at Straws…Looking to Mr. D. Trump to Save us…AND Hoping J. Cortyn to take control and Lead the way ? Is That Pure insanity ? Or Grasping at Straws in a Windstorm ?? Time will tell > Do we have Time ?

  4. Sami:

    To understand who is behind all acts of evil, just listen to the very short clip, with English subtitles, at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGeZgPeuRJ8

    As for the Iran agreement, it is just an interim measure because the American armed forces are currently not only overstretched, but in the planning stage of a potentially catastrophic adventure to take on the Russian bear.

    Who are ‘puppeteers’ behind all these acts of evil? Well, shall we call them the Illuminati?

  5. Peter:

    The US should stop financing Israel and putting Russia under pressure. ISIS leaders were photograped with McCain years ago and seen by the whole world except apparently you.

  6. Rehmat:

    Dear Hart – I’m really disappointed that you failed to figure out who these so-called “Islamic Fundamentalists” are and why Netanyahu loves them?

    In June 2014, Netanyahu in his first comment on ISIS victory in Iraq, said that Washington should stay out of the Iraqi conflict – and let the Sunni militants defeat the Shia-dominated government of prime minister al-Maliki and break-up Iraq. “This will weaken Iranian influence in the Arab region,” said Netanyahu during his address at Tel Aviv University’s INSS think-tank.


  7. confoundmeonce:

    WOW ! Are we All Complete and Utter Nuts ?? Why in the World Can`t we EVER Learn to Listen to WISE and Oh So Willing to Put his Two=cents’worth in Everywhere he can get one foot in the door.. like in Our Congress ?? ) B. Netty, and Follow His Every Directive ?? Isn`t it Clear even YET That He Is ‘NEXT TO GOD and Knows BESSST”’ ..Do you Get the Drift ? And Now.. The Real Fact! Put b.Netty in a Box And Ship him to Anywhere He Has no Air to Breath..And No Microphone. The Whole World Will Be better off..Certainly safer..with this EGO-Maniac Out of The ‘picture’.

  8. Tim:

    No the Ukraine was the biggest mistake of the Obama administration. They lost that one. Syria is not over but doesn’t look good for the USA so it will be epic fail #2.

    Syria has not gone the way of Libya and it all comes down to those 80 surface to ship missiles that Syria bought from Russia when they saw what happened in Libya. If the USA declares a no fly zone or starts attacking directly like they did in Libya they will lose ships and hundreds if not thousands of navy personnel.

    The Qatari gas pipeline to Europe was the USA’s main strategy to break Russia’s energy hold on Europe and deprive it of its largest customer. The pipeline has to go through Syria or the USA had to deal with Assad. They thought it would be easier to just get rid of him. Hasn’t worked out that way so far.

    Now with Russia reinforcing Syria’s armaments and supplying mercenaries along with Iran it looks like Assad will not be toppled. So much for the pipleline for now anyway.

  9. Wissam:

    Thanks for your so accurate analysis

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