Is Sisi plotting with Israel to have Dahlan replace Abbas?

The second question is – Why, really, do Israel’s leaders want Dahlan to be Abbas’s successor?

The short answer is that they hope and perhaps even believe that he would be prepared to use force to compel the Palestinians to accept crumbs from Zionism’s table – isolated Bantustans on 30-40 percent of the West Bank which they could call a state.

My speculation is that even if Sisi-led Arab plotting and bribery did result in Dahlan replacing Abbas as president of the PA, he would almost certainly be assassinated if he tried to impose Zionism’s surrender terms on the Palestinians.


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  1. David Evans:

    Whether or not Dahlan is assassinated, Sisi’s work for Israel will be a success, as the re-introduction of Dahlan into Palestinian politics will further divide the PA. Dividing along political and sectarian rifts is what Israel excels at.


  2. Sami:

    You can bet your bottom dollar, Sisi is happy to do Israel’s dirty work!

  3. nels wight:

    Of course, there’s not much doubt when neocon and zionist plans
    meld so beautifully.

  4. Rehmat:

    Gen. al-Sisi is doing what every “good Jew” should be doing. He, like Nicolas Sarkozy, is a “half Jewish” (father Egyptian and mother Jewish).

    Israel would rather Abbas’ duplicate “double agent” Dahlan than the ‘antiemite’ Hamas.

  5. confoundmeonce:

    Actually, There Are SO many ‘Double Agents Filtering in and out of ‘isitreal’ That no one can Filter Out Even one good Candidate to Take Anyones` place. As for Dahlan Being A replacement…WHY Bother ?? Leave ABBAS alone. least, is doing What he can …to Hold The Palestinian People In this God0forsaken Hell Hole Called Qaza Together. After too many Attempts to Bury It. What Good would A Change Do..If it Wasn`t one that Dumped All these maraudering Zionists OUT of The Whole Territory, for Once and for All ?? It would Change Nothing, For Would Only Entrench Yet Another ‘Round of empty talks Going Nowhere ‘…When All those poor People imprisoned there in that Open-air Prison… to be free to live in their own homes ..unhindered…and not murdered because of it. Only when This U.S of A. Wakes up To Admitting how much Damage OUR Assistance is Doing there…AND Stops All Aid and Assistance..this madness will continue. WHERE Is our Conscience ? And The Rest of The Worlds` common sense Fled ?? Stop..Please.

  6. confoundmeonce:

    Alan, Don`t you get weary with trying to Wake people up to what is Really happening ..And Getting no reaction other than ‘More of Same ?’ You are the one Beacon light that has kept the Light on for These poor people that are imprisoned in Gaza and are being Treated worse than ( I thought of ” Worse than a dog ”…BUT That would be an unfair comparison, for I’m sure that any dog would have gone for their jugular matter what.. against These Zionists who Maim, Murder and Torture These Unfortunates who Can`t Fight back..or Help themselves. Just consider how Great it Would BE..If..The Palestinians were Equipped with The “”Means to Defend themselves In a FAIR Fight”..against These Subhumans ?? They would win , for after all, They would be Fighting for Their Homes And Their Lives. How much more has to occur before it becomes Clear that All financial Aid to these blood-thirsty marauders Must Cease. Where Are the Decent , caring People Hiding ..who should be Putting a stop to this madness and mayhem ?

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