A Call For Murder

A question… Who said the following?

“We must kill all terrorist leaders, starting with Mahmoud Abbas, and all others.”

Answer: Nadia Matar, co-chairwoman of the pro-settler Israeli group Women For Israel’s Tomorrow also known as Women in Green.

When did she say it? Wednesday 18 March 2009.

Where did she say it? In the Edmond J. Safra Synagogue in New York City.

How did the audience respond? With applause.

We know all of the above from a report published the following day the by JTA – The Jewish Telegraph Agency, “The Global News Service of the Jewish People”. It noted that Matar’s comments were recorded by Philip Weiss.

If Nadia Matar had been a Muslim calling in a Mosque for the murder of one named Israeli leader and unnamed others, she would have been denounced as a Jew hater and charged with incitement to murder.

Will anything happen to the Israeli Nadia Matar? No. Why not? As I have written in my book Zionism, The Real Enemy of the Jews, and often say on public platforms, there are two sets of rules for the behaviour of states and their citizens – one set for all the nations of the world minus only the Zionist state of Israel, and one set exclusively for Israel and Israelis. It is this shocking and awesome double-standard is the Mother and Father of the hurt, humiliation, despair and anger which is radicalising the entire Arab and wider Muslim world.

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