Pulling no punches with Mark Glenn on The Ugly Truth

The conversation begins at around 2 minutes into the recording.

[media name="The Ugly Truth" url="http://theuglytruth.podbean.com/mf/web/qpirga/UT24OCT2010Hart1MP3.mp3"/]

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  1. Laurent:

    Years ago I said that the only one way to have peace was the destruction of Israel. Can it happen? Only the USA have the power to disable the israeli nuclear weapons before they can use them, to stop them to blackmail the world. This is the first step and it can only start with this first step. The second step is to dismantle the State of Israel and to reinstate the Palestinians in their full rights in their land and to let the Palestinians decide whether they want to grant citizenship to the Israelis. If not they will have to pack up and leave. Ben Gourion said(maybe you quoted him saying that) that Israel was a mad dog. There is just only one way to deal with a mad dog: to kill it.
    The only way Obama can save his presidency(after the mid-term rout) is to kill the mad dog. Rid the world of the terrorist state of Israel. I don’t think he has the balls to do that

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