Who Is Going To Destroy Israel?

The short answer is nobody (except perhaps Zionism itself).

That’s a conclusion. Now let’s see how we get to it.

The more Zionism’s version of the history of the making and sustaining of conflict in and over Palestine comes to be seen for the propaganda nonsense it is, the more supporters of Israel right or wrong are being mobilised – see below – to tell the world that Israel’s Jews really are in danger of being driven into the sea or nuked by Iran, if not today, tomorrow. The beauty of this assertion from Zionism’s perspective is that, feeding off the obscenity of the Nazi holocaust, it justifies anything and everything Israel does, war crimes and all, to consolidate its hold on those parts of the occupied West Bank including Arab East Jerusalem it intends to keep for all time, and go oppressing the Palestinians and denying them an acceptable minimum of justice.

Soon after he arrived in London in November 2007 to take up his appointment as Israel’s ambassador, Ron Prosor unveiled an Israeli Foreign Ministry plan to beef-up its propaganda offensive. He said that he and all of his staff would be getting out of their offices and into television and radio studios up and down the UK. And he called on Jews everywhere to become engaged in the process of pressing Israel’s line on the media by all available means. Prosor’s declaration of intent amounted to an admission that critics of Israel’s policies (including a growing number of eminent Israeli and other Jews) are beginning to make some waves, and that unless further great effort was made by its unquestioning supporters, Israel would be in danger of becoming widely perceived as the real obstacle to peace. (Which, of course, it is).

The extent to which this mobilisation is producing concrete results was on display over the weekend of 9/10 March in Have Your Say, the BBC’s global call-in programme. The question put forward by presenter Jonathan Charles for discussion was – What can be done to break the deadlock in the Middle East and put the peace process back on track? This particular Have Your Say programme was quite unlike all previous editions devoted to the Israel/Palestine conflict. How so?

In all previous editions, the majority of callers were (perhaps I should say seemed to be if memory serves me correctly) critical of Israel to one degree or another. Hardly surprising given that there are about 1.4 billion Muslims in the world and only between 13 and 17 million Jews. But in the programme broadcast over 9/10 March, the majority of callers – I mean those invited to express an opinion on-air – were supporters of Israel right or wrong. For listeners who know little or nothing worth knowing about the making and sustaining of the conflict, the main impressions conveyed by the programme were that Hamas not Israel is to blame for the fact that the peace process is going nowhere, and that Hamas and others (Hizbollah and Iran were most frequently mentioned) want to destroy Israel. Presenter Charles mentioned that before going on-air, the programme received “many thousands” of e-mails. I think it’s more than reasonable to assume that the majority of the e-mails on this occasion were the product of a highly organised Zionist lobby campaign, designed to influence the balance of opinion to be called by the BBC for the programme. Informed and honest debate was not well served and, no doubt, Ambassador Prosor and his foreign ministry colleagues would have been more than happy with the show.

During the programme a Palestinian from Gaza got as far as saying, “Whois going to destroy Israel?” He obviously believed that the assertion that nuclear-armed Israel could be destroyed by any combination of non-nuclear Arab force was nothing more than Zionist propaganda nonsense. Presenter Charles didn’t want to open that can of worms. But I will.

The truth of the past 60 years can be summarised as follows. From its unilateral declaration of independence in 1948 to the present, Israel‘s existence has never, ever been in danger from any combination of Arab force.Zionism’s assertion to the contrary was the cover which allowed its monster child to get away where it mattered most – in America and Western Europe – with having itsaggression perceived as self-defense.As I document in detail in my two-volume book, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, the front line Arab states, despite some empty and stupid rhetoric to the contrary, never had any intention of fighting Israel to liberate Palestine. They knew that was a mission impossible. And that is even more their conviction today.

What of the future?

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