With the exception of Israel

Am I alone in thinking that on a daily basis President Obama is beginning to sound more and more like George “Dubya” Bush when he was talking tough about protecting Americans at home by fighting wars abroad?

That thought first came into my mind as I watched and listened to Obama addressing American troops at Bagram Air Force base on his recent surprise visit to Afghanistan. His purpose was to re-affirm America’s commitment to destroying al-Qaida and its Taliban and other allies.

“If this region slides backwards,” Obama said, “if the Taliban retakes this country, al-Qaida can operate with impunity, then more American lives will be at stake, the Afghan people will lose their opportunity for progress and prosperity and the world will be significantly less secure. As long as I’m your commander in chief, I’m not going to let that happen.”

The thing I can’t make up my mind about is this. Does President Obama understand that the best recruiting sergeant for violent Islamic fundamentalism in all of its forms is the double-standard that drives American (and actually all Western) foreign policy on the matter of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel?

If he does understand, he seems to be reconciled to the fact that with AIPAC turning its Congressional screws on him there’s nothing he can do to change things on that front. (The latest turn of the Congressional screw was an AIPAC-organized letter signed by more than three-quarters of the members of the U.S. House of Representatives calling for an end to public criticism of Israel).

Shortly after he received the letter, Obama was vowing on CBS to “ratchet up the pressure” on Iran. And he followed that up with an hour-long telephone conversation to China’s President Hu Jintao. The purpose of it was to persuade China not to exercise its Security Council veto if and when a resolution is tabled to impose new sanctions on Iran.

According to the White House account of the conversation, President Obama “stressed the importance of working together to ensure that Iran lives up to it obligations.” (My emphasis added).

So here we go again. Same, same old story. Iran and every nation on Planet Earth must be made to live up to its obligations with the exception of the Zionist state of Israel.

President George “Dubya” Bush once choked on a pretzel. Could the day be coming when President Obama will choke on the double standard?

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  1. Sawood.S:

    well i just have to say stop killing and troubling muslims worldwide be it PALESTINE,CHECHNIYA,etc,and also remember that TERRORISM IS NOT BORN,IT IS MADE.i hope america and the west understand it asap.as well as i donno why are they top news channels when they cant show reality.MEDIA CAN CHANGE OR CAN DESTROY.but from my point of view they all are just destroying the peace and communal harmony which we dream of.and the media which shows truth is no where near the top.
    i thank youtube and the internet to atleast show us the reality rather then bbc and fox.


  2. LenNZ:

    As a confirmed antizionist one thing does worry me. if as I suspect
    will happen. The insane Zionists will dig their feet in and
    ethnically cleanse Palestine of their ancestral Arab population, If this happens and the entire western democracies do what should have been done years ago, ie boycott divest and sanction. Then I really fear that the maniac Zionists will threaten to revert to the Masada
    solution and completely destroy the rest of the world along with their misguided selves.

  3. Eddie M:

    Hi Mr Hart…. always enjoy reading your articles…

    re Iran’s international obligations… nobody evers asks.. “what international obligations?”

    Surely not the Israelis whingeing about Iran enriching uranium, which then turns into an order for the Americans to pressurise the Iranins… which lo and behold, become Iran’s international obligations…. good lord!

    In any case, when did Iran sign up to having their illusory ‘international obligaitons’ dictated to them by Americans..?.. It’d be great to know this…

  4. nick:

    I watched your interview on Alex Jones show and it was quite excellent. It is a revelation to find someone from the BBC, as you once were, being so clear on what is taking place that the MSM seem to miss.
    I have stopped watching British television as from six months ago, and am much clearer in my thinking now. I accept very few things I hear or see unless they are obviously true.
    As for Obama, and thinking back to the meeting he and Hilary Clinton had at Bilderburg, before he became the democratic candidtae, one sees now how he has thrown off the mantle he had when elected and has retaken the one George Bush, left behind.
    there is absolutely no other way of seeing things.
    I am fearful of what may be heading our way, being somewhat informed on the UFO agenda, and suspect what we see taking place around us is one layer below what is actually taking place, in other words,
    My suspicion is, the war, the Gulf oil crisis even and the financial collapse are merely smoky mirrors and the actual events they are covering are or will be quite different. one only as to dig deeper and join together a few more dots.
    whilst the UFO subject contains a veritable rubbish heap of stuff, looking at it more deeply one may eventually find the real motivation for world events,

  5. CW:

    I voted for Obama, in large part because the Jerusalem Post hates him. Day after day after day, the J Post, and Jewish World Review treated his candidacy as the second coming of Goebbels.

    THAT’S MY GUY! I told myself. But somewhere along the road, he must have made a pact with the devils, because he really hasn’t done anything to thwart the ‘agenda’.

    Why do they hate him so much? What am I missing?

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