Zionist lobby’s new orders for Obama

I would like Rosenberg to be right about how Israel’s leaders would respond to real American pressure, but I am very far from convinced that he is. As my regular readers know, I think there is a possibility, even a probability, that if real American push came to Zionist shove, the preference of Israel’s deluded leaders would be to tell the American president of the moment (and the whole world) to go to hell. Whether or not they would actually do so would depend, I imagine, on the state of Israeli (Jewish) public opinion at the time. If most Israeli Jews were still as brainwashed by Zionist propaganda as they are today, they would probably back the mad men who lead them.

Question: Why do I think that Berman’s resolution is an indication of AIPAC panic?

The answer, most of it, is in my last post which was headlined Obama’s last card – Will he play it? My main point was that because he does not have to honour the promises made to Netanyahu to secure his delivery of a 90-day freeze on illegal settlement activity on the occupied West Bank, Obama is free to discontinue the presidential practise of vetoing Security Council resolutions which are critical of Israel.

My speculation is that AIPAC drafted House resolution 1734 and then got Berman to rush it through because it feared that Obama is thinking about instructing the US ambassador to the UN to the effect that there will be no further American veto on Security Council resolutions which are critical of Israel and/or call for the recognition of a Palestinian state inside 1967 (pre-war) borders.

So the question waiting for an answer is – Will Obama obey Zionism’s latest orders?


Josh Ruebner is the National Advocacy Director of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, a national coalition of more than 325 organizations working to change U.S. policy toward Israel/Palestine. In his account for AJPME of the hustled introduction and passage of Berman’s resolution, he explains why he thinks what happened is an indication that AIPAC “is losing its grip”. (Or as I put it, is beginning to panic).

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  1. Paul de Burgh-Day:

    Here’s to AIPAC ‘losing it’s grip”, or even better, beginning to panic!
    Unless this world is able to blow away the darkly evil shroud of Zionism, nothing will arrest the headlong rush into a new dark age.

  2. Cllr David Durant:

    Getting the resolution passed unanimously is an impressive show of influence, but a sign of panic for the same reason.

    This is because by tradition the zionists like to act behind the scenes and allow useful idiots to do their dirty work and misrepresent the issues in public.

    Having to take on this role themselves is a sign of panic, because it’s a bit like a vampire being forced to venture out in daylight.

    And it reveals the significance of international recognition of Palestinian statehood. In one audacious move, the powerful zionist lobby faces being outflanked and legally portrayed as the problem and defeated!

    Also a unanimous vote on a contentious issue is not natural and must involve coercion. Recognition of Palestinian statehood would remove this coercion. And once this coercion is removed the whole house collapses (just like the Berlin Wall).

    But will Obama do it? Personally I believe he wants to, but is worried about the impact on domestic politics. But if he does, it is a game changer and will suddenly have cross party support.

  3. Robert Battersby:

    House Resolution 1734 is a prime example of the Zionist enterprise showing its true rotten colours. The thought of Meir Kahane comes to mind here. Meir Kahane had the insane vision of a Greater Israel occupying land between the Nile and the Euphrates taking in part of Egypt, Jordan, Syria Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Doubtless the Israeli Zionist “visionaries” and their corporate backers look at the oilfields of Saudi Arabia & Iraq with envy. One wonders “Is this their real agenda?”.
    I like Alan’s suggestion of making the financial support to Israel a loan not a gift. At present they are giving power to Israel (over them). If they lend them money, they have power over Israel, the way they treat every other country. I expect the Bermans, the Liebermans etc. to oppose this but they need to get Israel to pay its way. Money is power and the Zionists exert control by that rule. Beat them at their own game.

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  5. Tom Mysiewicz:

    Berman may be living proof that the U.S. Constitution is no longer the law of the land and the U.S. is governed by “something else”. The Constitution spells out foreign policy as being in the realm of the Executive Branch (President and his cabinet). The Legislative Branch (Congress & Senate) is to vote on any treaties proposed by the Executive Branch. In this case, the Legislative Branch is attempting to usurp the power of the Executive Branch. This is attacking the very system of checks and balances puit into place by the Founding Fathers. Berman–unless he was not sworn in–took an oath “…to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”–and so should be tried for treason for introducing such a bill.

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  7. rosemary spiota:

    “principles underlying the Oslo accords” can only be a sick joke, which Netanyahu fulfilled his promise to destroy. There is no peace process, and no desire for peace by Israel. Why would it, with free WMD, and (im)moral support by the US? I agree with Alan that now the bribe has been rebuffed by Israel,the US has no agreement to veto criticism. The US population in polls has shown it is not in AIPAC’s pocket.

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