Why the Palestinian diaspora must become politically engaged

He replied, “You’re right.”

My second statement was this:

If tomorrow Israel exterminated the occupied and oppressed Palestinians in the hope of closing the Palestine file for ever, most if not all of your leaders would clap their hands in approval behind closed doors.”

He replied, “You’re right.”

And how about this…,, When in 1982 Sharon was making his final plans for invading Lebanon all the way to Beirut for the purpose of exterminating the entire PLO leadership and destroying the organization’s infrastructure, the Gulf Arab leaders, who knew what Sharon was about to do, met in secret, without any advisers present, to agree a message to President Reagan. The message they sent was to the effect that when Sharon put his plans into action, they would not intervene or make any problems for U.S. How do we know that? One of the Gulf leaders who was present at the secret meeting, Oman’s Sultan Qaboos, told Arafat; and he told me. The Sultan said to Arafat: “YOU WILL ASK FOR OUR HELP AND IT WILL NOT COME. BE CAREFUL.”

A truth illustrated is that apart from the time when Saudi Arabia’s great King Feisal fought and won a political battle with Henry Kissinger to get Arafat to the UN to make his Gun & Olive Branch speech, the Palestinians have always been on their own – I mean without effective support for their struggle from the major powers and other governments.

And that’s why I say nothing in this world is more worthy of respect and admiration than the incredible, almost superhuman steadfastness of the Palestinians who are occupied and oppressed by the Zionist monster.

It’s because the occupied and oppressed Palestinians are on their own, without effective leadership and facing the real danger of a final Zionist ethnic cleansing, that I am here today, to say in the most explicit way possible, that it’s time for the Palestinian diaspora to put its act together and become politically engaged. If it does not, there is a very real prospect that it will be charged with complicity by default in a final Zionist ethnic cleansing.

So here’s THE question: How could the Palestinian diaspora put its act together and for what purpose?

First let us put some flesh on the bone of the term Palestinian diaspora – what actually is it or, more to the point, where are the Palestinians of it? The list country by country, listed in terms of the numbers of Palestinians in them, beginning with the country with the biggest number of Palestinians and ending with the country with the smallest number, is the following:

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