What, really, is (or was) Netanyahu’s game plan?

At the time of writing there are some indications that President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are beginning to panic because they know that the latest killing spree by what Ismail Haniyeh (Hamas’s top political leader) has called the “Zionist murder machine” is unacceptable to a growing number of people around the world. And I think this has made Obama and Kerry realise they if they don’t put real effort into bringing about a ceasefire, they will be exposed, fully naked, not only as moral cowards, not only as hypocrites but also as puppets of the Zionist state and its lobby in America.

The problem for Obama and Kerry is that as long as Hamas has rockets to fire at Israel (it currently has thousands) there is no way it can agree to a ceasefire unless its main condition, the lifting of Israel’s siege of the Gaza Strip, is part of the agreement. And there is no way Netanyahu will accept that because lifting the siege which is best described as occupation by remote control would mean defeat for him. (It other words, the lifting of the siege would demonstrate and prove that Israel’s latest war had been totally counterproductive).

In that light it seems to me that if the Israeli war machine is to be stopped Obama will have to confront Netanyahu and the Zionist lobby’s traitor agents in Congress.

Will he do so?

With the mid-term elections only about four months away and the soliciting of funds for them gathering momentum, I will be more than astonished if he does.

Last Friday the US Senate voted 100 to 0 in support Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip, so Netanyahu has good reason to believe that Obama is not in a political position to press him to accept a ceasefire on terms other than his own and that he, Netanyahu, will therefore remain free to escalate his war on the Gaza Strip and with it the killing, slaughter, of more and more Palestinians.

The only thing that could cause Netanyahu to seek a face saving way out of the conflict on terms other than his own is a change in Israeli public opinion.

Because they have been conditioned (brainwashed) to regard themselves as the victims when they are in fact the oppressors, most Israeli Jews don’t care about how many Palestinians are killed by their war machine. Some even chant “Death to the Arabs” and scrawl the same message in graffiti on walls.

But almost all Israeli Jews have a very low tolerance level of casualties on their own side. It is not impossible that if more and more Israeli soldiers are killed in combat with Hamas fighters a significant number of Israel’s Jews will say to Netanyahu, “Enough is enough. Stop the war.”

We shall see.

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  1. ontogram:

    “He said on CNN that Hamas wanted more and more Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to be killed by Israel in order to generate worldwide support for its cause and push American tv presenters into asking him tough questions. One of his actual quotes was: “They (Hamas’s leaders) want to pile up as many civilian dead as they can. They use telegenically dead Palestinians for their cause. They want the more dead, the better.””

    This guy really is sick — no mention that Israel is the killer piling up the corpses. It is all Hamas’ doing. The rapist blaming the victim. The killer blaming the murdered. Very sick indeed.

    Besides — if that were Hamas’ game plan, as he says, why is his army so willing to help out in this regard? Why don’t they then just leave Gaza and refuse to do Hamas’ dirty work. He is clearly nuts.

  2. confoundmeonce:

    THE Only First Move b.Obama Has to Make is.. Cutting OFF The Financial Backing He is Allocating to ISITREAL Every YEAR>>At THE Outside Tune of Over three Billion Dollars Plus Fringe Benefits ! All this Done AT the Expense of OUR countrys’ Suffering >>And our citizens Put Into debt.. and Out of Our Homes.. No JOBS..And Where in H.ll Does He Think The Money is Going TO Come FRom When There ARE No REAL Jobs Left here IN our Country ? No Way is THIS Situation Going to BE Allowed TO Continue..For IS Headed TO A Very Nasty Showdown. OR< Is THIS THE Plan in Mind ?— To Create So much Angst and Concern among the People here that WE Will Rebel Full Force..And HE can TRY using
    what he Is obviously salivating to try out… ( Martial Law ??? ) Why else has Thousands of ''Secret Internment "Prisons Been Built AND ARE Manned Day And Night IN OUR Country..And IN Other Countries ?? FOR Illegal Immigrants ? Not Very Likely…When HE IS Busy Inviting them in and Making Their Entrance And Journey here EASY. People, These ""young Children Are Not so young as You are Led to Believe. In A Short Time They CAN BE Equipped With A GUN That Fits their Fists . After all, They are being 'schooled to Think THIS IS Their Rightful Home and Should Take it. Under The AGE of "the law ?? ' WAKE UP People .

  3. Ronald Douglas Kennedy:

    Regarding: The Sio. Movie scrip to dominate all of Palestine, real ling out now. And must stop.

    Pope Frances requested a meeting at the Vatican. For a lasting effort to agree on the border, lands that would belong to Israel, with a lasting agreement by the Native Population of Palatine’s. Is now set aside in blood.

    As O.B & Keary efforts were defeated, In the old Sio sham line, “It’s all ours”. Send your: Dollars and weapons for endless war’s. As you owe use.
    The Catholic & Greek Church’s are also having part of there property’s taken by the settlers, Sio squatters, saying its all ours.

    Netany Ahu. now crying out his Political Rropaganda Lines, as he sends out his military to destroy and kill: ” we have the right to self defense, it’s our property, its our territory, its our country being attacked “.

    As Hamas crude un guided rockets are factually only falling on Palestine Land’s. As called out by: International Law, and U.N. Resolutions.

    Factually Israel is not following there, Contract land agreements, as they agreed to. In the signing agreements. As the Israel State. With the U.N. in 1948. And showing there sanctioned “agreed border call out’s.”
    At this time they are just the killing, occupying military power, with out legal land rights in Palestine.

    Netany Ahu and his Military Officers leading this “Knife Edge” deliberate butchery of Palestinian Civilians by there, Israel military occupation power, are breaking the law. Under international law’s, be booked and tried for War Crimes.

    The past 2009 war crimes in Gaza are not forgotten, our forgiven. As further called out.

    ( Richard Goldstone Report) Report of the United Nations Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict* A/HRC/12/48 25 September 2009

    Shalom- Ronald Douglas Kennedy

  4. Tom Mysiewicz:

    Dahlan if not Abbas to squander the natural-gas riches of Gaza. Hamas won’t go along with the scheme and has to go. As spelled out in “Clean Break” Israel must become self-sufficient so it can pursue a foreign policy independent of U.S. interests. To do that it needs Kurdish oil and pipelines, it now has courtesy of ZSIL and U.S. Green Berets. And it needs the 1-trillion-cu.-ft. of natural gas off Gaza.

  5. Sani:

    Unfortunately for all concerned is the fact that a US president who opposes Zionist excesses and crimes is one who has a death wish. Whether one likes it or not, we are talking here about the most dangerous criminal syndicate in the history of mankind that is holding hostage the a major world power. What could be more sick than a legislature voting more funds for a country that commits war crimes?
    As for ceasefires where Israel is involved, they were always arranged at it’s behest when it was facing uncertain outcomes. Blair wouldn’t have taken the trouble to visit Egypt’s Sisi for a ceasefire on shameful terms – which Hamas refused – had he not been asked to do so by Israel. Hamas, despite being no match in military hardware to Israel, had one advantage over Israel: its fighters are fighting with determination for survival and are not recruits mobilized for committing outrageous crimes against humanity. Hamas fighters are actually winning against the odds in face to face engagements, and so says Electronic Intifada.

  6. Mike:

    In my opinion this current invasion of Gaza will be a turning point for Palestine. An invasion too far for the Zionists. The longer this cowardly Zionist behaviour continues, the more the people of the world despise them. The Zionists know no other way, and as always never know when to stop. locked into a tribal pattern of behaviour that will bring them to ruin.

    God help all the people of Palestine,May you soon find peace again and regain your rightful, ancestral lands from these murderous liars and thieves. God help all the suffering and bereaved people, Our western politicians bring shame to us all.

  7. confoundmeonce:

    That old Saying ” Might Does Not Make Right ‘ Will Forever Stand True. It Is A ‘God-Awful Thing that is Going on in GAZA >>That is Being inflicted upon the Palestinian People By these “So-called Isitreal Militaries’ .. Killing Innocent People Who are Hemmed Up there .. Bombing And Shooting Women and Children indiscriminately with no sense of conscience. Is The World Court of Justice going to Wait until the last Palestinian IS Dead..And THEN SAY ‘ Oh Me! OH My! THAT was a Terrible Thing That WENT ON THERE !!’ Where IS OUR SENSE OF Humanity ?[ In the Toilet, that`s where.] These PSYCHOS Must be Stopped ..taken OFF the Face Of This Earth. What they are About ..is NOT Gods` Business..But is Their own evil agenda.. led by Their master,Satan. What good are Treaties… that were, supposedly Drawn up For the Benefit OF all Mankind..when they are Ignored Or else, discarded Upon whim ? What kind of People are We..that we can just sit back… throw up our hands… And Basically JUST SAY,” Dear ME ! How Awful ?” These People are Being Murdered for One Purpose in mind..TO Confiscate THEIR Land and to Bury them, once and for all ! It is not going to be A bloodless Coup.. stopping This horror, But it Must be Stopped. Please..God !

  8. Michael Thompson:

    “And I think this has made Obama and Kerry realise they if they don’t put real effort into bringing about a ceasefire, they will be exposed, fully naked, not only as moral cowards, not only as hypocrites but also as puppets of the Zionist state and its lobby in America.”

    come on Mr. Hart………..you surely don’t think that at the moment this duo have yet to be exposed as such?

  9. Rehmat:

    Mahmoud Abbas is a known US-Israel agent. His official mandate expired in January 2009, but has been kept in power by the US, EU and EU as counter-balance to Hamas popularity among the Palestinians. Last month, Abbas collaborated with Jewish soldiers to kill Hamas supporters in the West bank.

    In March, Abbas’ son Tarek told his father that talking to the Zionist regime is futile. Tarek advised his father to abolish the Palestinian Authority (PA, and let Israelis pick-up their own garbage in the West Bank.


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