Christian fundamentalism and Zionism: Time to terminate this unholy alliance?

“Perhaps, for peace of mind, we ought to see this affair as an aberrant episode in Jewish history. Nevertheless,it should alert us to how far extremists may go in times of distress, and where their manias may lead.” (My emphasis added).

It could also that there was a financial consideration in Zionism’s decision to use and be used by Christian fundamentalism. At some point in the future it’s not impossible that the more American and European Jews realise that Zionism is their enemy, the less they will be willing to pump money into the Zionist state.. In that event, Zionism may have calculated, it will need Christian fundamentalist money more than ever.

I’ve never believed that enough Americans would be stupid enough to put Senator John McCain in the White House, and hopefully his better-late-than-never rejection of Hagee’s endorsement will guarantee his defeat.

The only “end of times” I wish for is the termination of the unholy alliance between Christian fundamentalism and Zionism. Amen.

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  1. faizal:

    Alan, I read your excellent book, Zionism: The worst enemy of the Jew, I had to order it from the UK, since its not obtainable in the US.
    Could you comment on possible parrallels that could be made between JFK and Obama especially relating to a comment by Hilary Clinton that Obama could be assasinated if he becomes president. This might border of speculation, however in light of your your extensive background knowlegde on the extent Polical Zionist would go to further their objectives.

    Much appreciated

  2. admin:

    Dear Faizal,

    You asked me to comment on possible parallels that could be made between JFK and Obama especially in the light Hilary’s recall of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination. That’s a good idea. When I can find the time in the next week or two I will.

    Thank you for your kind comment about my latest book, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews. Yes, it is currently only obtainable by Americans from Amazon because even the few sometimes courageous American publishers don’t want the hassle they would get from the Zionist lobby for taking it on. But in due course it will be printed in America.

    Take care. (I say that to you but would say the same to Senator Obama!)


  3. ngoodgame:

    Great book Alan. I purchased the two volume set over a year ago on I eagerly await the publishing of it here in the US so I can see you on your book tour.


  4. Tony Gosling:

    What exactly do you mean by Christian fundamentalism? I believe the Bible, and that Jesus rose from the dead but I don’t support the far right policies of Israel and the United States.
    I think you’re actually talking about the Christian Zionists. Much more powerful in the United States than in Britain thank God!

    see this book
    Christian Zionism
    Road-map to Armageddon?
    by Stephen Sizer
    The term ‘Zionism’ was first coined in the late nineteenth century, and referred to the movement for the return of the Jewish people to an assured and secure homeland in Palestine. Ironically, this vision was largely nurtured and shaped by Christians long before it received widespread Jewish support……..

  5. sharif ali:

    Dear Brother Alan Hart,
    May peace be with all of us. I have read through your well researched and excellent book “Zionism” The Real Enemy of Jews.

    You have done a massive job, selflessly because this sort of voluminous book may not bring you any financial gain as books written by pornographic writers like Salman Rushdie and his ilk.

    As usual the world is extremely unfair to those who seek justice and wish to fight against oppression and hence we believe in the hereafter.

    Volume one has been reprinted in India by Camel Books Calicut.
    Please inform me whether Volume Two has already been published as I love to finish reading your Volume Two.

    But money is not everything; it may be so to the superrich 0.001% of American capitalism. Kind regards, Take care and look after yourself and May one True Almighty Lord of the Worlds Bless you, protect you and give you better health and greater happiness and deeper vision.

  6. Henry:

    Undeniably, America Has Become A Nation Of Godless Fools, and Pawn of the Warmongering Zionist Jews

    There is no doubt that Zionists Jews are deceivers, thieves, murderers, and distorters of the truth, and they alone have on their side the majority of the American Goyim who gladly squander their lives and limbs in the battlefields of the world as they wag their tails in approval for the atrocities committed by their masters the Talmudic Zionist Jews in the land of Palestine, all in the name of Israel.

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