Netanyahu’s real message was to Israel’s Jews: “Talk peace but prepare for doomsday”

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was right about one thing (and only one thing) when he addressed the UN General Assembly. “Israel’s values,” he said, “are on display every day.”

Indeed they are, clearly visible in

- the theft of more and more Palestinian land and water to give momentum to Israel’s on-going colonization of the occupied West Bank, a process that could and should be described as ethnic cleansing slowly and by stealth;

- the introduction of more and more racist and repressive legislation such as the recent draconian terrorism bill (described by one Israeli analyst as “wildly authoritarian) which lets the government define any group it dislikes, including civil ones, as a terrorist organisation;

- and contempt for, and defiance of, UN Security Council resolutions and international law.

The values reflected by those realities are welded together in many Israeli Jews who have been brainwashed by Zionist propaganda of which Netanyahu is the master by a sickening self-righteousness.. (Way back in 1987 this self-righteousness was described by a former Director of Israeli Military Intelligence, Yehoshafat Harkabi, as the biggest real threat to Israel’s existence),

I think the key to understanding what is driving Netanyahu to tell bigger and bigger propaganda lies to support his assertion that Israel is the victim and in danger of annihilation was in a recent analysis by Jonathan Cook.

He described Israel as (my emphasis added) “growing ever less sophisticated, ever less capable of concealing its central goals.” He added, “It looks uglier, not simply because things are getting worse but because they are finally out in the open“.

And his end thought was this (my emphasis added).


The popular shift rightwards in Israel means that even the left can no longer afford to keep its racism hidden from view. That is why it is past time for the international community to admit there is no prospect of an Israel, of either the left or right, becoming a partner for peace.


My speculation is that when Netanyahu allows his mind to engage with reality he is aware that a day may be coming when, in order to protect their own best interests, the governments of the major powers, including the one in Washington D.C., will say to Israel something like: “Enough is enough. If you do not end your defiance of international law and become serious about peace on terms the Palestinians could accept, you will be totally isolated and sanctioned.”

That’s why I believe that Netanyahu’s main message from the General Assembly platform was addressed not to the world but to Israel’s Jews. On Israeli primetime television he was saying to them, implicitly but effectively, “If the UN does not stop bashing us and the world turns against us, we must be united in our determination to tell the world to go to hell.”

How Israel’s Jews would actually react if they were put on notice that they would be subjected to complete isolation and truly effective sanctions if they did not require their government to become serious about peace on terms the Palestinians could accept can only be a matter for speculation.

My guess is that some, perhaps many, would pack their bags and leave to start a new life elsewhere. But left behind, in a walled-in, nuclear armed fortress, would be the zealots who would be prepared, as Golda Meir once said to me in a BBC Panorama interview when she was Israel’s prime minister, to take the region and the world down with them.

And they, I believe, are the constituency to whom Netanyahu was appealing from the General Assembly platform.

As I have previously written I also believe the prospects of the major powers using the leverage they have to try to cause Israel to end its defiance of international law and denial of justice for the Palestinians would be significantly improved if the Palestinians insisted on the dissolution of the corrupt and impotent Palestine Authority (PA) and handing back to Israel complete responsibility and full accountability for the occupation. (I know that’s a tough ask because many thousands of Palestinians would lose their jobs and pay).

In his speech to the General Assembly Palestinian “President” Abbas hinted that this could be a next step, but there’s no reason to suppose it will happen on his watch. He and his leadership cronies have too much to lose by angering Netanyahu that much.

As things are I am finding it more and more difficult to resist the conclusion that the story of the conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel can only end in catastrophe for all.







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  1. Baja Joes:

    Mr. Hart, I feel that eventually Netanyahu & isreal will become a world pariah because of actions which may well result in the genocide of ALL Palestinians in the Gaza strip.
    Then the World will forced to decide if they continue to allow this illegitimate country to continue or really take action because the consequences of not doing so will result in the expulsion or death of ALL PALESTINIANS in what they call isreal.
    In my opinion PEACE and a PALESTINIAN STATE will need to be imposed by the World collective including the US!
    Allowing isreal to continue as it has endangers ALL THE WORLD!

  2. Rehmat:

    Dear Hart, if you think Netanyahu was bragging – you need to listen to the US vice-president Joe Biden whose only daughter is married to a wealthy Zionist Jew.

    In 2010, Biden admitted that he is a Zionist with explanation: “One doesn’t need to be Jewish to be a Zionist.”

    In 2013 Biden claimed: “American heritage is Jewish heritage.”

    Last month, the Holy Spirit struck him. He said: “America has no problem with a nuclear Iran. It wants a regime change in Tehran because that’s what Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and powerful Jewish lobby groups in the US want.”

  3. confoundmeonce:

    Biden, Why Don`t you Move your Ass-ets to that stolen territory they have named ..Isitreal…And make It your Home. Do us here in this USA a Great favor And Don`t come back . Maybe if you Play your Cards Right, They ( Your main Zionist Pals ) will Make you a deputy over ‘something or other’ ..And then… simply ignore you. Something most of America would like to do. You Won`t have a ‘Place’ here..Soon. SO Perhaps It IS In your best interests Really Get serious about this ‘suggestion.’ After all, don`t they welcome Proclaimed Zionists… Whether they are jews, or not ? But you don`t need to be concerned about THAT….You Qualify on Both Counts.[ Something YOU pointed out Years Ago..To Anyone who Might have been Listening.] but weren`t. then.
    And , O Yes ! There are a few Jew-Friends ? you can take with you Know Which ones I Mean, I`m sure. I Useta Like you…I don`t any more.

  4. Peter:

    Biden is right that Zionism is not Judaism.

  5. Graham Griffiths:

    Your terribly depressing last sentence, Alan, is a prospect I have begun to imagine myself.

    By the way, thanks for the ‘from he horse’s mouth’ reference to Golda. Did she really say that? No, really?

  6. El-Andalussi:

    Zionist PM and all the zionist population in Palestine can not understand logic and rational arguments. They are blind, deaf and dumb. They are walled off the Talmud legends and lies with irrational thinking process and strategy. The US and Europe created the monster and now can destroy humanity. President Kennedy did what he could to prevent the zionists to develop nuclear weaponry but alas he was killed. Now the zionist gangster state will take the entire humanity as hostage to complete their cursed project and no one can oppose them only Allah Sub7anah …

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