Israel/Palestine – Is there a “workable and realistic” way forward?

In this post I am addressing a comment raised on 13 July this year by Paul Morris in his response to Celebrating the denial of ethnic cleansing, my article posted on 13 May last year. Paul wrote as follows (my emphasis added):

I am interested in your comments and sympathize with many of them. You give an interesting if unfashionable insight into Zionism, the attitude of politicians, non-Israeli Jews etc. to the issue at hand. I am still unclear about what you want to see happen next that is actually workable and realistic. I am unclear what you are driving at. Could you explain or point me at an article you may have written on this. For example, do you agree with the Iranian, Hamas, Hizbollah positions that Israel should cease to exist. Perhaps they are right. What do you think?

There are three main reasons why a solution to the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel has remained and seems set to remain beyond the reach of politics and diplomacy.

  • The first is that Zionism, the superpower of the region, has never been interested in peace on terms virtually all Palestinians and most other Arabs and Muslims everywhere could accept.
  • The second is the divisions and defeatism and therefore the impotence and to a degree the complicity of the Arab regimes.
  • The third is the ignorance of public opinion in the mainly Gentile nations of the Judeo-Christian or Western world about who must do what and why for justice and peace.
  • There is nothing that I can do to influence one and two above. My commitment (given the mainstream media’s fear of offending Zionism too much or at all, there could hardly be a bigger or more daunting challenge!) is to improving the knowledge and understanding of the citizens of nations and Western public opinion especially. So what I am driving at – perhaps I should say what I am distributing as I drive – is the documented truth of history as it relates to the making and sustaining of the conflict.

    With the complicity of the mainstream media, Western public opinion has been conditioned to believe a version of history, Zionism’s version, which is more than mythology. As I document in detail in my book, Zionism, The Real Enemy of the Jews, and in various postings on this web site, Zionism’s version, upon which the first and still existing draft of Judeo-Christian history is constructed, is a pack of propaganda lies.

    The mother and father of all the lies is Zionism’s assertion that poor little Israel has lived in danger of annihilation – the “driving into the sea” of its Jews. One truth of history is that Israel’s existence has never, ever, been in danger from any combination of Arab force. Another truth of history is that the Zionism needs enemies in order to justify its crimes, past, present and future. It’s because Zionism’s leaders can no longer assert with sufficient credibility that the Arabs pose a military threat to Israel’s existence that they are now framing Iran. (The notion that Iran, even if it did possess nuclear weapons, would pose a threat to Israel’s existence is ludicrous. If Iran launched a first strike, it, the whole country, would be wiped off the face of the earth. No Iranian leadership would ever be that stupid).

    Why, really, does Western public opinion need to be properly informed about how Israel and the Palestinian refugee problem were created and what has sustained the conflict?

    The short answer is that the governments of the major powers are never going to use the leverage they have to call and hold the Zionist state to account for its crimes unless and until they are pushed to do so by informed public opinion, by manifestations of real democracy in action. That can’t happen so long as Western public opinion is too uninformed and mis-informed to do the pushing.

    In my analysis that is no chance of a “workable and realistic” solution which will provide an acceptable measure of justice for the Palestinians unless and until Jews in big numbers, and those in Israel for starters, are prepared to acknowledge that a terrible wrong was done to the Palestinians in the name of Zionism. Holocaust denial is an obscenity but so too, on the part of most Jews everywhere, is Nakba or catastrophe denial – denial of the fact that three-quarters of the Arab inhabitants of Palestine were disposed of their land, their homes and their rights mainly by Zionist terrorism and ethnic cleansing. Israeli and other Jewish acknowledgement of the wrong done to the Palestinians is, in my view, the absolute prerequisite for a good faith peace process.

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