An off-the-record New Year conversation with President Obama

Q: Could that happen during your second term?

A: I would like to think so but I can’t be sure.

Q: A last thought for now, Mr. President. Are we being naive when we entertain the thought that Israel’s brainwashed Jews might have their minds opened to reason by changing circumstances?

A: Only time will tell.

At that point I woke up. With the approach of the New Year I was only dreaming that I had an off-the-record conversation with President Obama.

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  1. Miss Costello:

    Well, I hope you (Alan) have sent ‘him’ the link, because no one needs to hear it, see it or read it more. Then all ‘he’ needs to do is speak it. In your dreams??

  2. David King:

    The responses you received from Obama do not serve his purposes.

    Why simply not ask for the International Court to be convened

  3. David King:

    The responses you received from Obama do not serve his purposes.

    Why simply not ask for the International Court to be convened and have the zionists stand trial?

    The one and only thing that needs to happen here, to defuse any or almost any loss of life; is to have international law enforced. Wolla; justice is served and everybody goes back about their business.

    Justice is the key. Has always been the key; will always be the key. But Obama is not about justice, has never wanted justice and doesn’t seek justice. Justice will never bring him his goals; which are criminal.

  4. Richard Steven Hack:

    In other words, the “solution” is for the Palestinians to dissolve their alleged government and throw themselves on the mercy of the Israelis, hoping that the US government and the US electorate will save them by convincing the Israeli electorate that the only way to save Israel is the one-state solution.

    All I can say is: Good luck with that. You’re looking at a probably 20-50 year long project which has many steps, all of which are unlikely to be achieved before the Zionists can step up the violence and drive the Palestinians off the West Bank and Gaza.

    Here’s my alternative: Get the international community to force the UN – regardless of US veto, by going through the General Assembly – to reverse the decisions of the UNSC in 1947, declare Israel an illegal state (because the UN never recognized it and the UN had no legal right to partition Palestine in the first place), place all of Israel and Palestine under UN control, then convene a Constitutional Convention for a new state of Palestine, then hold elections for the new state with anyone who served in either Israel or the Palestinian governments being unable to stand for office (thus marginalizing the current losers).

    Of course, this will never happen either. But if you’re relying on the US to reverse the ethnic cleansing (or genocide) of Palestinians, you’ve got a long wait ahead of you.

    The problem is very simple: The Zionists are a unitary, unified group. They can always out-maneuver the rest of the world by simply “justifying” enhanced violence by ratcheting up their own actions, e.g., the current round of settlement expansion.

    The only way to deal with that issue is for the international community to come in and take control of the Israeli military machine, and to disenfranchise the entire Israeli government. Regardless of Israel’s nuclear arsenal and its threatened “Samson Option”, they are in no position to threaten the entire world if the entire world decides “enough is enough”. Israel could be driven to its knees by a total air and naval blockade backed up by the military force of NATO (assuming the US would never support such a move) and the US (if it could be persuaded to do so.)

    Again, very unlikely to happen. But it would be far more efficient and quicker than waiting on large numbers of US voters to get their heads out of their butts and overthrowing the US Congress which is totally in the hands of AIPAC and the Zionist Lobby.

  5. Roger Tucker:

    Alan, you have nailed the potential scenarios, as well as the obvious solution to the problem. The question in my mind has long been “what is the path to One Democratic State, the path of least resistance?” There have been half a dozen One State conferences in the last ten years, but this question has never really been on the agenda.

    You frame it as the responsibility of the Palestinians to convince the Israelis that they would be safe in such a future. As I see it, that is half the story. The other part is unrelenting pressure from the rest of the world, a la the political and economic sanctions applied against So. Africa – particularly from the people of the West, as Israel sees itself as a Western democracy.

    I believe such an effort is doable within the foreseeable future, but not unless there is a united front that stretches from the Palestinian communities within Israel and the OT to the streets of America and the UK. What is required is leadership and organization. Where would this come from?

    Roger Tucker
    One Democratic State

  6. John Mann:

    Q: Are you suggesting that in this scenario you can see a day coming when America, even America, would become part of a global effort to sanction apartheid Greater Israel?

    A: Yes. I think there would come a time when a majority of Americans were outraged enough to insist that Congress and their president acted.

    Hello Alan, It’s fun to ruminate speculatively, isn’t it?

    Regardless, any “Spirit of ’76″ remaining in the U.S. public – that being the simple gumption required to fire outrage and activism – has been effectively subsumed by TV. A decade ago NY Times columnist Frank Rich wrote to the effect, quite correctly, I think, that if it isn’t on TV in America it simply doesn’t exist in the greater American picture of reality.

    TV defines what the governing reality IS in America. Here, when it comes to Zionist Israel’s Lebensraum and Security, well, anything is reasonable. The detailed CNN-ORC International Poll conducted November 16-18, 2012, is very clear in that regard. I suggest, Alan, that you audit the complete results.

    Very broadly, 57% of all respondents stated Israel’s latest military operation in Gaza was justified; it was 59% among registered voters. That doesn’t sound too bad until one considers the 19% of respondents having no opinion at all.

    Three quarters of ostensibly responsible Americans either support Zionist excesses or just don’t care. After all, the NFL Playoffs are set to commence soon.

    If the American public is going to insist on anything at all, I’m rather afraid it will be an attack on Iran. Truth and actual reality mean little to the great majority of us. Our national perspectives are flawed because of gigantic lies of omission – and heavy emphasis on stories keeping us fearful of things at home and abroad.

    It’s what keeps the armament factories churning.

  7. Herman King:

    S Africa not a good analogy. Look what happened to that country after apartheid ended.

  8. Rehmat:

    It’s a wishful thinking on your part Mr. Hart. Anyone who has studied Barack Obama’s political career from an objective source – will tell you Obama has no stomach to make such antisemitic statement. He is product of Chicago’s Jewish crime mafia – and the Jewish Lobby which put him in the Senate and the White House.

    Let’s imagine for a minute that he did say what you wrote considering Obama will be serving his second and final term in the White House and doesn’t need Zionist/Jewish support anymore – but then there are people like Rabbi Andrew B. Alder, who in January 2012 had suggested that Israeli Mossad should assassinate Obama because he was too coward to attack Iran.

  9. Gene:

    Dream on, Alan.

  10. Confoundmeonce:

    Richard..Like David King Said ..” Your Ideas ARE good. So many Real Patriots in This Country Backs Such a Plan. But With the Number of Neo-cons I That have Infiltrated Our ? Guvmt. ho ‘seem to be left free reign…I don`t see This Occuring…Not until, As was Stated, These <> who are Squatting in our / House and Senate… Has to be Ousted Before Anything Meaningful Can be Accomplished. This “”Lawful Path ‘ Probably Is Too Long and Consider Much Longer. While WE Fiddle, Rome Burns ! Things ARE going to Come to a head In this Country Soon. For People Are wising up to this Fact..With Each Day that Dawns. I see no Recourse From Bloodshed. Some folks May be ‘turning in their OLD Weapons..But I Do not Believe ANYone is Turning in their Weapons that is in good working order .. ( Like this Guvmt. had Hoped They would DO. )

  11. jarjees tariq:

    lets get sumthing straight here. NO AMERICAN PRESIDENT can and ever will have the balls to stand up to the Zionist lobby and demand to stop this nonesense. they are all puppets in their hands and they dance to their tunes and will. unless and until the American general public wakes up from its slumber and ignorance, and realizes the garbage their govt is feeding them, wen they realize their govt is made up of traitors who put the interests of another country above the American interests, ONLY wen the public pressure is so immense that the president and congress actually does wat its suppose to do, only then sumthing of a miracle will happen. otherwise its a pipe dream a utopia. calling the president the most powerful man in the world is a bloody joke. if he was all that powerful he wudnt bend over to the likes of netenyahu and the stooges in zionist lobby. i still wonder y do ppl vote, its the biggest lie ever. ur votes dont matter. the candidates r chosen on the basis of how much they grovel in front of the zionist lobby and surrender themselves to its policies and whims. obama aint different.

  12. Christof Lehmann:

    Dear Alan Hart.
    Actually you are making many brilliant points in this article and I woould not expect anything less from you. You are however, implicitly giving Barak Obama the credit of doubt that he actually cares for the Palestinian people. Meanwhile, his policy and the policy in Israel, Qatar and Egypt which he is supporting, is racing to what could best be described as the “Endlösung”. A final Solution. The establishment of a free trade zone in the Sinai, an Egyptian – Muslim Brotherhood – controlled, Hamas led Palestinian state in Gaza; the permanent annexation of the greatest part of the West Bank and Palestinian micro enclaves which are controlled by a Jordanian government – a soon to be Muslim Brotherhood controlled Jordanian government. Let alone the planned annexation of the Syrian Golan. I would not give Obama the credit of doubt. Thank you for a great article though. As always, very much appreciated. I wish you a happy, healthy and hopefully more peaceful 2013.

  13. Bob:

    Alan does give some interesting future possibilities certainly based on the past behaviour of Israel and that of the Jews in both “Greater Israel” and of those that support the Colonial Enterprise in the USA and elsewhere. An awakening amongst them that they are being used: That they are making their own position in the world untenable serving the interests of a few masters possibly in banking and finance who promote and provoke war for profit.
    Perhaps the Pork Barrel pocicy manipulators have sealed Israel’s fate by in effect bankrupting the United States? We shall see.
    The One State Solution is the one that would bring lasting peace security and safety to the region but is an undesireable one to the profiteers of the Military Industrial Complex.

  14. Graham Griffiths:

    Just for a minute, Alan, I let myself be taken in by this scenario, and the feeling I have now is just like the depression you get when you wake up from a lovely deam and realise that it is just that!

    In fact, depression is the only reaction I experience now when I consider this situation. For a while I’d come to a conclusion that a one state solution was the only hope for the Palestinians, but several articles in various periodicals and newspapers have made it clear that this will never be an option.

    And the two state solution too has been made less and less likely by the subtle encroachment of the Zionist colonists. You only have to look at a map of the West Bank to see how Israel has carved up so much Palestinian territory. It resembles a scan of a body racked with advanced cancer.

    So my view is one of despair. Even if somehow Israel can be prevailed upon to accept the two state solution, their brutal occupation of the Palestinians and what Norman Finkelstein refers to as ‘state terrorism’ to which it has subjected the Gazans espeoially in the last two years, all these factors must be rementing a terrible hatred which will take ages to fade even if peace can be achieved.

    Somebody please show me I’m wrong. I dearly want to be!

  15. Gene:

    @Graham Griffiths:

    You are wrong, sir. The ONLY solution is one state, whether voluntarily agreed upon by the Zionists, or else forced on them by demographics. Israel cannot continue murdering Palestinians forever. One day the world will wake up and put an end to this. Though I imagine the US empire will have to collapse first, because Israel is an integral part of that empire.

  16. pete:

    International court? Do you really believe that Israel and its bitch the U.S. really give a shit about what the international court says. The U.S. was convicted by the world court of war crimes during Viet Nam but that didnt stop us from continuing that war. I do not see Palestine ever getting its own state since Israel is against it and they rule the world. And Mr. Tariq, I agree with you 100% that no American President will ever have the balls to stand up to that little pissant of a country,Israel. As far as the peoples vote,I do not believe Presidents are elected but selected by those in financial power. Who ever bows the deepest and grovels before Israel gets elected. Has any one ever noticed how every politgian of any note is always photographed praying at the wailing wall. Bush,Obama.Kerry, McCain etc. They got this pious look on their face but they are probably thinking,what the fuck am I doing with my face pressed against some booger stained wall,and I wonder how much money will I get for this. You say one state with equal rights for all, The black man was given that in 1865 and he was still being strung up in the 1960,s for things like whistling at a white woman. It aint gonna happen, the Palestinians will always be second class citizens.and the U.S. will bow its head and say nothing. Jewish interests control the worlds economy And to be perfctly crude.Life is like a shit sandwich, The more bread you have the less shit you have to eat. thus ends the word of todays Holy Gospel.

  17. David King:

    @Graham Griffiths

    Graham; don’t fear. The articles you have read where written by a zionist hand, with the express desire to discourage you. The situation is indeed much different.

    zion is fighting battles at the moment with all of it’s cunning and all of it’s strength. It is fighting battles with the knowledge that they have lost the war. I personally believe that we will see the end of ersats israel in a decade.

    Gene posting above, is correct.

  18. Jere' Fetter:

    The idea of one state with equal rights for all is a “pipe dream”.
    The Israelis would never go for it. The only way, as I see it, to
    solve the conflict is for the Palestinians with the sanction of the U.N, to declare the West Bank (as per the 1967 borders)the
    Country of Palestine. They would have to protection of the U.N. Peace Keeping Forces. ALL the Jewish people in the settlements would have 1 year to either relocate back into Israel or to stay
    and become citizens of Palestine with full rights. All the WALLS
    would be demolished and ,of course, the Israeli Army move back t
    Israel. Just think how this would be hailed around the world!! Ther would PEACE and the apartheid would end andd the Palestinians would have their own country to work on.

  19. Roger Tucker:

    Jere’ Fetter said… “The idea of one state with equal rights for all is a “pipe dream”. The Israelis would never go for it.” That argument has become a familiar meme, but it holds as much water as ‘homosexuals will never be allowed to marry because the much more powerful and numerous heteros will never allow it,’ or ‘the underdog can’t win because the favorite won’t let them.’

    There will be one state, no matter what anyone thinks. It may be, temporarily, a Jewish State stretching from the river to the sea – the endgame that the Israelis have been working on from the beginning, but such a state would collapse quickly because of the blowback from the rest of the world, particularly the muslim world – even the Saudis and the Emirates wouldn’t dare to interfere. A Palestinian state is inevitable, perhaps in combination with Jordan – history is heavily weighted in its favor. What sort of Palestinian state is anybody’s guess. My preference would be for an Algerian style solution – otherwise it would likely end up looking like contemporary South Africa.

    What few people acknowledge is that Israel was doomed from the beginning – designed like an airplane whose creators simply ignored aerodynamics. It is probably the stupidest thing ever attempted by us supposedly smart Jews. In the meantime, though, they are still capable of inflicting even far greater harm than up till now, even to the point of threatening the destruction of much of the world if they don’t get their way – they are, after all, arguably criminally insane.

  20. Deadra Delauter:

    It is a fact that most of the planet’s news provision is controlled by right wing moguls. Their aim is to spread the virus of capitalism and increase the planet’s gap between wealthy and those in need. Left Insider provides left wing news from reputable news sites like Left Futures, Red Pepper, Novara, The Canary, Buzz Feed, Left Foot Forward etc. We all own the right to maximise our own qualities and we all have the obligation to help others achieve theirs.

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