Zionism’s dark forces don’t want the lights on

At the opening of AIPAC’s annual foreign policy conference its new president, Lee Rosenberg, was not a happy man. As he put it, “In recent days we have witnessed something (the Obama administration’s initial public anger with Netanyahu and his government) very unfortunate.”

The Biden “incident”, Rosenberg said, was “regrettable”, but Netanyahu had apologized “four separate times” and said “the announcement” (of more Jewish construction in occupied Arab East Jerusalem) was “hurtful and should not have been made.” Quite so, Mr. Rosenberg. It would have been much better from Zionism’s point of view if the announcement had not been made and Israel had just got on with the business of de-Arabizing East Jerusalem.

In any relationship even the best of friends were going to disagree, Rosenberg said, but it was “how friends disagree, how they react when missteps occur, that can determine the nature of the relationship.”

Then he made his three key points:

“Number one, the people of Israel and the democratically elected government of Israel passionately believe in peace. And Israel is committed to its alliance with America.

“Number two, the United States and Israel both have a responsibility to work with one another and achieve that peace. That is what allies do.

“And three, allies should work out their differences privately.”

That brought AIPAC’s new president one of three standing ovations.

Why should disagreements between American administrations and Israeli governments be kept from the public?

Rosenberg’s answer was: “History shows that when America pressures Israel publicly, it provides an opportunity for those who wish to derail the peace process to have their way.”

Ah, so it’s not Israel that is making peace impossible?

Rosenberg could not have been more explicit with AIPAC’s take on that aspect of the matter.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let us be clear, the reluctant partner in this peace process is not Israel’s elected leader Prime Minister Netanyahu. (Another standing ovation).

“The recalcitrant partner is the Palestinians and their leader – President Mahmoud Abbas.

“The Palestinians are bitterly divided between Hamas and Fatah – that is a problem. The failure of President Abbas to end his nay-saying and come to the table for direct talks which Prime Minister Netanyahu has been committed to from the start – that is a problem. The failure of the Arab world to begin normalizing its relationships with Israel – that is a problem.

“Israel is not the problem. Israel is America’s partner. (The third standing ovation).

When I was a child my father often said to me, “Boy, there are none so blind as those who don’t want to see.”

But blind though AIPAC is for that reason, it’s not completely out of touch with reality. It knows that the more Zionism’s on-going colonisation is exposed to the light, the more the world understands that Israel is the obstacle to peace. (The world now includes some of the U.S.’s top military men who are going on the public record with their view that support for Israel right or wrong is not in the best interests of America).

If you are a Zionist, the case for keeping the lights off is a very strong one.

At the time of writing, I’m waiting, as no doubt many others are, to see if President Obama returns to his surrender mode when he meets with Netanyahu tomorrow.

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  1. John Doe:

    There they go again. It’s hard to believe AIPAC members are Americans. I support registering AIPAC as a representative of a foreign government. I see nothing American in the actions or speech of AIPAC.

  2. rosemary spiota:

    Alan, it is almost breathtaking that so many lies can be strung together and accepted by so many. To mention the PROBLEM of Hamas/Fatah after the terrible behaviour of Israel and the West (after Hamas was fairly elected by the Palestinians in all the OPT) to cause the rupture and withdrawal to Gaza with the tragic consequences is typical. I found Jeff Gates’ recent article on the extension of the word anti-Semitism to almost any comment on Israel very telling. How can AIPAC pretend that the interests of Israel and USA are identical? Regards Rosemary

  3. elona-llyn-shoshanna kidner-williams:

    I enjoy your articles enormously and have always respected your journalism along with my late father. Perhaps you are unaware that you were also very well respected in my own tiny principality of Wales.

    My feeling, after living in Israel during the Naqba, and carefully following everything about it that I possibly could over the 62 dreadful years since, much of which many Jewish People are unaware of, including attrocities committed by their own governments against the Sephardim Communities and their children/infants in early Israel, I fear that Zionism has very much torn the very heart and soul out of Judaism and that the country is totally bereft of reality and moral leadership. This experiment of a “Jewish Homeland” has gone horribly wrong and needs to be stopped now before millions more innocent people are massacred in the name of Israel because, let us make no bones about it, people are dying and being persecuted everywhere in the world now because of Israel’s lies, false information and pressure on America to attack Islamic countries and this has to end. It will end in tragedy for all of us if Israel and their hold on World Jewry is not stopped at once.

    It is time to put out the lights on AIPAC; on ALL JEWISH GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS IN EVERY COUNTRY OTHER THAN ISRAEL; EITHER DISARM ISRAEL COMPLETELY OR DISSOLVE THE COUNTRY AND TRANSFER THE POPULATION TO THE FIRST JEWISH STATE: BIRIBIZHIAN. (There was no need for Palestine to become split because the Jews already had and still have a flourishing State in Biribizhian which they were careful not to mention – so a case can be made at the U.N. for fraud and I believe that the UN really did not have the right to give this land away considering that it had already been promised to the Palestinians for fighting alongside the British to rid the land of the Turks. Any way you look at this question, even biblicly it is wrong. (Abram came from Ur in the Persian Gulf not Palestine and besides Jews broke their covenant with God many times and were sent from the land forfetting it, (if you believe the Bible)). So they have always been usurpers of this land not the indigenious people of the land and need to leave.

    For the past 80 years this whole region has been racked by terrorism, Jewish terrorism, as it is today and it must end. The fact that it is now Israeli Jewish State Terrorism makes no difference, it is still terrorism.

  4. John Robertson:

    Alan, I don’t think you will have to wait very long.


  5. mary:

    As always, the Zionists blame the Palestinians for failing to be interested in sham negotiations, but pretend not to understand that their insistence on building 50,000 Jewish-only settlements might be the factor standing in the way. It’s an insult to anyone’s intelligence when Netanyahu is claiming to be interested in negotiations yet refuses to stop the relentless Zionist enterprise whose goal is to completely destroy the possibility of a homeland for the Palestinians.

  6. Ahmed from Bahrain:

    Derailing what peace process? Am 60 years old and as far as I can remember, Israel has derailed every peace effort made and it remains the only country in the world not to have a defined border. The reason is fairly clear to the blind, it wants to steal more lands, occupy them, build on them, then declare them disputed land and then declare them their God’s given right since it is Eretz Israel (Greater Israel) – a term they draw from the Torah (Old Testament) to mean the rivers of the Nile in Egypt to Euphrates in Iraq.

    All this other talk is pure PR to convince the gullible who applaud such inhumanity.

    They can have peace tomorrow but they have been talking about it for 50 years and will keep on just talking about it.

  7. Martina Tamburrino:

    Very good article, as always, Alan.

    There also is another aspect that came to my mind when watching the AIPAC “show”. Somehow I was reminded of a scene from a German movie – but quite true to real-life, as I know from my student days in Berlin. The movie scene showed a group of
    old Nazi-nostalgics as they gathered for one of their regular conventions to reminisce the days gone by and make daring plans for a “glorious future”. In their hearts they knew those times were gone for good, yet they ostentatiously patted one-another on their shoulders, congratulating each-other for their great commitment, making noises in an attempt to reassure and draw reassurance from their grand statements, staving off the feeling of final defeat – all in all whistling in the dark to keep the big illusion alive.

    Somehow, I have the feeling (hopefully not a delusion) that this year the AIPAC madmen and their prominent guests were louder than ever, as if to dispel the ghost of a not too far-away showdown. As I watched what any person not under the Zionist spell must perceive as a (deadly) farce, I wondered how many in that convention were trying to shrug-off the feeling of alarm they must surely have felt when reading the recent warnings in the more honest Israeli press. “Israel Delegitimized” is the term I frequently stumbled upon when reading recent Haaretz articles listed in your very useful Twitter.

    I’m sure they must be aware of the mounting disapproval coming loud and clear from European and American citizens – many of them Jews. And they must also be aware that it would be unwise to ignore those voices and simply dismiss them as an expression of “anti-Semitism” – as they call it openly, while secretly acknowledging the anti-Israel aspect, if they are smart, and they are, albeit in a devious fashion.

    You are right: “Zionism’s dark forces don’t want the lights on” – neither to see nor to be seen.

    Could we really be on the brink of witnessing a slow descent of Israel’s rising star? I really hope so and the People of Palestine must hope so, lest they give up in despair. But I don’t think the help will come from Obama. It will come from (slowly) awakening mass-movements, as it always does.

    I wonder if anybody else shares the impression I had when watching the AIPAC circus.

    Martina, Rome, Italy

  8. mary:

    Zionism has never been diverted from its course, which is to accomplish the complete conquest of “eretz Israel” and drive off or exterminate the Palestinian people. The “peace process” always has, and always will be, a dog and pony show covering up the true agenda. The Zionists continue to hoodwink a large part of the world, but that scam is slowly coming to an end. The truth always comes to light, and may it do so before it is too late for the people of Palestine.

    When I see such nauseating spectacles as Clinton’s genuflection before AIPAC, I have a compulsion to pack my bags and get the hell out of the US. I am so thoroughly angered and disgusted that words fail me. I can only hope that this latest spectacle is the equivalent of the band playing on the Titanic as the ship sunk.

  9. karim:

    this american administration will be out in a few years.
    what are a few years of pressure in the eternity of jerusalem?
    the american people and congress overwhelmingly support israel and would not allow this anti israel atmosphere to go on much longer yet jerusalem would still be here in a 1000 years.

  10. mary:

    Nice thought, Karim. Maybe the city will be there, but don’t we have a responsibility as human beings to stop the killing of Palestinians?

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