“What is Zionism and Who is Anti-Semitic? A Third Side of the Coin”

William Bell Jr posted me the following message and I thought it was worth quoting in full:

Acclaimed reporter and former Vietnam correspondent, Alan Hart, is the author of “Zionism The Real Enemy of the Jews, The False Messiah, Volume One. In the prologue titled “Waiting for the Apocalypse, p. 26, he cites staff writer Jane Lampman’s report in (Monitorworld, March 6-12, 2004).

Her report headlined: THE END OF THE WORLD: THE DEBATE HEATS UP. She wrote that “the interest in end-times prophecy has spread beyond their circles and is not only shaping people’s lives, but even influencing United States foreign policy. She referred to the minority of fundamentalist American Christians.

(CUFI) Christians United for Israel, lobbyist John Hagee’s video “Countdown to the Final End” lists seven of his reasons for believing that our generation will see the end of the world, even if it means a nuclear holocaust between the state of Israel and the Arab world. According to the back cover of his book, Jerusalem Countdown, such a catastrophe “will affect every person on planet earth.”

Many Christians fear being labeled “anti-Semitic” for speaking out against the Zionist movement, even while knowing clearly that ethical and moral Judaism is worlds apart from the political agenda of “Zionism.

A most peculiar anomaly is the marriage styled “Christian Zionism” as advocated by Hagee. Now, everyone who understands and accepts the Bible is a Zionist in some fashion, including this writer. The issue is we all mean something different by that word.

There are religious Judaic Zionists who practice the Zionism of the Old Testament. There are “Christian Zionists” who support the modern political state of Israel which opposes religious Judaism (See Jews United Against Zionism), as a non-political state. The Zionists’ agenda is focused on a future world dominated and ruled by their movement.

“Christian Zionists,” as the term is popularly used today are those who see the end times prophecies of both Old and New Testaments as imminent in bringing about this world-ending change. They are mainly preoccupied with geographical territory, political power and nuclear holocausts of the Arab world.

This is not a new issue, but the same national (now international) blindness that existed in the time of Christ. This debate was settled long before it ever got to its earth threatening stage we see it as today.

On the other hand, there are Christ-centered Zionists,* who understand that true Zionism has nothing whatsoever to do with territorial land borders, national politics and nuclear warheads

Jesus told the Samaritan woman that the time would come that neither in Mt. Gerizim (in Samaria or Northern Israel), nor in Jerusalem (Judea) would men worship the Father. (John 4:20-24).

However, the political agenda of those who rejected Christ’s teaching ignored his message that God’s mountain no longer resided in Palestine, but in the Father himself, and is spiritual. This message so aggravated the Jews (political and national Zionists of Jesus’ day) that they labeled him “anti-Semitic,” and crucified the one whom Pilate named “KING OF THE JEWS!”

Why this Anti-Semitic charge against Christ? He refused to be the “Prime Minister” of their political machine. They wanted a “king like all the nations” to rule in the land as had David in the past. This in spite of the fact that God Himself said from the very beginning that such a king was a sign of rebellion against Him (1 Samuel 8:3f; 10: 19; 12: 17f). They even held a convention and attempted to take him by force to create a new political Zionist state. Christ refused that offer just as he had earlier rejected Satan’s offer of political world domination (John 6:15, Matthew 4:8-11).

Disappointed and desperate that their attempts failed, the congress of political Zionists held a secret council meeting. At that meeting,* they labeled Christ as an insurrectionist,* and enemy of the Jewish state,* (Luke 23:1-4), maintaining the charge despite his sworn testimony under oath before Pilate that His kingdom was not of this world,* (John 18:36), i.e. not located in Palestine, as he affirmed to the Samaritan woman per above.

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