Wow! An Israeli government minister speaks the truth!

Tzipi Livni

Who was it? Justice Minister and chief negotiator (with the Palestinians) Tzipi Livni. What did she say?

On 9 May she said on Army Radio that Israeli settlements were to blame for the failure of peace talks. “The settlers want to prevent us from living a normal life and do not accept the authority of the law… Settlers are preventing us from reaching a resolution… Settlement construction makes it impossible to defend Israel around the world.”

At the start of his effort to get a peace process going more than nine months ago, U.S. Secretary of State Kerry wanted a settlement freeze. He believed it would demonstrate his seriousness to all concerned and especially the Palestinians. But Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said he could not deliver a settlement freeze because his government would fall if he tried to go down that road.

I imagine that frightened Kerry because he knows that if Netanyahu’s government was brought down it would most likely be replaced by one that could be described, objectively, as neo-fascist. (Strange though it may seem, those to the extreme right of Netanyahu in his coalition government, those of the neo-fascist tendency, sometimes give him the appearance of being a moderate!)

So Kerry and President Obama surrendered to Netanyahu just as he had surrendered to the settlers and their mouthpieces in government.

But there’s more to the blame game than that.

The real blame has to be laid at the feet of the American-dominated UN Security Council for its failure to put Israel on notice in the text of Resolution 242 that it would not be permitted to settle (colonize) any of the Arab territory it grabbed in the 1967 war. All those who drafted 242 knew it was a war of Israeli aggression not self-defence; and after “Emphasising the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war”, the text should have indicated that if Israel settled the newly occupied territories in defiance of international law it would be sanctioned.

As I explain in my book Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, the passing of Resolution 242 on 22 November 1967 was the moment the Security Council said goodbye to its integrity.

My detailed explanation includes what was said to me by a very, very senior and globally respected UN official. “Zionism has corrupted everything it touched, including this organization in its infancy“. I knew, really knew, that he was reflecting the deeply held but private conviction of all the top international civil servants who were responsible for trying to make the world body work in accordance with the ideals and principles enshrined in its Charter and international law.

Though it is contentious to say so in public, the corruption charge is supported by the facts. In 1947 the Zionists and their allies in the U.S. Congress subverted the General Assembly of the UN to get a rigged and bare minimum majority for the partition plan, which was subsequently vitiated. And in 1967 the Security Council was effectively subverted by the Johnson administration’s Zionist-driven refusal to label Israel the aggressor and hold it accountable to international law and its obligations as a member of the UN.

In the light of the above, and given that Obama lacks the political will to take on Netanyahu and confront the Zionist lobby and its stooges (traitor agents) in Congress, Kerry never had a chance of succeeding. Why did he bother? Only he knows the answer.

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