Competition To Choose Volume 3′s Cover

Dear Readers, Followers and Supporters,

Two and half weeks from now, the cover of Volume 3 of the American edition of Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews must be finalized for cataloging and publication next Spring.

I am excited about that, but I am wondering if there is a more suitable cover image than this one:

So, to see if the online community of those who are interested in the truth of history can suggest anything better, I’ve decided to hold a little competition.

How To Participate

To participate, all you have to do is suggest an image by either:

  • Using the comment form below to let me know its web address, or
  • Letting me know via Twitter (@alanauthor).

Your suggestion needs to come in by 1 September (short notice, I regret, because the idea for this little competition has only just come to me); and it can’t be either of the images used for Volumes 1 & 2:

The Prize

To encourage participation, I’ll give a signed copy of all 3 volumes with a special thank you to the person who offers the winning suggestion.

About Volume 3

It takes the unexpurgated story of the making and sustaining of conflict in the Middle East from the 1967 war – a war of Israeli aggression not self-defense – to the present; and events suggest it will note that President Obama backed away from a showdown with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The cover image must represent this volume’s sub-title, Conflict Without End? It reflects the reality portrayed – that Zionism is not interested in peace on terms the vast majority of Palestinians and most other Arabs and Muslims everywhere could accept.

One chapter is headed, “Tell Arafat I’ve only got my atom bomb left!” This was the message Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon had conveyed to PLO chairman Yasser Arafat when he was under siege in Beirut in 1982. The message was triggered by Sharon’s realization that Palestinian steadfastness might make him fail in his attempt to annihilate the PLO leadership and its infrastructure by conventional military means.

(If you’re new to Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, you might want to visit to learn more.)

Please Help If You Can

As those who aware of my work appreciate, this book is essential reading for anyone wants to understand completely how, really, the conflict was created and what, really, has sustained it; and who must do what and why for justice and peace.

So, if you have a blog or participate in any social networks, please do what you can to let others know about this little contest. The more people that participate, the more chance of finding the perfect cover.

Best wishes to all.

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  1. Fahed:

    Hi Alan,

    Having thought about the title “Conflict Without End?” over and over, and tried to imagine a more suitable image, I’ve concluded that the one you’ve chosen is quite ideal.

    In the old days, wars used to be played out in the day and opposing armies would try to win by sunset, otherwise the other side would get a chance to regroup etc. So, having people fighting in the sunset suggests that the war could not be won by either side.

    I wonder, though, if there are any better images of soldiers etc. in the sunset?

  2. Abdullah:

    Hi, Please see the following link:

    I think that image should be good as cover. I do have a few more to send, but i will wait and see if the images is something you would consider.


  3. Nabz:

    For the third cover of your book on Zionism I suggest you use a cartoon clip from Maher Zain’s awesome new video – Palestine will be free:

    In particular, you should use the scene when the little girl holds up her hand with a stone in it and stands firm before an israeli tank with its guns pointing at her. Its a good scene.

    If you want to use this let me know, as I know the makers of this video and those who manage Maher Zain.


  4. Fahed:

    Nabz… that video made me cry and cry and cry!

  5. admin:


    The video as a whole should be required viewing in every American (and other Western) home. I would like to share with all my heart the optimism of the song’s title, but reality on the ground, in Israel/Palestine and America and Europe, takes me back to my post Unity or Annihilation – The Real Choice for the Palestinians.

    Your suggestion is an excellent one. I will pass it to my publisher for consideration. Many thanks and my best wishes to you and your family and all Muslims for Ramadan.

  6. admin:


    Thank you for your suggestions. I’ve added the one you prefer to the list.

  7. Martina Tamburrino:

    Dear Alan, I guess you might have found the image in the link below?

    I’ve seen all the beautiful suggestions you have received. The video is a smashing beauty

  8. Martina Tamburrino:

    Dear Alan,Two images in this page: live burial+soldier-palestinian family. Everyone should see the images in this link,

  9. David Walls:

    Hello Alan – I met you at the Haddington Balfour Conference where I was one of the organisers (treasurer SFOP) and later at a Glasgow meeting – you kindly signed your Vol 1 for me! – have a look at these 2 images, one of which might be suitable – available from me, no charge of course!!


  10. admin:


    I have fond memories of the Haddington Balfour Conference, not least because it was there that I met one of the most remarkable men of our time, Ilan Pappe.

    (We spent hours exchanging views during the conference and we’ve become very dear friends as well as allies in common cause – it being to tell the truth of history. Ilan once said that if I was Jewish, I would probably share the top spot on Zionism’s “S.H.I.T.” list with him!)

    Thanks for your suggestions. Just one little problem… the address you gave for the images is apparently not valid. Will you, please, check it out and post back the correct address?



  11. David Walls:

    Alan – the codes are AGTA8B and AA0B2B

  12. admin:

    Dear Friends and Allies in Common Cause,

    The competition is now closed because of the need to meet catalog deadlines, so I must and do thank those who made suggestions. They included some very good pictures with profound messages, but on reflection my publisher and I concluded that none were quite appropriate for the sub-title – A Conflict Without End?.

    I hope that those who made suggestions, and those who didn’t, will remain engaged with my work for justice and peace, not least because the time is coming when it will be clear to all that President Obama can’t deliver.

    Best wishes to all,


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