Yes, Jews ARE the victims – of Zionist propaganda

As with most personality disorders, psychotherapy is the treatment of choice. Individuals with paranoid personality disorder, however, rarely present themselves for treatment. It should not be surprising, then, that there has been little outcome research to suggest which types of treatment are most effective with this disorder.

It is likely that a therapy which emphasizes a simple supportive, client-cantered approach will be most effective. Rapport-building with a person who has this disorder will be much more difficult than usual because of the paranoia associated with the disorder. Early termination (of the treatment by the client) therefore is common. As the therapy progresses, the patient will likely begin to trust the clinician more and more. The client then will likely begin disclosing some of his or her more bizarre paranoid ideation. (The term “ideation” is new to me. My Cambers Dictionary tells me it means “the power of the mind for forming ideas and images.”)

The therapist must be careful to balance being objective in therapy and with regards to these thoughts, and of raising the suspicions of the client that he or she is not trusted. It is a difficult balance to maintain, even after a good working rapport has been established.

During times when the patient is acting upon his paranoid beliefs, the therapist’s loyalties and trust may be called into question. Care must be used not to challenge the client too firmly or risk the individual leaving therapy permanently. Control issues should be dealt with in much a similar manner, with great care. Since the paranoid beliefs are delusion and not based in reality, arguing them from a rational point of view is useless. Challenging the beliefs is also likely to result in more frustration on both the part of the therapist and client, too.

All clinicians and mental health personnel who come into contact with the individual who suffers from paranoid personality disorder should be more keenly aware of being straight-forward with this individual.

Long-term prognosis for this disorder is not good. Individuals who suffer from this disorder often remain afflicted with prominent symptoms of it throughout their lifetime.


In my view the question of how to treat Israeli and other Jewish paranoia is one that should be urgently addressed by the world’s most eminent and universally respected psychiatrists. I also believe that in private world leaders should urge them to do so.

As I have previously written and said on public platforms, the consequences of not treating this mental disorder are predictable. They will most likely include a final Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine, which almost certainly will speed up the transformation of the rising, global tide of anti-Israelism into anti-Semitism, setting the stage for, at some point, another great turning against the Jews.

Could this be what sickenly, self-righteous Zionism really wants in order to have in its own deluded mind never-ending justification for its defiance of international law and denial of justice for the Palestinians?

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  1. confoundmeonce:

    Alan,, You Have Clearly Stated What The Majority of These Z-jews are Suffering With Unto Death ! For I see no Cure, nor Remedy for This Paranoia that afflicts So many Who Can`t `see the “Forest for The Trees’ And Why this Affliction is Soon Going to Turn So inward On The jews The Point It is Going to Finish them All OFF… And They, Being So Paranoid, They will not even Feel a Thing. They Will NOT even Be able To See IT Coming. Paranoia blinds the Senses That Spell Sanity.
    If These Poor Palestinians Who Have Been Swept Into That Open-Air Prison Could Just Hold out A While Longer…They will Win this Horrible game of ‘cat and Mouse’ These Z-creatures Started … It is inevitable The Z`s will end up dead.They Have Earned This Outcome by the insidious Cruelties They are Inflicting There upon These Rightful inhabitants of This territory that was taken from them and called Israel… “”What ye Sow; So shall ye reap !”

  2. ontogram:

    Of course, all Israel-supporting Jews are complicit. Every American synagogue flying the Mogen David flag or Israel is complicit and they need to be told so in no uncertain terms. Perhaps activists should march around these synagogues with pictures of what their support has done to another people, the myriad crimes of Zionism.

    Zionism is nothing but power, a gangster imperialism for people who think themselves better than others. It is that simply. Has nothing to do with Judaism, of course. Zionism has demonstrated the power of lies.

    Every Israeli is complicit as well, even the “peace” groups and “human rights” groups. They are part of the system and therefore they live on the system, at the behest of the system, and therefore they are responsible for that system.

    It would be terribly wrong and a horrible thing altogether, but should some power obliterate all of Israel and every Israeli, personally I would lose no sleep over it. And I’m Jewish.

  3. confoundmeonce:

    Ontogram, You Summed up how you feel..And Why Quite Well. YES, it is a Terrible point to Come to.. When YOU See The Effects of Destruction That has Been Wrought By your Own ”Kindreds.” I Get THAT. I am So Ashamed Any nmore to Even SAY I am an American Citizen…For When I Can See The Destructiveness and The Pain This Country Is Reining down on Poor, Defenseless Peoples All over This Universe ( And For NO More reason but that They are inhabiting A Land that Has Something in it..Or On it..That Is Coveted…It makes ME Ill. My sadness Is derived From my own inability to Still This Tide of Destruction…Only God can Make IT STOP. And HE Will. SO..Ontogram, don`t hate yourself because you are Jewish. Just Hate What So many Creatures who Say they are jewish,,Is YOUR name. When enough People like yourself Feels AS you DO..And Speaks OUT as Clearly >>You can Bet..Times Will Change. IT IS an Inevitable Fact It will Have to Breathe Its` last. God Bless YOU for Speaking out.

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