Netanyahu’s Victory: Now What President Obama?

Equal rights for all seems to be further away than ever. But without a viable statist solution of any kind, the equal rights agenda as the basis for achieving real change gains added importance and legitimacy.


Unless Obama can summon up the will and the courage to publicly tell Israel that enough is enough and then back his words with actions, the answer to Lerman’s question is that nobody can stop Netanyahu advancing Zionism’s doomsday clock.

My guess is that Obama will wash his hands of the conflict and walk away from it. In that event he’ll deserve a place in history as the American president who gave Zionism the green light to take the region and possibly the whole world to hell.

I hope, Mr. President, that I am wrong about you and your intentions.



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  1. Rehmat:

    I bet Barack Obama is relieved at the victory of Bibi. After all, Abner Mikvaner, former Chicago’s Zionist Congressman, a Federal Judge and White House counsel to former president Bill Clinton, did call presidential candidate Barack Obama “the first Jewish President” in 2008.

    Commenting on Netanyahu’s victory, Israeli-born British writer, author and jazz-player, Gilad Atzmon, said: Israel is Bibi and Bibi is Israel.

    “Israel is a true Jewish democracy. It has many problems but it genuinely represents the spirit and aspirations of the Israelis. In the Israeli Knesset in 2015, there is not a single Jewish party that cares for the Palestinians and their plight. There is not a single Jewish member who offers any plan for peace and reconciliation. We were told in the last few weeks that Netanyahu’s Congressional address was the last nail in his coffin. We read reports that suggested that the Israelis reacted negatively to his warmongering initiative. As usual, we were mislead. The Israelis, as shown by the election results, love Netanyahu and approved his foray into the US Congress. The Israelis love seeing their PM bowed to and cheered on by the American political elite as he persuades them to send their kids to die for Zion,” Atzmon said.

  2. Tom Mysiewicz:

    This whole peace process has been an absurdity with an occupied, virtually disarmed Palestinian power being treated as the “equal” of a major nuclear power–Israel. I had a cat that acted like the Israelis. He’d catch a bird or mouse, pretend to let it go, and kept pouncing on it until it died. In this case, the Israelis will keep tormenting the Palestinians until they leave for Jordan or die. And then it will be Jordan’s turn, King Abdullah. Over the years I’ve written two pieces that have dropped into the memory hole. One, “Appeasement Fails in the Mid East” was written just before the last Lebanon invasion–it predicted it. Continual appeasement of Israel emboldens it to new acts of recklessness it will not stop until it encounters meaningful resistance. A short humor piece–I’m Waiting for My Nobel Peace Prize–was my effort to come up with a peace plan acceptable to Israel. It called for sterilization of non-wealthy Palestinians with full depopulation in 99 years…

  3. Mo Abdallah:

    You could not be more correct. I just wish there was a way that the Media could wake up and inform the public here in the US and in Israel ! I do believe that there can be peace if the false propaganda and saber rattling can be exposed for what it is , just garbage !

  4. Sami:

    I don’t think Obama has any say in the matter unless, of course, he is directed to do so.

  5. confoundmeonce:

    Tom M. Your “Idee’ is not too farfetched from What b.Netty has been Doing all along, and Has Fullest Aim to Continue doing. So far, He has had no opposition to Any murderous Action he has set upon. And as for looking to THIS Country ( USA ) To ‘curtail b.Netty and his Backers…Fergitit ! That would entail Chopping off one of the main heads of this Snake named ‘zionism’… AND Surely , just from Observing THIS good for nothing congress AND present and past presidents All the way back to John Kennedy ( Him not Included ! ) there has been Nothing that even Smells like It isn`t backing these creatures up all the way ! ) Has even one Dollar been Stopped that Is Going to this Stolen piece of land ? And Consider All of the WAR Machinery that has been Sent to that place ( And still is >) And please consider how Their Spies were Allowed to steal from our country and From our Corporations..Every bit of INFO they Wanted..And do Think about how OUR Country and its` Citizens are Being taxed Out their Ying-yangs ..And OUR tax money Sent There to Support that Bunch of USERS who Sit on their ..butts and Laugh at US Dumb-Goya …And say ”We are the intelligent People ..Look at Us !’ True We Have no President..That Is Getting to be too Obvious to Us and The Whole World. If someone like “Bibi’ can Thumb his nose at obama ( and at us ) That Shows The World What Kind of Prez. we Have .Yes, Two more years of HIS ‘ineptness’ is bound to do The Trick !’ What to DO ? impeachment would Not be a Good answer. Nor would Him “”Dying’ be of any Assistance..for This Country. The Only Thing That He Can and should..and Must do now CUT off All monetary Support, all contact..And Any Association ( or Corporation ) who Thinks They want to Do otherwise…Send Them OUT of This USA And Never Allow A Return Trip to HERE. No more Dual-citizenship ! And Finally..Close and protect our Borders..And our Air Space ! Send Packing .. any jew living here now To this stolen territory they call isreal… If This Is Really The Place they Are showing allegiance for.. we Don`t need them here in our country.. back stabbing us and taking up space and using our resources.If THIS present President Isn`t getting himself in gear, right now ..Taking Care of this USA.. and Quit Catering to these Murderers, Pilferers and liers.. Then Us with No prez..Is Far better than One who Doesn`t appear to know where His allegiance Should be. It is Already too obvious that A Large Percentage of Our ? congress has been infiltrated AND Bought OFF…to the point It has become a Turncoat Traitorous ‘Place’ We have been Supporting with OUR tax money. I Know I am not alone in How I see this Whole Mess.

  6. Ronald Douglas Kennedy:

    Law Suit Filed with ICC Against the State of Israel By Ronald Douglas Kennedy

    The ICC. Court is the only viable appropriate Court of Law at this time for the individual Palestinian Citizens and there Two Elected Party Government’s: FATAH and HAMAS. As the State of Israel is a Failed Piranha State in word and in respecting the norm’s of International Law in protecting Palestinian legal rights in a Just Court of Law, at this time. Also the ICC Court is immune from the United States, Veto as used in the UN. in denying international Resolutions and Sanctions against the State of Israel. As shown in some of the U.S. Governments.

    It is long past time to recognize “Semitic” Palestinian Legal Rights to there lands in a just court of Law. As they are also the Semitic Children of Shem. past below

    Returning our original FIVE 5 pointed stars to the sides of each seats in the U.S. House [Congress], Will save lives of our Finest in uniform. Also showing America is reclaiming her symbols of Freedom, from a foreign entity. Also this same entity , in not declaring hear advanced Nuclear Weapon’s, By American existing law, forfeits any right to receive any American tax payers aid Dollars/loans //.

  7. Benares:

    The obvious conclusion of the result of this Israeli election must be: The state of Israel MUST be removed from the ME area. This should be a United Nations project. Hopefully, as Mr Hart has observed, President Obama will stop supporting Israel and its arrogant PM no matter what.

    The Palestinians taking Isarel to the ICC i The Hague some day after April 1 (when Palestine will be a member of the ICC) would be a good starting Point.

    Of course, the Israelis should be given some help in finding some new place for a New Israel. Perhaps a difficult job.

  8. confoundmeonce:

    J.D. Kennedy, Good Luck ! And God Keep you Safe. But YET, You did not Go Far enough ! Isn`t it a Bit hypocritical for b. Netty to Continue Harping on “”Iran “” and ‘ how This Country was “”Not Declaring its` Nuclear Capabilities”’ WHEN there IS No Threat From Iran..Nor Any Proof Iran has that capability ! >>Just Always Stating “”They Could Have It In A Few Years !! ….When, Here is Isitreal..fully Harnessed up With Every Nuclear Deterrent, Capability,, ETC.. To Blast Every Middle Eastern Nation TO the Moon…( And Perhaps, The US of A. is Well Within That TARGET !) ..And yet,They are NOt Pressed TO Do The SAME ‘Declaring They are Pressing Iran FOR ( When Iran Really has No Nuclear Capabilities To Monitor By any Nation !! This Only Proves one THING ! That b. Netty and his entire Crew Are Running Scared And Know That The Time Will surely Come When This Stolen Piece of..Land and Its` ”illegal settlers there will have No place to run and No place to hide ! They have made Enemies All over the Universe..And Know They Should Be ‘under the gun’ of the entire world Because of their murderous actions for far too long. Perhaps now, Our Illustrious Leader Has Moved closer to Admitting to The World.. That Isitreal IS NOT Our Friend..And Has Never been…But That He..And Past Prezs.. have Allowed Our Nation to be Used To Their Benefit While Letting US Suffer for His Not doing the Right Thing… in not putting Isitreal on notice, in no uncertain terms, that it must ‘Sink or swim on its` own ‘.. and Without Our Resources Being used to Prop Them up, AND no more Fighting Their Wars For Them.. No MORE. YES, you Have It Covered…But This Is Necessary to be clearer words.
    b.Netty and his Zionist crew have Gone too far..And Must stop Thinking they can antagonize and bully the American Citizens any Further. Russia And China Are Well aware of These psycho tactics and Know It has to Be curtailed . They realize it is not the American People who are “Pushing this Envelope’..And that This u.S. Guvmt. Has to Wake up And Realize IT has been Backing the Wrong Horse in This Race.ISITREAL !

  9. pete:


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