What do Breivik and Netanyahu have in common?

Let’s start with a glance at what they do not have in common. The man now on trial for killing 77 people in bomb and gun attacks in Norway last July has admitted, even boasted about, what he did. Netanyahu denies Zionism’s crimes.

The main thing they have in common stems from the fact that they both live in fantasy worlds of their own creation and talk a lot of extreme rightwing nonsense.

The nonsense Anders Breivik speaks is driven in general by his fears about the consequences for Norway of immigration and multiculturalism and, in particular, by his vision of an Islamic takeover.

The nonsense Netanyahu speaks is driven by his perception of Israel in danger of annihilation.

As he tells and sells it, the current biggest threat to Israel’s existence is, of course, Iran. Arguably the single most ridiculous statement he has made to date on this subject was in 2006 when, as the chairman of Likud, he addressed a gathering of Jewish American organizations. He said then, “It’s 1938 and Iran is Germany.”

So what Breivik and Netanyahu have in common is, it seems to me, the mania of victimhood.

That’s a condition which Yehoshafat Harkabi, Israel’s longest serving Director of Military Intelligence, warned about in his book Israel’s Fateful Hour. After confirming a Zionist offer to do business with Nazi Germany on terms outlined in a proposed agreement which stated that Zionist forces would “take part in the war on Germany’s side,” (the full story is in my book), Harkabi wrote this:

“It is doubtful whether the long history of the Jews, full as it is with oddities and cruel ironies, has ever known such an attempt to make a deal with rabid enemies – of course, ostensibly for reasons of higher political wisdom… Perhaps, for peace of mind, we ought to see this affair as an aberrant episode in Jewish history.

Nevertheless, it should alert us to how far extremists may go in times of distress, and where their manias may lead.”

We know where Breivik’s mania led him.

We can only speculate about where Netanyahu’s mania will lead his Israel. On present course its final destination seems to be disaster. The question is, will it be disaster only for the Zionist enterprise or disaster for the region and possibly the whole world?


A generally accepted definition of mania (there are others) is “mental illness marked by periods of great excitement, euphoria, delusions and over activity.”

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  1. David King:

    I agree with your article Alan.

    I would also like to state that there was much talk at the time, that Breivik was trained and put in motion by israel.

  2. Howard T. Lewis III:

    Breivik and Netanyahu both serve the Britannia alliance of the British royal family and The City of London. Breivik’s father is/was an ambassador to England from Norway and thus lived in the dichotomy of frugal oil-rich Norway with a positive future and on the other hand, a morally and financially bankrupt and crashing England in need of an energy base.

    Breivik is a freemason, with it’s attendant loyalty to the freemasons’ ‘Grand Patron’, the queen of England at present. The last ‘Grand Patron’ was English royalty as well, satanic ritual and all. Netanyahu is like Breivik, a side player. His gig is as Israel’s manager of the geo-economic Suez canal zone and beach head toward conquering the oil fields of the middle east with an apparently lobotomized Obama and American republic sacrificing their blood and treasure to make it possible. Or at least so it seems. The CFRtv provides the brainwashing of the lost parakeets of America for queen lizard and her minions’ benefit. That is without doubt. Breivik’s motivation is home grown.

  3. Vera Gottlieb:

    To mind comes the American saying…’the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ and that, at times, makes for very strange bedfellows. Jews have always been good at putting the entire world on a never-ending guilt trip while overlooking what they, today, are doing to the Palestinians. There is no question that israel must always be on the alert, but this incessant need to exaggerate…

  4. William Smart:

    I don’t think I want to share a comment page with someone who says “Jews have always been good at putting the entire world on a never-ending guilt trip”.

  5. Keith Pine:

    They’re both mad slavering dogs suffering from deranged victimhood…

  6. Rehmat:

    They both live in self-denial and find Muslims as an easy excuse to support their distorted views of history – both current and the past.

    These Judeo-Christian fanatics don’t like to accept the fact that the more they degrade Islam and Muslims – the more people like to know the truth and convert to Islam.

    British philosopher, Sir George Bernard Shaw, wrote in his 1936 book, ‘The Genuine Islam’: “Islam would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it’s begining to acceptable to Europe of today“.


  7. Tom Mysiewicz:

    Alan may be right in one regard. Netanyahu may wind up killing off the Jews of Israel in trying to save them. Breivig was trying to save the Europeans by killing Europeans. Doesn’t make much sense. We know where Netanyahu gets his munitions (those his country doesn’t manufacture.) What we don’t know (or maybe we do) is where Breivig got the estimated railcar load of explosives necessary to produce the coordinated bomb blasts when he was supposedly under police observation? He says he doesn’t remember. Very convenient if there were a number of black ops people involved in the operation which appears to originally have been planned to look like an “Islamic” terror attack…only something went wrong.

  8. William Smart:

    Netanyahu may very well end up getting a lot of Jews killed.

    When his apartheid regime collapses brown Jews will be left trapped in Palestine as the white ones all flee on their US and European passports.

  9. Howard T. Lewis III:

    The call to neighboring police precincts included instructions to gather at the precinct police station 10 miles from the park. fortunately, one precinct decided to disobey this order and proceeded directly to the boat launch and scene of the carnage at the park. This move saved lives. Did Breivik have his own boat? Did a dock attendant marvel at his armload of weapons? This massacre and bombing look more and more like coordinated efforts with each passing moment and each bit of relayed information. A satanic sacrificial lamb to Norway’s totally lenience toward murder. Was this lenience due to lobbying by freemasons and the Skull and Bones crowd in Norwegian government? Or naivete?

  10. pabelmont:

    Good comparison. But the world has seen many madmen, and not a few in power. The problem (as I see it) is that the madmen “give themselves and their pals permission” to violate every civilized rule — all in the name of avoiding whatever they are persuaded (or pretend to be persuaded) threatens them and theirs. The (mad) men who rule the USA presumably see the threat of being turned out of office (by AIPAC et al) as so serious that they must support Israeli lawlessness so as to avoid the (personal) threat to themselves. Unlike Nazi soldiers, they are not threatened with any harm beyond being turned out of office. Or, alternatively, they may fear the Israeli SAMPSON OPTION with a nuclear threat to the USA if we do not comply with them. Hard to know.

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  11. Ben Zona:

    What a simplistic, polemic and hate-ridden pile of crap. For a journalist Hart writes like a 12 year-old with a grudge, and like someone who is intimidated by the big world, and not part of the real world.

    I suggest hooking up with reality, getting a dose of common sense and then having a long break, somewhere in the sun. One can write an entire thesis debunking the premise of this argument, can it indeed be deemed as an argument? Or is it the antics of a sad, sorry old man who little to contribute to the civilised world?

  12. William Smart:

    Ben Zona – Alan Hart has taken it very easy on Bibi Netanyahu, failing to remind us that he is an enthusiastic supporter of terrorism. In 2006, he attended a celebration of the biggest act of terrorism ever seen, the blowing up of the King David Hotel, and even got a personal tour of the building from one of the terrorists. Then put up a memorial blaming the British.

    Nor is Alan the only person to think that Netanyahu is steering Israel to disaster and the world to war – several top Israelis are trying to reign in his various obsessions.

  13. Alan Hart:

    Ben Zora’s comment suggests the need for a revised headline – What do Breivik, Netanyahu and Ben Zora have in common?

  14. Colin Smith:

    Breivik? Another conspiracy theory. Enough is enough. I don’t want coincidence, I want proof. I don’t want objections. I want cause and effect, I want a clearly discernible trail between the event and the alleged conspiracists.As with 9/11, nobody can provide that. Until they do rational, clear-headed people will reject all these conspiracy theories as just that, theories awaiting proof, alleged by hysterical fantasists who’ve forgotten how to think.

  15. Brad Brzezinski:

    The Netanyahu / Breivik similarities are astounding. They both breathe in air and out CO2, contributing to climate change. They are both bipeds. Both have clean-shaven upper lips and have experience with the use of firearms.

    It’s terrifying to contemplate the pea-in-a-podness of these two (both) male, follicly-challenged homo-sapiens.

  16. Howard T. Lewis III:

    Colin Smith acts like a school marm telling class to be quiet. He has never helped put people in prison for a long time when they deserve it. Right now, with a jury of educated, objective jurors, it looks to me like Breivik was merely a Project Monarch conditioned soldier who did his assigned tasks and now is going through the steps to extricate himself from due punishment. I can imagine his song. Breivik is a very social person who puts value in his judgment and approval by others, especially his parents, evidenced by his freemasons get-up and his other ‘uniform’ festooned with all sorts of medals and badges.
    Each crime is solved through motive, opportunity, and alibi. The motive for this deed is evident as the gold colored crap all over his freemason’s suits. The lead or ‘Grand Patron’ of freemasonry is the queen of England and was another British royal family member before her.
    I say it again, Norway is an historically frugal and poor democratic society which has recently been blessed with the knowledge of extensive off shore oil deposits with a low government and royalty overhead. England is just the opposite. England has next to zero oil resources and a national debt that is 10x GDP with no relief in sight. The same with other family member monarchies Belgium and The Netherlands. Breivik went to America and picked up a $100,000.00 gift from someone in Naples, Florida just before this satanic act was ‘performed’ as a ritual of blood sacrifice, just like 9-11. Maybe the Obama customs service will tell you who gave it, but I don’t think so. Breivik is a freemasonic soldier with a crazy song and dance getaway in mind. Norway’s lenient first degree murder laws are very accommodating to swine like Breivik who believes in his own superiority and worth over all others. I am a college educated blue eyed blond with a large skull and I would have hung the bastard already and had his father and the Florida donator in custody. I also would publicize Breivik’s father’s time proven ties with the Right Wingers and security forces in England. Again, Netanyahu and Breivik work for England and the Rothschilds, but in different departments.

  17. Steve Meikle:

    An interesting comparison and one I had not thought of.

    I would say it is perfectly valid and will offend people all te more for htis

  18. Howard T. Lewis III:

    With regards to the inconvenience of conspiracy theories, my father was one of two or three representatives who flew from Seattle washington to New york City to work up cotract bids with the rockefellers. My dad was like he had just been hired to play B-ball next to Larry bird and Magic Johnson on the same team.This is a fact, as opposed to theory. Two meetings occured at our house shortly after this successful bid submittal. This also is fact, not theory. The subject discussed was the fact that the state and federal government oversaw an agreement between the project insurance company and the Rockefellers as developers that the WTCs I,II,and 7 had to fall straight down into their foundations instead of toppling over from acts of God. Damage from jets crashing was discussed, but whether its inclusion as an act of God happened, I do not know.I do know that after the second meeting at our housemy father quit the project and returned to his home construction company in Seattle.The preset demolition systems were installed in WTCs I,II, and 7 and The Chicago Sears & Roebuck tower(now Willis). This is fact, not theory. My father ordered me not to tell where I got this information but to shoot my mouth off about it and get to the U.of W libraries and Seattle downtown branch and ddo not come home until I found enough info to seal a case.I did, and it took a week ortwo. Fact, not theory. Unignited nanothermate and thermite chips were found through out the dust. Fact. Nuclear fission created isotopes were found at ground ZERO proving a nuclear fission device had gone off on 9-11-2001. Fact. People have been baring their teeth and throwing poop at me since the first time I told someone about the preset demolition systems. A metaphor for a fact, but just barely. They did bare their teeth.

    In accepting the facts I have provided for the Anders Breivik case, all that is left is for this readership to extensively research the Project Monarch Mind Control FIRST so you understand the depraved arena of mind control that has been going on since priests and infantry began. Then tie Breivik to project Monarch. Do that and this case is as simple and traditional as the infantry itself.

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