Palestine – Hope or Despair?

He put it this way. “President Abbas and his supporters have reason to be confident that in refusing to withdraw their U.N. initiative they have chosen the right course. For Palestinians, as well as the international community, must come to terms with the hard reality that a two state solution will have to be achieved not only without U.S. help but in the face of its opposition. A General Assembly resolution affirming the Palestinians’ right to statehood within the 1967 borders and granting them “non-member state” observer status will not produce immediate progress in ending Israel’s occupation. But it is likely to trigger a global reaction to Israel’s continuing efforts to dispossess Palestinians from the 22% of Palestine that has been left them. That reaction will have a far better chance of bringing Israelis back to their senses, and to the values of the Jewish state’s founders, than any of America’s feckless efforts have to date.”

Put more bluntly what Siegman is saying is that the drama about to happen at the UN will assist the process of isolating Israel as a pariah state and that at a point this process – the rising global tide of anti-Israelism – might bring Israeli Jews, enough of them, to their senses.

My problem with that analysis is that it applies reason to the Jewish citizens of a state who are, most of them, beyond reason, brainwashed by Zionist propaganda and needing to believe they are the victims when they are the oppressors.

So I cannot entertain the view that Israeli Jews could save themselves from themselves (perhaps I should say save themselves from their leaders). Put another way, I can see reasons for despair, not hope.

But I remain committed to the view that there is a way to confront and defeat Zionism. It is by empowering the citizens of nations, the Western nations in particular and America especially, with the truth of history, in order to enable them to make their democracies work for justice and peace in the Middle East. I believe that if President Obama gets a second term, he will welcome such assistance in order to have a chance of breaking the power of the Zionist lobby and its stooges in Congress.

If the drama about to happen at the UN assists the process of truth-telling, this Palestinian initiative will have been worthwhile.

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  1. Don:

    Israel is doing the same thing to the Palestinians as the Nazi’s did to them. That is sad. Israels alliance with the west gets all the blame because of their own leaders being a bunch of fornicatrix’s and leaving their True God for these demon-ocracy nations like Britain and America and the United Nations. Israel never needed any other alliance had they stayed with and obeyed the True God Yahweh. But instead Israel chose three courses of gross sins against the TRUE GOD. First they abandoned Him and refused to follow his son, instead had the Romans murder Him for Israel Religious lies in front of his (Yahweh)own eyes on a torture stake. Israel never lost a battle when they obeyed and called upon Yahweh.

    Secondly, they chose paganism and an organization under Satan the Devil the Wild Beast United Nations as their government instead of Yahweh Theocracy. They literally abandoned the True God and elected to serve a idol worshiping (flag of David?) instead of the Words of Yahweh. For this aligned them with “Satan the Devil” against Yahweh’s Son Jesus Christ(Luke 4:6-8 Jeremiah 10:10), and chose the course of literal human sacrificing on altars of war like on the Altars at Topheth, instead of trusting in Yahweh who delivered them out of all their self inflicting bondage’s and time and time again, continued to reproach his name by committing acts “that did not come up into my heart” against Him(Yahweh)thus calling their God of Salvation a liar!

    Third, They have allowed again, their enemies to come into their gates and into their lives, with all the weapons of war and thus, by their action, in the presence of Satan the Devil and Yahweh’s son Jesus Christ and Yahweh HIMSELF are making Yahweh insignificant in their ignorant foolish, unreasoning lives and thus calling HIM a liar (PSALMS 46:8-11) a despicable act of treason against the Most High God Yahweh (Jehovah) .

    Because of Israels own leaders and Rabbi’s,they have sold their birth right with Yahweh (Jehovah) for the bowl of lintel Stew of the nations. Now because of this, Yahweh (Jehovah) has now abandoned Israel. Yahweh will not be in your battle this time, unless “YOU STAND STILL AND SEE THE SALVATION OF YAHWEH”.

  2. David Deutsch:

    Abbas’s bid is a game changing gambit. Once accomplished, even in diluted form, American political hypocrisy will be more readily revealed. Everyone except Americans and Israelis understand the history pretty well, they just don’t have the economic independence to speak up.

  3. Douglas Zork:

    Alan, your friend Professor Ilan Pappe shares your view that this woefully misbegotten, and doomed bid for UN recognition of a Palestinian state, to be constituted on the rump 22% of Palestine that was left to the Palestinians in the Nakba of 1947 and 1948, will have the beneficial effect of exposing and finally burying the folly of the partition of Palestine that the UN General Assembly recommend to the Security Council in 1947 (in a shamefully rigged vote).

    Israel and the United States will bury the two-state travesty by denying even this shabby remnant of a state to the fraction of the the Palestinian people who remained in Palestine after the Nakba.

    Professor Pappe, in his opinion piece dated 12 September 2011 at, entitled “At the UN, the funeral of the two-state solution”, joins your call for justice and peace: “In Palestine itself the time has come to move the discourse of one state into political action… .

    The dispossession is everywhere and therefore the repossession and reconciliation have to occur everywhere. If the relationship between Jews and Palestinians is to be reformulated on a just and democratic basis, one can accept neither the old buried map of the two-state solution nor its logic of partition. This also means that the sacred distinction made between Jewish settlements near Haifa and those near Nablus should be put in the grave as well.”

    The Israeli and US funeral of the two-state solution heralds the end of Jewish exceptionalism in Palestine, and the renewal of national rights for the dispossessed of Palestine since 1947, and the reconciliation of contrite and repentant Jewish settlers,from Haifa to Nablus, on the basis of equal rights for all citizens of Palestine regardless of creed, culture, and ethnic origin.

  4. syed mehdi hasan ashraf:

    I wish i could agree to any one of the above solutions,(has merits also), professed by authority in the subject.In my opinion israli govt policy will prevail over any other policies or opinions,irrespective of where those came from,till the fate is decided by nature.

  5. Mohamed Salem:

    I think that this adventure from the “frozen” Abbass is the consequence of the arab spring: he si trying to show himself as a fighter. The isreali/arab conflict is taking with the arab revolution another turn no one expected: it will no more managed in air conditionned high class hotels but by the street. US and other western support of Israel: wach out!!!

  6. rosemary spiota:

    Thanks Alan. I just read lots of posts on Palestine think tank, but no comment was possible. I hope the actions at the UN have a goading influence on public opinion, at least. Khaled Amayreh’s post was interesting,as of course was Stuart Littlewood’s and I find it disgusting that the UK can continue its craven behaviour towards Israel, as does Germany in its blaming of Palestinians for the actions of Nazis. I hope Abbas keeps his cool, and that most of Europe supports the Palestinians. After this, even the usual US veto will be hollow, and the Zuionists hate Obama nyway, so it won’t even help him.

  7. Arthur Lloyd:

    Mr. Abbas chose hope. He stood by his beliefs. I hope we,The US., will have a politician who will do the same. What is so sad and disgusting, actually sickening, is the fact that a little country with 80% of its land usurped has to beg to be able to live in what they have left. It’s like watching a school-yard fight with a bully kicking the hell out of the little guy,who just won’t stay down, and the rest of the mob just looks on;waiting for what end?

    There are many windows to History and Alan’s view is very vivid. I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to use much of your work,cut and paste, because as you describe the facts for Palistine, they much describe the problems of th US.

    “IF citizens of the Western nations WERE properly informed about the truth of history as it relates to the making and sustaining of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel, they would want their governments to act – to use the leverage they have to bring about justice for the Palestinians and peace for all – and would insist that their governments did act.”

    “I blame a corrupt, pork-barrel system of American politics which puts what passes for democracy up for sale to the highest bidders. The Zionist lobby is one of them and the influence it can and does buy enables it to control Congress and therefore the president on policy for Israel-Palestine.” Very true.

    Also we have a corrupt “State Dept.” ;from Roosevelt on. M.Stanton Evans “Black Listed by History” in his writings has exonerated Sen. Joe McCarthy of his supposedly witch hunt for communists. The “StateDept.” was infested. We lost China to Communism because of it. John Loftus,Mark Aaron in their writings go even deeper into the duplicity of Gov’t,CIA,FBI, all entwined with the “Stater Dept.” The “Oil Factor” is paramount. It is not in America’s interest to foster Israel. Why then?

    John MearsheimerProf.U/Chi. and Stephen Walt Prof.Harvards/U/JFK/Gov’t. Alan has referred to this paper.

    In America 90% Academia are liberal. 76% of College Graduates are liberal. Imagine spending $100-200,000 for your child to be educated and when they are done they have been brain-washed. American Gov’t. Education is Social Engineering. Our middle school students have gone from a 25-27th place rating to now a 32nd. place. This is the “Dumbing down of America”,
    Think- 9/11-Takes weeks to wire for demolition. QE-?-Banks insolvent-no one has gone to jail.
    Please be patient for the real Americans. We already have lost our rights. The “Patriot Act” has eliminated,Habeas Corpus,
    Posse Comitatus[Military can be used as Police] plus more. “Tea Party Advocates”,supporters of the Constitution , are considered “Terrorists” as well as returning Veterans, or have the potential thereof. But we shall return. Faith,Hope and Determination.

    I have taken this space to explain how important Alan’s Posts are. By forwarding the posts we can deliver some real history to the people. I want to thank Alan for his scenarios of 9/11 in a previous post. This was important. Now if people think Alan,with all his credentials, is a “Conspiracist”,then we might as well pack it all in.

    The emails are important. Americans have to work their news between commercials,Nascar, or NFL or NBA or what ever the season is. But most check their emails. Again, thank you Alan for your efforts,contributions and the pursuit of truth.

    “It is a sad but true fact that virtually unlimited resources have been available for telling and selling the lies of history, while the truth has not commanded any significant financial support from anywhere.”

    One final thought. Take 15 minutes.

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