You can’t have free speech and Zionism, Mr. President!

As the New York Times put it, “President Obama used his last major address on a global stage before the November election to deliver a strong defense of America’s belief in freedom of speech, challenging fledgling Arab and North African democracies to ensure that right even in the face of violence.”

My challenge to the president is this. “When you are back in the White House for a second term, will you do whatever is necessary to ensure that all Americans (Congressmen and women especially) can enjoy the right of free speech even in the face of the Zionist lobby’s offensive to suppress it?”

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  2. Rehmat:

    Zionists cannot afford ‘freedom of speech’ – because that will debunk their lies on which they created Israel and continue to keep the West their hostage. It’s against law to question the Zionists’ SIX MILLION DIED story in 15 western countries. Then they have HATE LAW in the US, Canada and several European countries which stops the criticism of Israel, Jews, Holocaust and Zionism.

    While American leaders project themselves as ‘Champions’ of the ‘freedom of speech’ – they themselves don’t practice at home. Take for example the case of Ray McGovern 72, who in 2011 was left ‘bruised and bloodied’ after being violently dragged out of the hall of George Washington University while hypocrite Zionist Hillary Clinton was lecturing governments in the Middle East, especially the Islamic Republic, on how people should be allowed to protest in peace without fear of threat or violence. She also condemned governments who arrest protesters and do not allow free expression.

  3. Davey Wavey:

    There is no bottom, no end to American/Zionist perfidy and hypocrisy. It amazes me that Americans are so easily conned by these war-mongers into supporting dubious enterprises like a war on Iran. For what? The only consequence will be a slight delay in Iran attaining a bomb but a redoubled will to do so, huge expenditure of American fortune to weapons industry to pick up the slack in a military budget destined to be cut substantially. A war with Iran will accomplish this unequivocally: It will transfer wealth from American taxpayers to private weapons and weapons-related industry and their equity holders. That’s about it.

    Free speech on Israel? Only after American/Zionist perfidy and hypocrisy has been exposed, that is, on a temperate day in hell.

  4. Davey Wavey:

    An amendment: War with Iran may kill some Americans and Israelis, will certainly kill some Iranians. (Now the consequences are listed entirely!)

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  6. maryam:

    Free speech my ass. One of my friends was just investigated by the FBI and the Dept. of Homeland Security, NOT for his Facebook posts but because an anonymous tipper (someone vicious who wanted to hurt him) called the FBI and accused him of being affiliated with terrorists. After being served with a federal warrant, his home was searched and his computer was confiscated. He finally got it back after about 2 months. He is an older gentleman, a Muslim revert, and has written and participated in activities for Palestinian rights and for civil liberties. How Orwellian things have become. Shame on Obama because he is the one who promised a “transparent” administration, but instead has engaged in more spying on US citizens than any previous president.

  7. pete:

    we absolutly have free speech as long as you dont talk anything but good about Israel.You could call president O,Bama a nigger and he would no, i dont like it but here in America we have free speech. Say something equivilent to that about Israel you have got yout tit in a wringer. A couple of years ago one senatot tried to establish a law that it would be a crime to critize Israel.

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