What if any was the point of Obama’s message to Israel’s president?

The Palestinians and Iran in particular (and the whole world in general) are fortunate that, as I suggested above, the prospects of any Republican replacing Obama in the White House are close to zero.

But Netanyahu has nothing to fear from Hillary. There is absolutely no reason to believe that as president she would get even close to deciding that in order to best protect American’s own interests (and actually those of the Jews of the world) she should use whatever leverage was necessary to try to end Israel’s defiance of international law, to set in motion a real peace process – by definition one that would end with peace based on an acceptable amount of justice for the Palestinians and security for all.

That’s not going to happen whoever occupies the White House unless and until enough American voters insist that it does.

Could it be that deep in himself Obama believes such a day will come and that’s why his words to Reuven were not a measured expression of his despair but a warning? Or perhaps both?






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  1. confoundmeonce:

    Just from my limited Knowledge.. I Could easily Say, with some Certainty…That No one of ISITREAL is Interested In Finding a Path to peace with These Hemmed up and Locked Down Palestinians Who are Desperately Fighting to Survive ON ‘Next To nothing’…on this wretched Piece of land called Gaza. These War mongering Under B.Netty…Are so Brainwashed That they Can`t think for themselves. The Palestinians WANT Peace..But Not at the Cost of Giving up their Sovereign Rights ..That IS Their Land These Usurpers ( Isitreal ) have Invaded and Occupied .. It Is A Position that Cannot Be Altered. unless …The Only Answer That Would Make Any Difference..is For Total Autonomy And Right to Exist and Be free On their Own Land.. And for These Isitrealis` to depart. There Will be no Compromising with these infiltrators. B.Netty says ” War unending ?” Well, What Does he Think will be Gained ? I SAY>>Absolutely Nothing..but Ruination For ALL Who Are Living on This Occupied Territory. Wake up People ! It is NOT Going to Go The Way you Have envisioned IT..Nor will IT Ever. I can Now Sense That This USA Is not Going to be The “back up Crew for Them Much longer. Obama Is not A Deciding factor Of THAT …But it will be The American Citizens Who are Going to Be the Last Word here. Enough IS Enough. And For Sure, We have Had Enough !

  2. Sami:

    The simple answer to Obama’s question would be: just carry on doing what you have all along been doing, i.e. use the US veto at the UN, wage war against its perceived enemies and turn a blind eye to the suffering of the Palestinians, including the unbelievable level of savage inhuman brutality dished out to them on a daily basis, sparing no women of minors.

  3. Sami:

    Correction to last three words: women or children.

  4. Nelson Wight:

    Alan, this article gives one a little hope, but your thinking that Hillary
    (who is really a Republican in sheep’s wool) will be the next U.S. president
    fills me with deep dread. Though I’ve voted with Democrats for nearly 70
    years, if she’s been bought the nomination I’ll vote GREEn from hear-on out!

  5. Calm:

    All NATO countries will walk away from the U.N. as China takes its rightful place upon the world stage.

    Israel is just biding it’s time.

    If ever a resolution was passed which was against Israel’s interests, they will leave the U.N. and stick by the “Facts on the Ground” as they have done since time began.


  6. Rehmat:

    Dear Hart, you know better than your readers that since 1940s, no American president had the courage to stand up to the powerful Jewish Lobby.

    Obama’s statement was no warning. In fact he was showing his eternal love for Israel.

    Reuven Rivlin, known as “Righteous Zionist” is dead against the American “two-state solution”. He supports one democratic Jewish state of Israel with equal rights and freedom of speech to all its Jewish, Muslim and Christian citizens.

    Rivlin disapproved Netanyahu’s anti-Iran rants and criticism of the so-called “P5+1” negotiations with Iran. Rivlin believes that no American administration would dare to throw Israel under the bus.

    Rivlin’s “Islamic” credential is – his father professor Yosef Yoel Rivlin was the first Jew who translated Holy Qur’an in Hebrew. He also translated ‘One Thousand and one Nights’.


  7. confoundmeonce:

    The Whole World Is Becoming United against This Zionist Conglomeration Monstrosity that is hanging on by a toe-nail … And This on-going massacre that is being carried out against the Palestinians… is going to be The Death knell to jews all over the world. IT Is The END for That bunch of Sour Grapes. It is inevitable that Their Last Stand Has Arrived. The sooner their demise Occurs, the Better off The World Will Be. Time They Started Scurrying in Their Panic..To the Closest Hole They can Locate. Time for Them is Limited.
    Alan, You have Done your best to Warn them What Kind of Path they were On,,They Have ignored Good Advice Too LONG. You can have the Satisfaction of Knowing YOU Did Warn Them. Deafness is going to be their Ruination.

  8. Benares:

    Now, at New Year 2016, it is obvious that President Obama, late in his second term, as every President, has become a Lame Duck. Also, that the next President will be a Republican. The cause of the Palestinian people will be even more dead than Before.

    The same goes if Hillary is President in 2017. Also she is stuck in the tight grip of the Lobby. Like Congress and the rest of Washington.

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