What Did Mossad Get Wrong?

If you were a gambling man down to your last million dollars, you could safely bet the lot on the fact that Israel will not be punished for the Mossad’s murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary David Miliband initially described the abuse of British passports as “outrageous” and said an investigation was underway. Yes, but there’s a general election approaching in the UK, and that alone is (sadly) a good enough reason for each of the three main political parties to avoid any kind of confrontation with Israel which could be costly in terms of Jewish donations in particular and support in general. (It’s not impossible that when Prime Minister Netanyahu and Mossad chief Meir Dagan were discussing the possible diplomatic and political fall-out if anything went wrong, Netanyahu said to Dagan something like, “The British won’t make any problems for us, they’ve got an election coming.”)

But even if there’s to be no punishment, what happened in Dubai has been deeply damaging to Israel’s already badly tarnished image in the world (I mean the world of so-called ordinary people if not that of their governments). It adds to the correct impression that the Zionist state’s leaders have complete contempt for international law and what the world thinks, and that the state itself is becoming, if it is not already, a monster beyond control.

On the assumption that Mossad didn’t want the operation to be as counter-productive as it is in terms of Israel’s image, the question arising is what did it, Mossad, get wrong?

It seems to me there are only two possible answers.

One is that the shocking and awesome arrogance and self-righteousness which are hallmarks of Zionism led Mossad to believe that the Dubai authorities were too incompetent to fit all the pieces, CCTV footage and other clues, together.

The other is that Mossad and its political masters thought they had enough arm-twisting influence with the authorities in Dubai and further afield in the Arab world to prevent any embarrassing disclosures.

In either case, Mossad and its political masters were wrong.

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  1. AB:

    this hit have done alot more good than damage to israel. since recent israeli hits around the world
    hezbulla and hamas leaders can’t go pass an hour without thinking if this is their last day, and just that is worth it all.
    both organization are more focused on trying to find out how israel infiltrated them than on hitting back.
    british goverment won’t do anything not because of fear of elections they won’t do anything because they are jumping of joy israel got to that terrorist, all this “outrage” is just for the media. the only thing they regret is this story got out.

  2. Tom Mysiewicz:

    The Mossad didn’t get anything wrong. The 21 Feb. 2010 Arutz Sheva (Israel National News) reports Bibi Netanyahu BLESSED the hit squad before they departed. This was a deliberate, premediated act at the highest levels of the Israeli Government–NOT the axct of a few rogue agents. My friends of the Vietnam era used to call this “recon by fire”–you shot stuff until you got some type of response. Like a small (deadly) child the Israelis are seeing what they can get away with in the coming war. So far they have not found something they cannot be forgiven for. Prior to the last Lebanon invasion I wrote a piece–”Appeasement Fails in the Mid East”–in which I warned that turning a blind eye to Israeli transgressions of international law would simply amplify and expand the problem. That holds true today.

  3. flashheart:

    president obama assasinates terrorists using drones in foreign countrys as yemen pakistan and where ever he feels like, killing civilians near by, israel surgicaly removes a terrorist without any collateral damage and who is europe blaming?

  4. syed mehdi hasan ashraf:

    I agree with you that the israli govt under estimated Dubai govt’s ability in this sort of case and you are right also Israel will not be made accounted for this act.However surprises do occur at times.

  5. syed mehdi hasan ashraf:

    I totally agree with flashheart’s comment exept for why only muslims are termed as terrorist when they also claim that they are doing it, out of fear of other’s dominations,their own security & occupation.

  6. warey:

    There will definately be repurcussions for this judaic terrorist cells actions in Dubai. This continued openly flouting of international law, and its abuse of european passports have turned many westerners heads, and increasingly their eyes are open to the very real problem that israel represents. Judaic terrorism is on the rise, and it is dragging europe with it.

  7. mary:

    Israel feels that the world has given it carte blanche to commit whatever atrocities it deems appropriate to combat what it feels are existential threats. This is not the first assassination on foreign soil committed with the collusion of several foreign governments, specifically the UK and the US, who obviously provided passports and credit cards to the assassins. This vigilante-style act is an insult to international law and the right all persons have to be brought before a court and formally charged, and then given an opportunity to defend themselves. Israel is doing one hell of a lot to turn the world into a lawless place (much the same as the US and UK are doing), and the world should be disturbed by this. On at least one occasion, (in Norway where young Moroccan waiter Ahmed Bouchiki was gunned down) it has killed the wrong person altogether. This is an outrage. The brakes have to be put on Israel, and now.

  8. ehumert:

    I don’t think people are upset in the west that Israel is going out of control. Rather people are happy that they got rid of a terrorist with the help of Israel. People are so well fed with CNN, FOX and now BBC style news (where inverted commas”” are used very wisely to teach the public what is wrong and what is right) that they are not going to think bad about Israel even if Israel eliminates the entire Arab population. Here I am talking about the majority of the western people, and not thin minority like you. I wish everyone in the west realizes the truth as you do.

  9. Ahmed from Bahrain:

    Imagine if an Islamic country had done such a thing on say a European soil. Hell will let loose but for Israel, no Western leader has uttered a word of condemnation for such a mafioso act with total disregard to sovereignty or international norms.

    One can only describe such an act as pure criminal deserving of open and swift justice.

    If such a justice is ignored then any criminal has the right to go after their enemy on any soil and extract revenge at will with total disregard to international law.

    One word; Jungle Law.

  10. mary:

    You’re right, Ahmed. The silence from the White House has been deafening, as it has from all of Capitol Hill. The Zionist Lobby has things well under control in the US, obviously. The internet is buzzing, the alternative press is up in arms, but the people in the US who should be asking a lot of questions are conspicuously silent.

    This kind of extrajudicial slaughter endangers every human being on earth, because it sets a precedent where any government or political party can conceivably murder anyone they disagree with simply by calling them a criminal or a terrorist. The presumption of innocence, and the availability of due process, is all that protects us, and not even all of us, from this danger. It is a thin line separating us from fascism and it seems to be growing thinner and thinner.

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